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    Tyris Flare v8 Now Available

    Heya CamDawg, cool for bringing this up-to-date I noticed some minor stuff, while currently (again..) having her in my party. The init-meeting script went into a loop for me, most likely cause of lvl1npc and her level8.cre file had a bow in the second hand equiped instead of the basic +1 sword. (switched her to bow prof for reasons) - changed the script (g#tfcut1.baf) from/to DisplayStringHead("G#Tyris",~"What the...?"~) EquipMostDamagingMelee() SmallWait(1) Attack("G#TFSkeleton1") ActionOverride("G#TFSkeleton1",Attack("G#Tyris")) ActionOverride("G#TFSkeleton2",Attack("G#Tyris")) ____________________________________________________________ DisplayStringHead("G#Tyris",104603) // "What the...?" SmallWait(4) ActionOverride("G#TFSkeleton1",Attack("G#Tyris")) // Tyris ActionOverride("G#TFSkeleton2",Attack("G#Tyris")) // Tyris Attack("G#TFSkeleton1") // Skeleton She always killed the first skeleton, but thereafter nothing happens. Should probably work without lvl1npc ^^ The g#fix.baf call should be placed on anything but 'F' It was stupid of me to chose that very button and it's still implemented the same way! I even removed the call for that script, cause some of the *wavs are too annoying *whistle* and I switched them to some basic female sounds (kinda fits). The flirt-stuff: holy hell! increase the dialog-induced-timer or whatever else timer! The 3hour nagging triggers way too often! Else still a cool mod and everything is working so far!
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    IR Revised V1.2.5 (2019 April 5th)

    Cause the patch interrupted my last try/run in BG2:EE,plus I was further drawn to other stuff and so on ^^ Was bored again and now with patch 2.5 and IRR / SRR (1.0.11) + SCS and am having a blast! Your item changes are so much fun and re-introduce new cool stuff.... some minor thingies/ideas and possibly some weird text, cause my mind jumps for a bit...err yeah. - Overall the ranged weapon changes are awesome, while some would probably argue to reduce a bow's ApR down to 1.5, I think and experience (!) that it's well suited. (crit on a 18-20 .. yeah!) - Pixie-thrower of burning awesomeness (Crimson Dart) .. Sometimes I do think, it does a tad bit too much damage, specially in the hands of untrained henchmen (or proficient) - quiver/case o' plenty rather easy obtainable, but the bag o' plenty can only be salvaged in ToB and rather late - could be maybe re-positioned -> see next - slings: the +1 ApR sling is fun, but lacks cheap fodder ammo. Also with all the changes done to this type of weapon (...some for the better: STR anyone?), they feel like a lackluster. Experimented for a bit with the +1 and +3 ammo bag, but still no real challenge for the dart. Might matter in ToB, but definitely not SoA. I am not even sure, why I bring this up - cause I never really considered slings to be a weapon of my choice. Dragon Tooth should also be the better choice. Just sayin' ...:) - +1 dex item (Ring of the Burglar) | I do get the increase in thieving skills but going from 19 dex to 20 changes nothing further. (thac0, AC ..). Modded the ring to give +2 dex instead, and everything was changed to reflect the 20(21) DEX. The Gauntlets of dex are working fine, but they come already with +2. (edit: natural 19: elf multi-pass mage/thief and a robe, so only items which don't reduce speed/dex *double-checked*!)) - the good ol' Celestial...the stun procc is *awesome*! I just got it in my current game (so much fun with patch 2.5 and the latest revisions of thy mods!) and it's a game-changer. Some ppl might need to have a bigger number on their enchantment to compensate (..who knows ^^) but CeleFury remains awesome and +3 works for nearly anything. Else there is magic...and it's a legandary sword! Iit was mentioned to give it the resistance it should have, but only maybe 50% towards electricity (immunity would make the weapon insanely powerful in terms of bg2 enchantments). On the other hand, the player needs something powerful once in a while ^^. Gave mine 50% resistance with no other change and it works out ~well; might need to reduce the spell-ST required, cause in a 3 ApR warrior's hand the weapon is just amazing. - FoA +x/y/z . the slow-procc happens too rarely and could be increased to 2 rounds instead (also various effects have -1% chance to happen ^^ nice topic) - clubs; d4 is too low and Blackblood should get its +3 back, cause it is harder to obtain than other +2 - +4 weapons. There are those kind of ppl, who prefer a steady club over +1/2 ApR - prot. from critical hits: I changed some helmets, so I'm not sure, which one had protection already enabled in your mod: Helm of Defense (no change - it's a helm of 'defense'!); Dragon Helmet (+2 AC/ crit immune - friggin' sturdy piece of dragon armor), enhanced Helm of the Rock (sounds very defensive to me) + Baldurs (legendary?) That's it for now ... (I do hope, it's readable...)
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    SR Revised V1.1.0 (2019 February 5th)

