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  1. Do you think my suggested changes from Echon's original make sense, Salk?
  2. Lemernis (or, as I like to think of you, Lemmiwinks - Gerbil King) for the past few months I've been working on and off to decide what class, kit, proficiencies, etc. to give each NPC in BG1 and BG2, and I'm almost done. I've based my choices on what, to me, feels "right" for each NPC, and also how many of each type of weapon is available in each game. To expand on this, I've tried to make sure that each weapon will be represented to some degree, and also that regardless of your party composition, there'll be enough decent magical weapons to go around. I did this by simply taking a quick look at roughly how many of each weapon type is in the game. The Item Revisions mod will change this to some extent (certainly for BG2), but I think my system should still work. What I haven't done, and this was in the interests of fairness and non-powergaming, is choose weapons based on what precisely is in the game and when you get it e.g. I haven't said to myself "I'll make sure Minsc has 2* in war hammer by the time I get the Crom Faeyr". My knowledge of both games is quite limited, which I feel has really helped my distribution of weapon proficiencies, since there's no bias. Yes, I am aware that certain powerful items are in each game, but my knowledge of what you get and when you get it really is limited. I hope that makes sense. I also hope that my picks will allow a complete newbie to the games to use whatever party composition they like and still be okay (although someone who knows the games inside out will probably disagree with me on that). My picks are largely what I'd call traditional e.g. I've mostly just assigned kits rather than changed classes, although Minsc does become a berserker, and I'm allowing any class to use any weapon. I'll post everything here once I've finished working on the last of the NPCs.
  3. The Laughing D-Man, thanks to Miloch I've discovered a thread over at PPG - http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/to....html#msg314495 - where Echon talks about implementing size-based shield restrictions. I think this is a wonderful idea (in fact, I always avoid giving the smaller races large weapons or shields in my games) that would work great in IR. As you can see from that thread, Echon is doing this: Humans, elves and half-elves can use all shields. Dwarves can use medium shields and below. The medium shield will work as a large shield. Gnomes and halflings can use small shields and below. The small shield will work as a large shield. I assume he's not making any changes to strength requirements, which I agree with. To make sized-based restrictions more appropriate for IR, I propose the following: Humans, elves and half-elves can use all shields. Dwarves, gnomes and halflings can use medium shields and below. The medium shield will work as a large shield. Maybe the small shield should work as a medium shield, but the buckler should probably continue to work as a buckler. This change from Echon's original will mean that gnomes and halflings will have a choice other than just "large" and buckler (and, as we've discussed before, large shields aren't likely to be suitable for non-warrior classes and multi-class warriors due to the THAC0 penalty). Whatcha think?
  4. I have a list of things I'd like to ask, some of which relate to the game itself and others to various mods. I thought it'd be easiest to ask them all here, but I will re-post them in the appropriate forums if advised to do so. The questions really aren't in any particular order. 1. Is a multi-class mage effective enough if they're the party's only mage, or does their mage level progression rate/max spell level mean the party will struggle? I suppose the same question applies to multi-class clerics and druids. I'd like to know this with regard to both BG1 + TotSC (Tutu) and BG2 + ToB. 2. When engaged in conversation or buying from a store, is it just the charisma of the person speaking/buying that's taken into account, or is it the highest charisma score in the party? If it's the former, and your party leader has poor charisma (say you have Korgan at the front of the group, for safety purposes), how do you deal with the fact that they'll be doing a lot of the talking? 3. I stumbled across the IEP Extended Banters over at SHS, and there's this unanswered post regarding the banter accelerator: "So if you play through all the side quests etc and don't Ctrl-J around the place, does 45 mins sound okay? How much time passes between banters in the stock game, anyway? Oh, and can I use this Banter Accelerator ("a more customizable version of jcompton's Banter Accelerator script available in the PPG Banter Pack, modified and redistruted(?) with permission") for Tutu games? If so, should I install it right after BG1 NPC Project? Finally, I'm a bit confused about whether or not this does affect romances (if so, I guess there's no need to use Bigg's Faster Romances from Bigg Tweaks). And can anyone tell me roughly how much time passes between romance dialogues in the stock game? I like to take my time when I play (as in, do most if not all of the side quests), but I can only assume that I won't get to see all the banters/romance stuff unless I use a Banter Accelerator (otherwise, why would the Banter Accelerator exist?!)." Can anyone here address this? 4. Regarding the Conflict Revisions part of IEP Extended Banters, is this needed if you're using the Happy Patch from the BG2 Tweak Pack, or will the conflicts never arise? Are there any incompatible party members with the Happy Patch installed (BG1 and BG2)? 5. Does anyone use bigg's Faster Romances? If so, what settings do you use? Again, like with the banters, is it necessary to use something like this lest you run out of game time before you've seen all the dialogue? 6. What's Khalid's intelligence in EasyTutu? Is it 12 (default) or 15 (as per Dudleyville)? 7. In EasyTutu, what sort of Open Locks and Find Traps scores should I be aiming for? I'd like to have values that will allow me to open/detect the hardest locks/traps in BG + TotSC, but I don't want to spend more thief skill points than is necessary on these two areas. 8. Regarding the TotSC quests, what's the average party level that's recommended for these? I will be installing some parts of SCS (but will be opting for the "smarter" rather than "improved/harder" components) so that needs to be taken into account. 9. Are there any suitable thief kits out there for Safana and Skie, and bard kits for Eldoth and Garrick? What about fighter kits for Monty, Kagain and Coran? I'd be applying these kits with L1NPCs. 10. If I'm a dual-class F/T (fighter dualled to thief) do I get offered the thief stronghold in BG2? 11. With BG1NPC and the BG2 Tweak Pack Happy Patch installed, are there any instances where a NPC will leave for good due to me picking the wrong dialogue option (was there something about Coran and a cook?)? If there are, how can I avoid these instances? Is it obvious what will make a NPC leave so I can avoid saying/doing it? That's a lot of questions. Any help will be much appreciated.
