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  1. The offsets for weidu are a godsend convenience, for sure, but the rest looks like it was abandoned years ago. If it's not accurate -- nevermind laughably incomplete after 12+ years -- free is less than irrelevant. What kind of asshole uses that as justification? I hope you're not the official iesdp spokesperson. Updating more than the local copy is the prerequisite to suggesting making submissions. There was talk that BGEE would bring in new players and new modders. If all we can expect is the old timers sitting around telling war stories... lol, emoticons are broken. Figures.
  2. The problem is that with something like SI:Alt up, a mage would have no problem wasting a Disintegrate to take down something trivial like Minor Spell Turning to save the powerhouses like RRR for later threats, nevermind if an AI were setup to waste the plethora of Evo-type wands to knock these protections down. Running through some AI scripts shows that they're not even bothering with this tactic. Something as cheap as Minor Spell Deflection is going to stymie these supposed advanced AI's. 99% of something mediocre leaves only 1% to not be mediocre. Too many people shrugging their shoulders and saying "maybe" is what's led to this. 12 years in and this is the best we've got? I feel like I'm being trolled. If there's dues to be paid to get access to the real stuff, I've got a PayPal account.
  3. Alright, this is getting silly. Am I to understand that effects like Poison and Haste don't actually set the appropriate STATE? Because if they do, why is this not in the IESDP? The description for Haste doesn't even say what the different types do. Considering how excessively explicit most of the other descriptions are, are we to assume that the vanilla spell descriptions are, in fact, accurate? This is certainly not the case for all spells. [size=3]#26 (0x01A)Item: Remove Curse [26] Parameter #1: Irrelevant Parameter #2: Irrelevant Description:[/size] [size=3]Removes cursed items from the targeted creature(s).[/size] Does this literally remove the cursed items, or does it unequip them and put them into inventory?
  4. So it's actually updated but not uploaded? While we're at it, how about a css reworking on the whole thing, especially the Effects page. All those tables and lists could be under spoiler tags, especially the needlessly repeated ones like color palettes. Speaking of needlessly repeated: six times, once for each of the attribute stats, it explains the whole Timing vis white/red display issue. How about showing that just once and linking to it from the other five? Similarly, there are sixty-one iterations of this: Known values for 'Type' are: 0 Cumulative Modifier -> {effect} = {effect}+ 'Statistic Modifier' value 1 Flat Value Modifier -> {effect}= 'Statistic Modifier' value 2 Percentage Modifier -> {effect}= ({effect}* 'Statistic Modifier' value) / 100 I think providing this just once would be sufficient. Finally, the "parameter 1; parameter 2" thing is obviously a relic from IEEP days. Any chance of getting the verbiage updated for more modern editing methods like NI and weidu (like hex addresses for the params)? Thanks! I eagerly anticipate not going through archived threads so I don't post fixes that are already accounted for.
  5. Many of the (already) archived updates are not in the IESDP at the link, which is still the one from 22-04-2012. Is there a new information threshold yet to be reached, or just a once-a-year release? [edit] Effect 5 (charm) doesn't set STATE_CHARMED? STATE_POISON isn't set by #25, nor removed by #11? wtf is going on here...
  6. Where exactly is this update? The d/l is still from 22.04.2012 and does not have the above change.
  7. Is it really the case that a spell like Minor Spell Turning doesn't have a hardcoded stat already? DS sets the duration for the (existing in vanilla) STAT as the maximum duration of the spell, but the spell could terminate long before that happens. Is this intentional? Something like that works for a non-deprecating spell like Minor Globe (well, its overlay, at least), but this seems like a really desperate solution since all it does is show that the spell was cast at some point in the last 15 rounds (minimum), not whether it's currently active. Similarly, the STONESKINS stat is genuinely set by the stoneskin effect and can be tested for? [edit] Oh, wow. Trigger:HasBounceEffects can't differentiate between physical mirror and spell reflection? Trigger:HasImmunityEffects can't tell whether the immunity is to a spell school or disabling a portrait icon? How on earth are AIs able to use anti-magic vs breach in the former pair? Even the most basic protection spells usually have a "disable icon" component, so that makes an AI confused that target might be immune to a sec type? (I'm trying to mod but this is depressing information, if true. I'm hoping I've just got some obsolete docs.)
  8. Asc64 is one of my favorite modders because he documents the hell out of stuff. One of his BGT docs explains why BG2FP goes before (a single, trivial bcs patch). Dead issue, though I'm still at a loss why both mods can't check on this considering how many other Stupid Player failsafes they have already.
  9. Yes, I do mean the awesomely weidu-ized BGT. The worldmap fix is just a straight-up override and can easily be commented out in the tp2 -- unless the travel time fix(es) rely on that particular wmp. But, to answer my own question: on its own and disregarding the possible worldmap issue, BG2FP can be applied before or after BGTw. (I completely understand why it needs to be the first mod, though I've always considered it more of an unofficial patch than mod.)
  10. Perhaps this is better placed in the BGT forum, but I'll wager someone here knows the definite answer. It is stated that BG2FP should be applied to the BG2 install before applying BGT. Why is this? Would installing FP after BGT make any difference at all?
  11. I've tried to stay out of the loops and discussions until it was released, but it doesn't seem like they've done anything at all, and what they have done strains the definition of "professional." I sincerely hope this is the end of Beamdog as a development house unless they decide to do original stuff.
  12. This is really nice stuff, Pacek! Is there a tutorial for icon making you would recommend?
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