    Sunray's (sppr707.spl) secondary effect, to destroy certain Undead, is set to a +2 saving throw instead.
  4. valky

    Any Gibberlings want to sort out an EE version?

    n1 ... getting bored easily in my current lecture So I was about to start a new BG2:EE game as well... I'd have been so sad to not being able to include my 1 and most favorite NPC mod all the time (and after some trial & error & testing - the only one ^^) Thanks a bunch for the BG2:EE update!
  5. Damn! That's quite an argument and I am just speechless... If I go for the Irenicus Example Hell 1/2 the success just depended on being able to cast time-stop or not ^^ (depends, if my mage(s) were targeted or not) But you are right, the amount of spells in that case alone, should make a caster go fizzle or being unable to cast stuff for quite a long time, since the mind is completely smashed.
  6. If all else fails, thief's Detect illusion skill bypasses SI:Div, making the wizard targetable. Another option is ADHW (unless he's protected from Magic Energy), and cloud-type spells. Of course, if he Gates in 3 modded Pit Fiends and given you don't want to cheese them out but fight them, I'd say you're dead. SInce I was discussing it this with the very author of the mod: http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy284/valky667/gnaaaa/init_overkill_zpsdc37eb02.jpg~original This is what happens, if I don't do a thing. I know this is an ultimate worst-scenario-case-mod and doesn't seem to be intended to ever work with SCS, but even if my party level was slightly (very) high [Watchers keep = clear | random tactics-reputation-trigger spawn | random Beyond the Law-trigger == massive XP], this obnoxious insane lvl 30 mage was a major pain in the butt. And that it how itd look like, if I don't do a thing: http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy284/valky667/fiend_spam_zpsb4b94f2c.jpg~original [i was fully unbuffed/unprepared..since the only working spell to prevent this trigger is the almighty 'Sphere of Chaos'!!!! and it was a show-case-scenario]
  7. Ha, forgot to add liches My current nearly mindless performed action: hammer timestop -> hammer imp. alac. -> Spellstrike -> pierce shield -> cast other useless spells, just to get the most of the timestop -> once timestop is done, feel satisfied, to have xyz enemy gone for good within 1-2 seconds (currently Keldorn is casting true sight - just in case ^^) Within the time stop, the AoE component hits all the time and thanks to the AoE it always strips them naked. I know, it might be hard to balance, and without the AoE stuff, enemies with Imp. Invis/prot Divination will be your worst nightmare and r*pe you *point* Very good example of this: (NPC mod: kova & Kiyone, and this stupid wizard is level 30 in SoA!) http://i800.photobuc...e4.jpg~original Issue: I can't beat him, without time-stop since he moves a lot...with time-stop it _is_ possible, but he casts time-stop (2x) as well (and his 3 gates *lol*). SInce he spawns with 3 other wizards, I might be getting interrupted. Once I got interrupted am done for good....(notice the nasty protection combo and he still hasn't fired his contingency trigger ^^) I think, without the improved spellstrike from SR I might just quit the game for good. On the other hand, in this posted example, my sole-classed mage (Tyris) was lvl *erm* 22 or something like that, so she had quite a bit of spell-slots, but Kova still was able to cast only 1 lvl 9 spell thanks to his multi-classing. So it's a give-or-take situation. [though, it's a SCS scripted lvl 30 ^^ mage in SoA, which on the other hand is completely impossible to beat without SR!]
  8. As I recall, they already act pretty hostile, the melee classes at least. However, it would be nice to assign the custom script to charmed character according to his class, so warrior could fight in melee (It's the default behavior for the enemy-charmed characters, isn't it ?), rogue backstab, mage cast some spells available to him and so on. I wouldn't recommend to disable control of charmed creatures, that's for sure. I'd differ between Monster/Humanoid and if you are able to communicate with your charmed whatever thingie. That'd be also in unison with the good ol' 2nd Edition....ie: Monster: act completely independent and no control or whatsoever allowed - similar to the current Mordekainen's sword (due to the engine, I guess select all and give an order is the exception) Humanoid: can be fully controlled But both types can roll a SavingThrow every round to determine if the charm is still in affect. That'd be similar to 2nd D&D, as each hostile action of the caster has a chance to break off the control of the charmed critter. Since your typical BG2 caster has some kind of (ranged) weapon equipped and should attack at least once per round (if not necessary casting a full-round action spell ^^), I'd consider this as an overtly hostile act. Not sure, if such a thing is possible ^^ but the saving throw each round should be... edit: else, I wouldn't mind if the control of the charmed person/monster is completely disabled (player already has more than enough advantage) I might be wrong, but since the added radius the spell's efficiency went sky-rocket...and strips off anything despite several protection, which should make this very spell harmless for at least 1 cast?! If I remember the Hell-fight against irenicus (with SCS) I just needed 1 spell strike + 1 pierce shield to fully make him "naked" Correct me if am wrong, but once I can cast this very spell even SCS mages ain't a real threat...
  9. valky