  5. Miloch, I've got pretty far with checking those threads, but I have some comments/questions in the meantime: Could Spell Revisions compatibility be considered when making v6 changes, assuming DR is installed after Spell Revisions i.e. try to make the two as compatible as possible? DR has Spiritual Weapon: Long Sword for the Strifeleader of Cyric kit, but you have Short Sword. Regarding a kit for Finch, if it's a custom kit (say a variation on the Lorekeeper of Oghma) would you have to install this kit and therefore take up one of the nine slots, or does that not apply to custom kits? Same question applies to Quayle as a Hoodwinker of Baravar. Ah, I guess if we want to use L1NPCs with these kits (say you wanted to specify proficiencies), we'd have to install them and take up two of the nine slots, yes? Speaking of L1NPCs, what do you think about using it to make Quayle (and Aerie?) a Hoodwinker of Baravar/Mage? Would that be good synergy, or just stupid? Does "May cast wizard spells from the illusion school" mean that the kit can learn wizard spells, or does it simply refer to the additional spells listed beneath? If it does refer to the additional spells, and you do think a Hoodwinker of Baravar/Mage via L1NPCs would work well, would you consider removing the "May cast wizard spells from the illusion school" line? I mean, it's not necessary is it? None of the other DR kits mention spell schools, as far as I know. Sim mentions in the D0Tweak readme that Dimension Door "can potentially break the game (this was presumably why it was removed in the first place), so be careful how you use it". I don't know if this applies only to BG2, but might be worth keeping in mind if this kit is used for that game. In the same way that additional spells can be cast from level 3 onwards with the Hoodwinker of Baravar, what about adding something similar to the DR kits (they currently all have additional spells starting at level 7)? Regarding these additional spells that DR provides, I've just noticed that the DR Stormlord of Talos is supposed to get Storm Shield at level 7, but they appear to get Lightning Bolt instead. Could someone have a quick look at their game to confirm this? That's all for now. It's gone 9pm here, and I'm unlikely to finish checking those threads until tomorrow. Edit: I knew I forgot something! At what level will the cloak and wavy dagger of Baravar, symbol of Cyric be given to the NPCs?
  6. Okay, I'll take a look at those threads and see if I can come up with some sort of summary.
  7. I don't know how to edit html documents, which is what the S&S readme comes as. And who would I send the altered files to? Another thing I noticed is that "thief" sometimes has a small "t" and other times has a capital "T". I'm take it that L1NPCs v1.1 doesn't have any input from Nythrun? Will your changes be compatible with anything that she's altered in her local verson? I guess you don't really know the answer to that.
  8. Thanks, Guest_Guest_*. I'm sure we'll see v4 at some point.
  9. Good stuff. If it's not too much bother, could you perhaps provide a summary of your v6 changes (don't worry about it if it's too much hassle)?
  10. Miloch, I don't understand what you'd like me to do with regard to updating documentation, but *puts on best Aerie voice* I'll help however I can. All that needs doing is the readme changed to "Can attain Grand Mastery..." and "well-versed" and "well-aimed". In-game needs to be changed to "well-versed" and "well-aimed". I re-ran the L1NPCs setup and assigned the Sharpshooter kit to Imoen, and could only put 1* in Long Bow, which is the same as when creating a new Sharpshooter PC i.e. the situation is the same for both the PC and NPCs. The other ranged weapons have the option of up to 5*, again for both the PC and NPCs. Hope that's clear.
  11. Great stuff, Miloch! I was wondering yesterday actually if you'd consider releasing your suggestions in "Enhancement suggestions for DR v6" as an add-on to v5 of DR. I haven't read through that thread in a while, but didn't you come up with some nice re-balancing ideas for the mod?
  12. Wow, this is welcome news. I take it that all the issues (apart from my stupidity, which is unfixable) that Nythrun talks about in this thread have been addressed: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=12459 Is it just me, or has the readme not been fully updated? I still have "well - versed" and "well - aimed" (I've not yet checked it in-game) for the Sharpshooter, and it still says "Can attain Mastery in any missile weapon a Thief can use", instead of "Can attain Grand Mastery...". Please note that I've just woken up from a nap, so may be confused. Edit: I've checked in-game, and the description correctly says "Can attain Grand Mastery...", but it still has "well - versed" and "well - aimed", rather than "well-versed" and "well-aimed". Can someone else confirm this please? Also, with the v1, Nov 28 Level One NPCs installed, my Sharpshooter can't put more than 1* in long bow, but he should be able to put up to 5* in it, just like all the other missile weapons a thief can use (obviously, I've used L1NPCs to alter item usability). But I don't know if this is a S&S issue or a L1NPCs issue. Again, could someone else confirm this is their game? If it is L1NPCs, please let me know and I'll make a post over at that forum.
  13. Bursk


    Now that you're doing HLAs (and with the possibility of other HLAs to come, no?), please avoid having repeating effects for always-on HLAs. Refinements does this for a number of HLAs, and I ended up modifying the files so that the effects went away. I found that I didn't need some flashy thing to remind me every five seconds that I'd chosen a HLA.
  14. Oh, I didn't see anything wrong with your changes, but couldn't understand why you hadn't boosted his wisdom.
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