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  1. Thanks, Guest_Guest_*. I'm sure we'll see v4 at some point.
  2. Caedwyr, I've had a good look through the readme for the first time and I can honestly say that I'm astonished by how good this looks. I was vaguely aware before of how the mod worked, but I'd never looked at it in any great detail. Now that I'm preparing for my EasyTutu game, I find myself wondering if I should give this kit to my PC, or, like Six of Spades suggests, to Faldorn: 'It has since jumped out at me that Faldorn is a Geomancer: In BG1, she's standing inside a stone henge and she's upset that people have dug a giant hole into the earth in order to rip things out of it. In BG2, she never leaves her (mostly) natural cave and says that she draws her power from the earth itself. Oh yeah, definite Geomancer here.'
  3. Cool. Was there ever an issue with sequencers? I really am looking forward to trying this out in my next BG2 game.
  4. Caedwyr, are all the known issues with the mod now sorted?
  5. Thanks for the updated SV, Amaurea!
  6. I too would love to see a re-coloured version of Angelo SV. I've got the following portrait versions, all the same size (110x170): AngelM_V.jpg ADAngelM.jpg ADAnge3L.bmp When I cycle through them the one with the best-proportioned features (IMO) is AngelM_V.jpg (Angelo SV).
  7. So is there any chance of a colourful, moderate slap portrait version appearing as an option in the mod?
  8. How come the colours got a bit washed-out when you elongated the face? I prefer this version, since it gives Angelo a more reasonably-sized slap. However, the colours of the original do go better with the Bioware NPCs, IMO.
  9. Miloch is just jealous because nobody wants to massage his stinky, Orcish feet (hooves?).
  10. Perhaps it's the lateness of the hour and I'm just getting confused, but you suggest using the Oversight Monk HLAs, one of which does this: 'Stunning Blow - The monk has one more use of the Stunning Blow ability per day.' Yet post #4 in this thread says this: 'Stunning Blow: ...renamed 'Stunning Fist'.' So how do the two work together? Oversight is giving you greater use of Stunning Blow, but Stunning Blow no longer exists in your mod. And is SoS correct about the Flurry of Blows ability being too powerful to be usable at will? If so, should it be toned down, regardless of the 'designed to bring Monks closer to their 3E pen-and-paper counterparts.' bit? Shouldn't balance and gameplay take precedent over (um, what's the word?) ideology?* * Please note, I'm not trying to be a dick and saying "This mod sucks, change it!", I'm just trying to throw some ideas around and have a discussion on the mod. I'm also very tired.
  11. I also have to agree that I'm liking this mod the more I hear about it. I always liked Ajantis, and thought it blew major goat when he got killed, and there was nothing you could do about it. Bah! I'll definitely give this a whirl when it's done.
  12. I've just had my first taste of Tutu and the NPC Project. It's delightful stuff. It makes such a difference to the game, and I've only been playing for a few hours. My thanks to all involved.
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