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  1. I adore this mod and loved it on my previous tutu install, and am overjoyed that it is ready for EE. I understand this is likely user error and not a bug, But I am frusterated and not seeing my error. I am trying to install on EE and keep getting and error at then end for the required modifications. " stopping instalation because of error" also I can not seem to get the bug file to link here. Any help would be appreciated
  2. I simply adore Gavin, I first installed him in BG2 choosing the committed path. I loved the character so much we re-installed BG1 and BGT so I could get the whole story Gavin is a wonderful addition to the game. I am uncertain if this is a BGT problem or if I have a corrupted file or a bug. I am having major script problems: Gavins’ dialogue sets to ”multig.dlg” after seeing the spiders ( they scared the script out of him ) it was a dialogue loop “ why do you waste my time with senseless banter” My amazing spouse repaired this by playing with your script Global(“B!GavinsawSpider”,”GLOBAL”,1) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetDialouge(“b!Gavinj) SetGlobal(“B!GavinSawSpider”,”GLOBAL”,2) END This fixed the dialogue loop, but he still reverts to “multig.dlg” when loading a saved game, or if he goes to the temple to get his quest rejoins the party. Also, sadly this maybe affecting the romance path, she has meet all of his stat requirements & now has a 20 REP, but alas no love talks past him staring at her, & and about to say something but forgets what he is going to say. All of his quests have been completed but no camping talks, no drunken banters, ect. He will occasionally, but briefly hold her hand or blush if she touches his face, but nothing more. She does chat him up every chance she gets, but alas she still has the standard 1st flirts as well. Any suggestions on how this can be fixed? I do not want to give up because he was so awesome in BG2. Sincerely, Notabarbiegirl
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