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  1. Found one more thing. Eagle Bow is actually set to apply strength bonus to thac0 and damage.
  2. Hey, found a few issues. Firstly the Werebane +2 dagger dagg09b.itm when using its ability to switch to melee form the item that is set to be removed is dagg09 instead of dagg09b. This causes the dagger to be multiplied. Also the lore value of the dagger is not set to 0 which causes it to become unidentified when switching from melee -> ranged form. The cloak of the wolf is set to polymorph the character who uses it into wolfwe02.cre. This is probably fine in BG2, but BGEE doesn´t have that .cre file which causes the game to crash.
  3. I'd change the Sol's searing orb description something like this if it's still a 3 round duration. "When the spell is completed, it creates a glowing gem. This gem must be thrown at an opponent within 3 rounds, or it will become too hot to hold."
  4. Speaking about enemy mages: Stoneskin won't help vs. elemental damage + it is stripped away quite fast; Mirror Images don't last long too + they can be dispelled by true sight; Invisibility doesn't protect well enough against melee attacks (and is dispelled by anti illusion too). So, enemy mage without PFMW-like buff is as good as dead - he'll always have an improved hasted fighter or two swinging at him. And I've explained in previous post why do I think different levels of PFMW that differ only by +X enchantment is not a good mechanic. And a mage with stoneskin and mirror image withou
  5. You should give those drow shops some guards then imo and make them impossible to steal from like the adventurer's mart. Right now they're all easily stealable and I seriously don't think a drow out of all beings on Toril would be gullible enough to trust his fellow citizens let alone foreign visitors not to steal from him if given the chance. As it is all equipment put on those drow are essentially free if you have a party member with pickpocket.
  6. Don't forget Iron Golems and Adamantite Golems, one of which guards the axe in the keep. It's just kinda annoying, is all. To get to the Axe of Unyielding, you have to fight trough a bunch of high level demons, who require the axe to hit. I'd rather remove the axe from the minotaur, add it in the drow shop in Ust'Natha, remove the Psion's Blade from the drow shop and add it to the Githyanki Captain in the same floor as the minotaur. Kind of makes sense imo.
  7. Any chance you could be convinced to change the De'Arnise axe to +3 or add a +3 axe somewhere later in the game? Axes and morningstars are the only weapon classes where when you have completed all SoA content you likely won't have a weapon above an enchantment of +2. Even katanas are easier to find, at least you can get Celestial Fury before moving on to ToB content. Azureedge requires either being a paladin or 20 reputation, which isn't very probable if you decide to include Korgan in the party.
  8. Vitriolic Sphere is pretty much an Orb of Acid already, isn't it? Nah, in 3rd ed Vitriolic Sphere is more like an improved damage aoe Melf's Acid Arrow, especially the version from Spell Compendium (6d6 damage, reflex save for half, if save is failed 6d6 damage next two turns, otherwise only thing that happens is the initial 3d6 damage). The IWD version however is mostly single target however which is why I wanted an edited version of it as a single target 5th level spell to close that gap. Orb of Acid is a direct damage spell instead: a 1d6 damage/lvl(max 10d6) single target ranged touch
  9. Doesn't IWD2 have a Mordenkainen's Force Missile animation? Any chance you could use that? http://www.planetbal...rcemissiles.jpg
  10. I think the 5d6 to secondary target damage is applied to the main target as well making it 50% stronger than 2x MM in a sequencer. Edit: or not when I read it more carefully, have misread it all this time...
  11. By the way: FORCE MISSILES Doesn't seem that OP to me if it would be implemented this way. One bolt/4 levels with each bolt hitting for 2d6 points of force damage + 1d6 damage in aoe around the target (probably around the same area as flamestrike in BG). To reach 15d6 damage the caster would have to reach level 20. From 3.5 spell compendium.
  12. Vitriolic Sphere I guess Mordenkainen's Force Missiles could fill the slot of 4th level single target damage, if it's relatively AI friendly. Otherwise you could also take a look at the Orb of "insert damage type here" line of spells from 3rd edition. They are quite boring but stable spell choices. Non-conjured summons I was referring to the previous post by Urdjur, but I probably didn't think that line through very well. Illusionary summons are fine because they are not really summons but illusions that trick the opponent into thinking its hurt when it really isn't placebo sty
  13. Having read through this thread I agree with most in the initial post but would like to add Beltyn's burning blood as a 4th level spell for consideration and add the proposal for Vitriolic Sphere be set as 5th level as it is in 3rd ed to better spread single target offensive magic out in the spell levels. Also making the snowball spell party friendly with a lower damage would be a lot better than having it not party friendly with higher damage for the sole reason that it would make it usable by the ai, which is the same reason I want to spread more single target damage spells around. Altho
  14. Request: Any chance you could introduce SR versions of the Iwdification spells Beltyn's Burning Blood and Vitriolic Sphere? If possible it would also be nice if Vitriolic Sphere was made 5th level like in 3rd ed instead of 4th as in IWD. The reason for this request is that with SCS installed enemy mages are too focused on defense and simply don't have a lot of offensive magic memorized, a large part of this is the fact that there are no party safe 4th and 5th level damage spells even with SR installed. Including these spells and having them be used by the SCS AI would make enemy mages a l
  15. In my v7 install the Shadow's got the immune1.itm in a quickslot, making it non-effective. If it works now then that's a bugfix.
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