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  1. Yeah I was poking around with that and didn't realize reslocator was the link between the resrefs defined in the .key file and the actual file contents contained in the .bif files. Thanks.
  2. I'm looking at extracting data directly from .bif, .key files (much in the way utilities such as NI would), and I'm wondering where in the .key/.bif files the actual resrefs of the files are stored. For example, if the first entry of creature.bif contains data on random goblin number 3, where can I find said goblin's resref (which could look like RNDGOB3.cre)?
  3. Aquadrizzt


    I have a macro that I was using for a Planescape/IWD2 map conversion process that lets you submit an associative array and an IWD2 area and it will automatically convert all the IWD2 items over to the replacement items specified in the array (it actually also works on creatures). The random tables, however, have a bug in their code in the EEs that might present... difficulties (at least last time I checked). The random loot was always a very frustrating component of IWD/IWD2 anyway (although I'm sure that for some it was part of the appeal).
  4. Very helpful guide for those who haven't had to deal with version control. Good stuff.
  5. I've toyed around with a Campfire Supplies mechanic like the one in Pillars of Eternity, but I never got around to fine-tuning it. Another mechanic from Pillars is that you could also have resting in a real bed (at your stronghold or your inn) grants a small bonus to that character for 24 hours. Alternatively, you could also add distinct "checkpoints" throughout dungeons that allow your party to rest there once (e.g. the bedroom next to the Golems in the De'Arnise keep, for example). Instead of limiting rests, maybe one could implement penalties for taking too long to complete content. Say, once you arrived at the De'Arnise keep, you have 24 hours (2 rests + adventuring time) to resolve things before moderate penalties (e.g. harder encounters etc.) occur. After three days, expect not only even harder encounters while in the Keep, but also less gratitude/rewards upon resolution (possibly including Nalia not remaining in your party without some degree of quest resolution and Charisma checks). If the problem isn't solved after a week, Nalia tells you off and finds other, more capable adventurers (preventing you from ever acquiring Nalia as a party member, the Keep as a stronghold, and any remaining loot). To be honest, I think the idea of a living world where conflicts evolve with or without your presence would do a lot to 1) scale the difficulty of the game more appropriately (e.g. content left until later would be harder anyway because of the added monsters etc) and 2) make the game world feel more alive and less like it's waiting for you to complete it.
  6. I'm currently working on a mod that requires the patching of all "learn spell" headers of arcane scrolls to also update a few other character stats. I have a list of scrolls to iterate over, but I am not entirely sure how to approach the actual code. So, the code needs to detect which of the scroll's headers is the "learn spell from scroll" header, and then add several 326 effects to only that header without replacing the learn spell effect. No idea how to really approach this though, and I would rather not have to engage in more bit editing than I already have to.
  7. Lol completely missed that. Thanks! Worked like a charm once I dropped it in.
  8. Figured I'd throw my multiclass macro up here too. It allows you to assign class features to multiclass kits in the 2.0+ engine, and does so with only a single line added to each trueclass clab. It's maintained on GitHub for those who want to download the library directly. Actual macro code is available here (it's quite long). Syntax looks like this (and assumes that you have a few base files present somewhere in your mod structure): You can use it to make kitted multi-classes (Fighter/Wild Mage), multi-class kits (Bladesinger as a Fighter/Mage kit) or even multi-kit setups (Berserker/Priest of Talos), all with relatively painless syntax. If anyone knows how to make weidu generate completely blank spells consistently, then this macro could be further refined to not need a link back to a directory.
  9. Is it possible to have a spell that says "attack target enemy and then do something"? Like say "attack target and then deal 1d6 piercing damage" all as part of a single ability?
  10. I need to take some of the existing creature animations and scale them by about 0.7 in the vertical direction, without any rescaling in the x direction. NearInfinity seems to only allow scaling that keeps aspect ratios, and BAMWorkshop2 would require me to scale each of several hundred frames manually. Is there any way to do this programatically and avoid six hours of tedious manual rescaling?
  11. That's a shame. It's a purely cosmetic issue too, so if it's way too much trouble then I just won't bother with it for now.
  12. I hadn't thought about doors, but for the ARE/WED/TIS coordinates, as long as you maintain the aspect ratio couldn't you just iterate over each coordinate and apply the scaling factor in WeiDu? Granted, iterating over all of those would be quite the task computationally, but it seems pretty doable as long as you are careful with your file structure offsets/size. Similarly, if you can scale the tile art, then scaling the search/light/height maps should also be fine as long as you are consistent. Right?
  13. As in reduce both dimensions by 25%? For context, I have script that currently can bring PSTEE areas directly into other EE games. One of the more annoying cosmetic features is that PST creature animations are about 25% larger than other IE games, so all the buildings/tables/etc. are comically large compared to the animations present in other games, so I'm trying to figure out an easy way to scale down the apparent size of the areas to better fit with BG animations.
  14. How would one go about scaling the size of a folder of .pvrz files at run time? I'm quite certain that it will require a rescale.bat file executed via an AT_NOW command, but the specifics of how I would get .pvrz files into an accessible format for .bat to use through Weidu is beyond me.
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