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  1. I can confirm that this is still happening. My guess would be a combination of wondering scripted enemies + improved calls for help. Why ? Because i used farsight to check on a wyvern. He stands still the whole time UNTIL 1 of thralls comes next to him. Then he starts moving and either traps himself or comes to u.
  2. Ok so it is a SCS bug ? Why hasn't it been fixed then ?
  3. I used to play with scs v19 or around that, that is where the video is from. I have scs v30 now and i hope i wont see this error. If scs causes this, how come no one noticed it yet :S
  4. Thank you for your answers. I decided to play BG2 first, so could you check my other topic on BG2
  5. I plan on playing baldurs gate 2 + TOB (NON EE edition) with SCS and have a few questions: 1) what is the correct order, meaning which patches and when (i was thinking BG2, TOB, TOB patch, G3 patch, SCS, widescreen mod, is this ok ?) 2) for the most bug free version, should i install SCS 30 or some older SCS2 version 3) as Berserker/mage i want to do both fighter and mage quest. Does this still work as in original game where if u did them in certain order u could do both ? 4) on my last play with SCS2, this occured as soon as i enter planar prison. Enemies randomly wonder around springing
  6. 4) are you sure they are supposed to be wondering around springing traps ? Before SCS2 i am pretty sure everyone was standing still there ... It is really bothering me because if they die on traps, it makes the fights easier. Again, as soon as i enter that area, invinsible or not, they start springing traps. 2) Ok so i install BG1EE + siege of dragonspear and after that i can install SCS ? Or do i install any patches before hand ?
  7. Hello, i would like to play baldurs gate 1 with SCS for improved difficulty and i have a few questions. 1) considering that i do not want to involve bg2 into this picture in any way, is BG:EE the only possible option to combine with SCS ? 2) what would be the correct order of install to make sure game is as bug free as possible ? 3) did anyone play baldurs gate 1 and 2 (not EE edition) on windows 8.1 without trouble ? 4) i still didnt get the answer to my last playthrough of bg2 with scs2 and widescreen mode, could widescreen mod cause this:
  8. It would appear that i found the reason. Script has this written in: IF !See(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) !GlobalTimerNotExpired("seencloud","LOCALS") GlobalTimerNotExpired("whatthe","LOCALS") THEN RESPONSE #100 RandomWalkContinuous() END If i delete this alltogether or add !AreaType(DUNGEON), they dont walk around anymore. It would appear that i have no choice but to add this line to both scripts until i finish astral prison and then remove it again. I am wondering why this was added in the first place ... or even more .... if its the timer thats responsible ... how can the time
  9. Hi, I am using SCS2 v21 and just wanted to report a few things. First of all, in my game, Haegan still stands around like an idiot until you attack him. But the more importaint thing is Planar prison. I remember this prison being different in version v19. First of all, when i enter there are some extra prisoners who attack me ( not that i mind ) and many enemies seem to be moving around. For instance the battle with yuan-ti on far right was easier because they came after me when i was fighting that mage on the right (the one next to that thingy with which you destroy the gem). Maybe that i
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