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  1. London, May 29th-June 1st !!!
  2. Ha, Frankenstein and liquid candy. Did you actually get to see the big man dance this time?
  3. Urborg Vengrath: In general, do you enjoy dancing? Inara: Yes, quite. I find it can be a most exhilirating pasttime, if you have an able partner. And none of this drunken stomping about nonsense, though I am guilty of enjoying that every once and again. But skilled dancing to good music... (Inara smiles as though envisioning such a moment.)
  4. Opalescence: Aww, lil Inara's afraid of the dar... *ducks a dagger thrown his way* Hey! M'favorite jacket! Before you decide to chuck more pointy sharp things at me, I'll go. But before I do, one question: why aren't you more cheerful? Your sister seems a lot... happier. Did something really bad happen to you are do you just feel you're supposed to be the mature one or something? Inara: Cheerful? Rubbish, I'm perfectly cheer...well, perhaps that's not the right word. Too much like giddy... or something similiarly annoying. But no, I enjoy a good time as any other. As for bad experiences, we all have our pasts, do we not? And I act as I think best for each situation. But...you would say I am mature? (Inara smiles widely as though amused.) Keli would love to hear that.
  5. Lily Livered Lurking Lurker of Lurkdom: So Inara, aside from the great tentacle beasts that will arise to devour us all when the stars are in alignment, is there anything you are truly afraid of. Inara: Inara blinks, her eyes lighting for a moment. Tentacle... You're not from the Cage, are you? She smiles and shakes her head. Afraid of? What do you take me for? I spent my childhood playing hide and seek with creatures the people around here would faint dead away to even see. There is a playful tone to her boast. I fear very little, cutter...but...I will admit that I'm not very fond of dark places.
  6. Rastor: Does this mean that I have a chance? Inara: Inara's nose wrinkles in annoyance, though her lips twitch in an amused smirk. You are incorrigible. I have a sister who might appreciate such persistence. She pauses to consider something. If you like, I could help you get on her good side... She's the romantic type, for instance. Something like serenades are a fair bet with her. At night, in the morning...dinnertime...mass. And she may act shy, but she loves a man who's not afraid to be bold. Try grabbing her bum sometime. I promise you won't be disappointed.
  7. 29/11/04 I've also got about four NPC banters, a PC-Inara banter and a few flirts done. There are one or two PC-initiated talks as well that come after some of the regular LTs - if you ask her.
  8. Saddam Smelly: You dishing me? I'll sauce you out, girl. Inara: Inara seems confused for a moment, then shakes her head. I'll assume you took offense... And no need. You just struck me as the sort to be a bit high-strung.
  9. Neminus: Inara, do you often have problems with simpletons who try to get into your pants while using lousy pickup lines ? Or none at all ? Hmm... Actually, I think the answer is obvious... Inara: Ha! You'd be hard pressed to find a woman who hangs out in taverns much as I who doesn't. Inara shrugs.
  10. *wonders if she missed the point or not* Inara: Inara laughs. It is not I who has missed the point, pet. You're not being exceptionally subtle. Perhaps if I were drunk I would find your form of advances charming. Rastor: Why not? Inara: My drink is for enjoyment. I've never needed to trade favors for it. I can pretend I will, if you like. [ooc: Sorry, Rastor! She's rather snippy sometimes. ]
  11. Rastor: Do you find Loke annoying? Inara: Not especially. Rastor: Any chance of "enjoying" your company? Inara: Inara raises an eyebrow. Are you insinuating you aren't already? She smiles. Yes. There's always a chance.
  12. Loke: What annoys you the most? (apart from your sister ) Inara: I'm not easily annoyed... But there are some things I do not care for. Unwarranted hostility, perhaps a universal annoyance. Infatuation, as I've had some lovers make a nuisance for me in the past. And I'm not particularly fond of being underground. There are surely other things.
  13. Saddam Smelly: Do you hate moths? I HATE moths! Inara: I suspect you may find many things to grate your nerves...
  14. Rastor: *holds out a full keg of ale* If I gave you this, would that be enough to play with your tail? Inara: As much as I can enjoy my ale, it doesn't appeal to me very much in this particular situation.
  15. OOC: I shall resist the infantile urge to quote Monty Python. ... >_< Mongoose: Do you like Spam? Inara: I... What? Inara looks around as if she thinks you might have been addressing someone else.
