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  1. Improved haste... hm. It could work. Sadly, restricting him to smaller weapons doesn't fit my intentions - I want it to be able to use all melee weapons and plan to play it myself using a Two-Handed Sword. Thanks for the advice about armor restriction. I'll have to sit down and go through the whole process using the guide, but first I want to get a solid idea of what I want this kit to do and how to accomplish it.
  2. I've decided to get into the modding scene. Hopefully I'll be able to make the mod using the guides from this site. However, before I start messing around with WeiDU, I need to know what it'll be. The baseline idea is that of a Fighter kit that's lightly armored and skilled. The features right now are as follows: Can use Offensive and Defensive Spin like the Blade kit Can wear no armor heavier than Studded Leather and can only become Specalized in ranged weapons. My question is, does this look balanced? Or could it use some more restrictions? Or perhaps less? I intend it to be balanced for BGT and/or Enchanced Edition.
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