    Improved Haste

    Guess, I'll give it a shot as well, changes sounds fine with me and I too wasn't a big fan of this OP spell. Even with only WW it is enough to dispatch hard foes in SCS easily, there is no need to have something similar that lasts for ages and makes you a devastating kiling machine. But would still leave it single target, since it has other benefits - no fatigue and even boost AC. So in terms of balance, this spell cast as AoE 'd be quite nasty too. [and I guess it shouldn't collide with SCS content, bosses or similar usually have hard-coded ApR bonus or items to reflect it and to make it un-dispellable - ie Sword of Greed/ Imp. Irenicus in Hell] edit: love it !! *nuff said*
  10. nonononono ^^ I explicitly mentioned, that am using the P&P Celestials mod (if not, than I do now). But the scripting of your installer files: Whereas the overhaul of changing the skin/weapons and whatever starts....(the other thing I mentioned was only; CAUSE I was fucking stupid and didn't check for the similarity of both mods, yet the summon done by yours is even more intriguing, I'd even say OP. The celestial mod usually givres you the movanic deva, which is a terrifying shit-bitch with a stupid +1 weapon. According the summoning script you only get the astral deva - also done by that very mod - under some very weird circumstances - ---> namely ONE: in the goddamn pocket plane, and nowhere else! Else you are stuck to the stupid shit fucking (oh and am so very sorry to start using swearing words ^^) Movanic Deva, which is the most useless utter garbage ever. But that was not the point of the bug, cause you catch the installation of that very mod, and change it. I don't mind the stats and things, cause am usually stupid enough to do that on my own ^^ Yet, the thing I can NOT change, cause of my very silliness :ninja:, is de facto, that the change done to the Movanic Deva of the Mod 'P&P Celestials' by your GFX overhaul for celestial beings is causing a crash for me. According PnP a xdx +whatever bonus, gives exact this very 'whatever' bonus despite his/her STR bonus, and it is always displayed as such. Imagine we'd play PnP together and might kill some nasty dragon, which might have killed an elemental being some time time ago and hoarded their very weapon. So, now that we have killed that dragon (oh, I usually play a cleric ^^) you see the random and locked loot and you notice an exceptional weapon - in that very case it was taken from an outerplanar being - don't ask me why and under what circumstances a dragon could have been dealt with a very planetar being and even killed it - just let us assume even further. The DM tells you, you are the only obliged person, who can wear that very item, which in that case is still un-identifyed but your roll is needless..you'll get it anyway. Now, you ask your wizard nicely to identify that new weap0on, your glamouring hands just have laid upon, and after he fizzled around with some components he identifies it as a 'mere' +3 weapon. But now you are saying, that can't be true..cause it should be a - lets say - +7 dam weap0on, cause your are some friggin' berserk warrior or slayer of the gods, or paladin in the name of xxx god. Not to mention, that cause of your insane physical strength to wield that weapon properly, you also demand that the damage enchantment is not enough for you or kinda I don't understand the logic beyond, a WP +3 is and will ever be considered as a wp +3 (excluding the STR DAM bonus), if there is listed some kind of bonus damage like 1d10+10 THEN that very WP is supposed to have this very bonus and it is not meant to have an imaginary STR bonus.
  11. Concerning the Deva/Planetar gfx change for having PnP celestials installed (which btw looks so darn sweet!) Am getting a crash for only the Movanic Deva, once she attacks. Tried to experiment around by using several types of weapon (and also reverted back to vanilla weapon, basic cele-mod weapon and other things), but figured that you are using a different patch macro for the deva-animation itself. The other 2 are doing fine and so does the planetar and I honestly don't know, why I even installed it :> SInce they are similar and I already edited the summoning script to always get the Astral Deva with your stats/weapons...you'll see my problem in the attached weidu-log, cause I really really don't want to do a step-back re-installation. Such thing already messed up my installation once, and I went to each friggin' step in every damn mod and it took me ~4 hours. Oh, just one thing, as we discussed it just earlier in the feedback, was using the latest version for the animation tweak and version for 1PP is/was 4.1; since I already have the flaming sword animations installed. Nonetheless, error log (TobEx) and Weidu attached...so see for yourself - and don't mind the tiny break in between 's busy playing Total War.... On a sidenote, while I was checking different kinds of weapons to avoid this issue: According your description, Planetar & Deva (at least the good version) should be either using a 1d10+10 or 2d6+10 weapon, but every single *itm file from different versions (you could really say, I try to keep the overview) show, that those weapons are only using a +3 damage modification instead?! I might be wrong, but after going thru every file, that had something to do with that crash, I'd as well imagine things and loaded the wrong file to check for. edit: one stupid thing comes to my mind...to try out even a basic flaming sword myself. never used them. will give a comment on that soon. edit/edit: nope, works fine logs.zip
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    To correct myself then: enemies, where it matters to have a weird & insane high or negative AC are usually evil. I know there are a lot of exceptions, but those matter in terms of different protections, ie. friggin' caster.
  13. valky