  16. Rastor: Are you more... uninhibited than your sister? Inara: Have you met my sister?
  17. Loké: (gives you an innocent look) I was thinking of you using it like a third arm and holding a shield or the like... whatcha think I meant? Inara: She laughs lightly. I doubt my tail is any good for holding up armor. Now, I'm sure we have more important matters to discuss aside from what my various appendages are capable of.
  18. You have a keen and insightful mind mi'lady, if I may say so. I'll rephrase my darkness question. MrEnnigma: You are granted the power to create a utopian muti-verse where there is no pain, no sorrow, and "evil" does not exist. Do you do it or do you feel to truly appreciate and experience the "light" one has to know of (or be known by) the "dark"? Inara: A utopian... That's an odd question. Inara ponders on it a moment, then grins faintly. No. I don't think I would. MrEnnigma: Would someone usually call you "cold and detached" or "warm and impassioned"? Inara: Oh, you see... I think that depends on who you ask and when you ask them. My sister, for example, would call me "annoying." But that is how I prefer it. Inara winks. Or any other line of work for that matter. Though it does provide excellent tavern amusement. Java is, indeed, that black concoction (though I prefer a little cream and sugar in mine). I believe it is called "coffee" in the Realms. Perhaps that term is more familiar to you? My apologies if my pain question hit a nerve. Perhaps we can discuss it further over that cup you offered. Inara: Certainly. I have some extra time to spend. And don't worry, pet. There is no question you could ask that would cause me grief.
  19. Got mine the other day. Alas, my scanner is melting in a storage house 3 hours south of me. Thank you for the lovely picture of the royal family. Did you buy it at the same stand as the punks postcard?
  20. Me mum'll keep mine until I get back for it. Hope you all were gentlemanly in your choice of greeting.
  21. Loké: Probably alot. Inara: Inara smiles wryly.
  22. Rastor: Exactly what *can* you do with that tail of yours? Inara: I think the better question is, what can't I do with it. Inara smiles mischeviously, then catches your gaze with a knowing look. But don't ask it.
  23. Pekka: Have you ever met a strange scarred man who doesn't remember his real name? Inara: Oh, yes, every now and then. Occasionally the fellows at the taverns get a bit too drunk as to be incoherent, and more than once they've not recalled their names when I asked. Or at least, they weren't right enough in the head to respond. And there are of course the characters who don't care to give up their name to me... Work, you know. As for a scarred someone who truly has no idea of their background... I don't think I've met one. Pekka: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (A rather perplexing question I've often struggled with.) Inara: Inara raises an eyebrow at you and smirks mildly.
  24. MrEnnigma: Do you think it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Inara: I think there is no other way to live life. I know of few things that have permanency, or that are forever reliable. But that's the intrigue of this world, and it's annoyance. Life, people, the way of the world changes with time. So it's not that it's better to have loved and lost, as you say... It is how things are. Live and enjoy it or not, I say. MrEnnigma: If you had the power to banish all pain and darkness in the world would you or do you feel there cannot be joy and light without their counterparts? Inara: And what shall I banish then? What is this pain and darkness you speak of, specifically? Something abstract, like evil intent? Or perhaps that mind-addling drug, alcohol? I could destroy the grain that creates it, or the people who make and sell it... But that's far too much effort to figure out exactly what deserves my wrath. Find me some specifics on this pain and darkness you speak of, and I'll see if I care for them or not. MrEnnigma: If you could change a painful moment in your past would you or would you accept its contribution to who you are now? Inara: I... would welcome an opportunity for second chances, in some instances. MrEnnigma: Do you express your pain or do you bury it? Inara: Inara exhales slowly, seeming amused and slightly annoyed at once. Whatever I feel like at the time, I think. So a bit of both. MrEnnigma: Could you have a good time with someone who doesn't drink? I, myself, prefer this wonderful beverage called java. Supposedly it can cure one under the influence of too much drink though I have yet to verify that quality. Excellent stuff nontheless. Inara: Of course. I drink only when I'm in the mood for it. It's not the best decision, to be constantly out of sorts in my line of work. So what is this java? That black concoction with the pleasant aroma? It's been a while since I've had a cup. I recall it not doing much for my head after a night out, but I doubt that's the java's fault more than my own. *Wink* Join me for one.
  25. Briannandoah: Where have you got your name from? Does it mean anything special? Inara: I chose this name when I came to the prime. It doesn't mean anything special that I know of, aside from being my name. I prefer it that way.
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