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  1. Sorry it took me so long to reply; I've been busy. I really need to overhaul the ranger stronghold and release an updated version at some point. For the fighter stronghold problem, I'm more puzzled; the code for it is generally better. I need a list of what mods you have installed.
  2. There is no limit. You can ask him to come back as many times as necessary. You do not need to have Keldorn in your party when you speak to Firkraag, only when you turn in the quest to rescue Garren Windspear's child.
  3. For the record, this mod does not interact in any way with Chloe.
  4. If Roxanne is right about what the difference is, I can think of a few different possible answers. If there's a simple way for the game to check for Chapter Six if you're playing BG2, and for Chapter Fifteen or whatever if you're playing EET, sure. If adapting it to EET would mean chapter triggers don't work except in Trilogy, no. If the mod already works on EET, moot question.
  5. If someone wishes to test NPC Strongholds with EET, I'm certainly not going to stop them from doing so (nor am I sure how I could do so if I wanted to).
  6. That's not a bug. "Jaheira storms off angrily if you remove her" is unrelated to strongholds; indeed, if this mod did include an undocumented "Jaheira suddenly doesn't mind being removed from the party" component, I'd consider that a bug. I have no plans to test anything on EET.
  7. Unnecessary files removed. Looking at Refinements code sounds like a good idea. For the others, Big World isn't my default; I'm not even sure what fixes you're referring to, but if they're not here they haven't jumped out at me as anything that should be part of this mod. I don't play or test on EE (which means, I realize, that I'm crazy and am still modding an old game after a newer version is out), so figuring out HANDLE_CHARSET is uncertain.
  8. Try it now. It may advertise at you, but closing the advertisement should leave you at a working download link.
  9. Oversight v16 is released.
  10. Most likely the result of that will be that no one will poke you to go to their strongholds for their quests (because their scripts will think you're in Throne of Bhaal areas). As long as you check in at the strongholds regularly without prodding it shouldn't matter to the quests--though the strongholds that accumulate money or have similar timed effects (de'Arnise Keep, Thieves' Guild) may not do so. Edited to add: This is not a promise though, just speculation based on Roxanne's description of the difference; "I have no idea" remains my official answer to how NPC Strongholds will combine
  11. I'm glad you like it. She won't lose the stronghold. Money won't accumulate if she's out of the group for an extended period; Jariel will probably have some for her right away when you invite her back, but it won't be as much as she would have gotten over the same time period if she'd been in the party.
  12. I have no idea. It may work perfectly; it may result in Firkraag bursting into the real world and eating you. I take no responsibility for any negative results from combining them. Edit: K4thos made a patch for EET here.
  13. That shouldn't happen, but I need a lot more details. First, what other mods do you have installed? Second, which dialogues?
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