    The base AC, i.e. not counting bonuses not appearing in the inventory page, is limited to -20 + DEX bonus + single weapon style, i.e. -26 is usually as much as you can get, any more would be wasted away by the engine. In other words, there is not much difference whether Barkskin grants +4 or +5. Aaah, I completely forgot about this and you'r right *whistle* Though there are 3 exceptions, as they did get applied on the opponents' to-hit roll and not on the visible AC: -2 prot/evil as mentioned -4 imp invisibility -x special armor modifier against pierc/slash/crush attacks So it's possible in that case to reach at least -32 AC against evil opponents, which are roughly 99% of your enemies... (since I don't bother to gulp the dex potion all the time, it's arguable if it matters or not ^^) edit: she only had -24 'visible' at that time, I already counted in the 'hidden' AC boost from prot/evil.
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    I agree partially...like I said, for a vanilla game +4 'natural' is a sick boost to the AC. But for a more recent example (yesterday *g*) with the SCSII boosted Demogorgon fight: If my math is right, he comes close to -19 Thac0 (!) [base: -8, STR +7, weapon +4] so any tiny boost to ones AC makes a very huge difference. Mazzy had something like -26 AC IIRC (forgot to cast def. harmony...and with the 'old' Barkskin) including the attack penalty from prot evil. (+some funny items from weimars i-upgrade) So he was punishing her for quite a bit and roughly all the time and without Hardiness it would have been a slaughter..for him ^^ Yet he/it(?) was debuffed though, so it gave "it" maybe only a 50% to score a hit, which still did hurt. Don't bother my comment, as said in SCSII it is okay to change it for yourself, if needed to. But for the majority of players (I assume) the +4 version still does the trick and is already on the limit to OPness. Was only wondering, cause I was so darn bored that I installed BG2 recently and started playing for a bit, only to notice, that it bores me again without having a real challenge. ANd with tactics/scs it's is actually much more enjoyable Silly me has "VERSION ~v3~" according the tp2 file and the hotfix' posted applied manual to the override to avoid messing around with my flawlessly working installation. I learned the hard way to not touch mods installed in before some major ones, like SCS in my case. Guess I'll grab the mod and manually apply the Mag. Circle change, but am currently using the vanilla version anyway, so it'd make only a minor difference according the duration. And it's the same as the 'real' counterpart from the 2nd edition's rulebook. I c, I only was wondering about the spell in the first place. Hmm, they should have given the Paladin a persistent protection from evil nonetheless to reflect their aura (it's also a weaker version of the spell anyway). Need to check how temple of elemental evil implemented it... Despite the duration and as already mentioned, my main character is an imported BG1 fighter switched to cleric...am now @24 wisdom (after hell/Lum & card deck) and have a sh*tton of bonus spells. So I really don't care about learning 5/6 prot evil spell on my cleric only and skip the Paladin innate ability completely. Hell, even the mage lvl 1 spells becoming more useless in ToB with SCS and I have only mage armor & shield learned. That gives me more than enough slots to learn that spell. Despite having reverted the circle to its old behaviour :> Hmm, the Gate summon is already more than punishing according the description, specially for a good aligned party, thanks the amassed AoE spells, which already are a tiny bother in case of the Death Knight, since you can't have other summons. Else they would turn hostile thanks to the Fireball thingie. (and/or fear aura) I actually haven't tried Gate yet and won't necessary do so, cause I rather stick to the Deva/Planetar overhaul (Celestials), which do their Job just fine for me in case of need. Else, your other revised summons do their job just nicely and are actually very useful again. But for a few supposedly hard encounters with even SCS the Death Knight is a b*tch! Mind-flayer dungeons comes to my mind, Kua-Toa dungeon and the so-called tougher Demon Knights and similar stuff. When I was bored with some fights, I just summoned it and closed the door only to go in later to grab the loot *eg*