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  1. Heya CamDawg, cool for bringing this up-to-date I noticed some minor stuff, while currently (again..) having her in my party. The init-meeting script went into a loop for me, most likely cause of lvl1npc and her level8.cre file had a bow in the second hand equiped instead of the basic +1 sword. (switched her to bow prof for reasons) - changed the script (g#tfcut1.baf) from/to DisplayStringHead("G#Tyris",~"What the...?"~) EquipMostDamagingMelee() SmallWait(1) Attack("G#TFSkeleton1") ActionOverride("G#TFSkeleton1",Attack("G#Tyris")) ActionO
  2. Cause the patch interrupted my last try/run in BG2:EE,plus I was further drawn to other stuff and so on ^^ Was bored again and now with patch 2.5 and IRR / SRR (1.0.11) + SCS and am having a blast! Your item changes are so much fun and re-introduce new cool stuff.... some minor thingies/ideas and possibly some weird text, cause my mind jumps for a bit...err yeah. - Overall the ranged weapon changes are awesome, while some would probably argue to reduce a bow's ApR down to 1.5, I think and experience (!) that it's well suited. (crit on a 18-20 .. yeah!) - Pixie-thrower of burning
  3. Sunray's (sppr707.spl) secondary effect, to destroy certain Undead, is set to a +2 saving throw instead.
  4. Damn! That's quite an argument and I am just speechless... If I go for the Irenicus Example Hell 1/2 the success just depended on being able to cast time-stop or not ^^ (depends, if my mage(s) were targeted or not) But you are right, the amount of spells in that case alone, should make a caster go fizzle or being unable to cast stuff for quite a long time, since the mind is completely smashed.
  5. If all else fails, thief's Detect illusion skill bypasses SI:Div, making the wizard targetable. Another option is ADHW (unless he's protected from Magic Energy), and cloud-type spells. Of course, if he Gates in 3 modded Pit Fiends and given you don't want to cheese them out but fight them, I'd say you're dead. SInce I was discussing it this with the very author of the mod: http://i800.photobucket.com/albums/yy284/valky667/gnaaaa/init_overkill_zpsdc37eb02.jpg~original This is what happens, if I don't do a thing. I know this is an ultimate worst-scenario-case-mod and doesn't seem
  6. Ha, forgot to add liches My current nearly mindless performed action: hammer timestop -> hammer imp. alac. -> Spellstrike -> pierce shield -> cast other useless spells, just to get the most of the timestop -> once timestop is done, feel satisfied, to have xyz enemy gone for good within 1-2 seconds (currently Keldorn is casting true sight - just in case ^^) Within the time stop, the AoE component hits all the time and thanks to the AoE it always strips them naked. I know, it might be hard to balance, and without the AoE stuff, enemies with Imp. Invis/prot Divination will b
  7. As I recall, they already act pretty hostile, the melee classes at least. However, it would be nice to assign the custom script to charmed character according to his class, so warrior could fight in melee (It's the default behavior for the enemy-charmed characters, isn't it ?), rogue backstab, mage cast some spells available to him and so on. I wouldn't recommend to disable control of charmed creatures, that's for sure. I'd differ between Monster/Humanoid and if you are able to communicate with your charmed whatever thingie. That'd be also in unison with the good ol' 2nd Edition....
  8. To correct myself then: enemies, where it matters to have a weird & insane high or negative AC are usually evil. I know there are a lot of exceptions, but those matter in terms of different protections, ie. friggin' caster.
  9. The base AC, i.e. not counting bonuses not appearing in the inventory page, is limited to -20 + DEX bonus + single weapon style, i.e. -26 is usually as much as you can get, any more would be wasted away by the engine. In other words, there is not much difference whether Barkskin grants +4 or +5. Aaah, I completely forgot about this and you'r right *whistle* Though there are 3 exceptions, as they did get applied on the opponents' to-hit roll and not on the visible AC: -2 prot/evil as mentioned -4 imp invisibility -x special armor modifier against pierc/slash/crush attacks So it's p
  10. I agree partially...like I said, for a vanilla game +4 'natural' is a sick boost to the AC. But for a more recent example (yesterday *g*) with the SCSII boosted Demogorgon fight: If my math is right, he comes close to -19 Thac0 (!) [base: -8, STR +7, weapon +4] so any tiny boost to ones AC makes a very huge difference. Mazzy had something like -26 AC IIRC (forgot to cast def. harmony...and with the 'old' Barkskin) including the attack penalty from prot evil. (+some funny items from weimars i-upgrade) So he was punishing her for quite a bit and roughly all the time and without Hardiness it wo
  11. Only some minor thoughts about Barkskin & Prot from Evil...despite that I seriously am in love with the mod Barkskin: While I really welcome the change done to reflect the real 'natural armor' behaviour, I don't get it, why it stops to advance to +5 at level 12 as it is supposed to. Doesn't really matter in a vanilla game with prolly only tweaks/fixpack but accidentally makes a huge difference in stuff like SCSII. Changed mine to reflect it in my game though.... (Demogorgon didn't care about Mazzy's ~ -27 AC anyway and continued to hit her like friggin' truck *d00h*) Prot/Evil: N
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