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  1. Yes, my partial success with updating this on my own ended also here. This is above my skills too. But I'm fairly sure it can be done, just preferably with someone that has deep understanding of regexp.
  2. Yes, I was thinking exactly like that. Well, I thought rather that EE descriptions could be installed as an optional component, if you don't want it to be default for EE games, but an .ini option would be fine too (providing the instructions how to change it will be simple enough for me to understand ) Anyway, here is an example of what I've had in mind: IR(R) description EE-stylised IR(R) description What I like in IR descriptions are the small flavour touches, like the name of the ability, i.e: – Mithral: +1 bonus to Armor Class instead of simply – +1 bonus to Armor Class I very much like to preserve those little things. As I've said, I can prepare EE style descriptions, the only concern for me is IR correctly patch these descriptions for Revised armors and weapons components. Obviously I don't know a thing about WeiDU coding or regexp, but I just feel the original IR code can be adjusted to catch also EE descriptions, it just needs someone who actually understands it to expand its boundaries.
  3. I'll wait eagerly for the news, thanks for looking into it! I must say I lost hope there may be ever solution for this issue.
  4. Perfect example, thank you. Unmodded EE plus YARAS would be the optimal outcome for me, yes. Would it work like that also for modded items? Let's say from BG2EE to SoD Item Upgrade or Weimar's Item Upgrade? Does YARAS patch the descriptions or did you tailor all unmodded items by hand to match YARAS style?
  5. Ok, sorry I admit I haven't actually use YARAS yet. I know that IR components add some additional lines to item descriptions and have a patching code to correctly append those lines to any mod added item. Unfortunately this code does only recognize vanilla style variations of item descriptions. I updated item descriptions of IRR for my personal use, but IR patching code gave subpar results adding vanilla style lines (that comes from Revised armors and items components) to newly EE-style descriptions. If the only thing YARAS does is changing AC value in the item description, it should be OK. But I admit, I'm with Graion Dilach here. EE style armor descriptions split AC modifier vs different types of weapons (opposing to vanilla where you have just one value). I haven't quite catch your point about the Armor itself losing those modifiers. Could you please elaborate a bit?
  6. Thanks for sharing this, subtledoctor. Do you plan to update this fork further? If yes, then I know that I may sound like a broken record, but is there a chance to add EE-style item descriptions for EE games? This would allow me to actually play IR. I can even prepare such descriptions for you, not a problem. I cannot update WeiDU code to correctly patch those descriptions for Revised Armors and Items components, though. It's far beyond my skills
  7. Doc, wait a minute. If you tell me YARAS does currently also take into account IR(R) item description template, you may solve my issue with me not been able to update those regexp functions of IR Armor and Item Upgrade components, to play nicely with EE's.
  8. Yup, I have no plans of adding mod categorization or any category lists. I don't want to jump into this rabbit hole. Those lists always meant to be just that... a simple mod repository, where one can find the mod, and be directed to the download page, the site and the forum. My request for volunteers to maintain the English version of those lists stands, though.
  9. @DavidWdo you plan to drop 34.2 in case you've got the missing .tra files translated?
  10. Thanks for your kind words. The idea was to make the list easier to use for English speaker, since frok what I see it's used not only by Polish players, but from what I understand it's not that hard to navigate, and there is no real demand for it.
  11. Anyway, whoever will decide to be a maintainer of Vlad's mods will have a perfect job... like watching out a beautiful, sunny isle for 50k bucks per month. After all, all his mods are bug-free! Joking aside, I would not mind being able to try Tortured Souls on EE at all.
  12. I put this in my notes, thanks. Next install, I'll probably go with DragonspearUI++ since it's maintained by other modder now, while Pecca is working on the next version. But now that I think of it, my brain would probably tell me to put UI late in the install order, so it's possible that was entirely my bright idea.
  13. I would definitely not install UI mod before SCS. I know very well, SCS comes late, like really late But I remember at least testing the UI in game, and it was working fine. I even reported some issues to lefreut and Subtledoctor (regarding I think Identify spell from TnB) which were fixed. Kill me, but I don't remember now what was the reason behind putting it late.
  14. Uh, honestly I don't remember, but you're the second person asking me about it. I would need to re-read the entire thread of mine to remind myself about my reasoning. But there is probably a reason I've done that.
  15. I plan to revisit my EET installation at some point, but it would definitely be more modest. I put far too many gameplay changes there. For someone who played the game so long ago that barely remembers the details, I tried to steer away from vanilla feeling way too much. I also tend to install too many kit mods. I need to decide which kit I want to play and install just the necessary mods. But sometimes I can't help myself.
  16. I agree with this. Look at new Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, where there a Mythic Paths and one of those Paths is the Lich path. They have made it a central game mechanics which is integral part of the game design and not something that was added on top, because it would be fun. That way we are sure it makes sense, it fits to the game. Having a lichdom in IE games as much as appealing it may sound, is not a natural fit. It will always stand out, how much depends if the implementation.
  17. Basically it's translate like this: * Pobierz - direct download link (in some cases (i.e SHS or Weasel) you need to actually click Download again on the download page. In case of other sites, it should be direct download link. Github links download always the latest release or master, if there are no releases. * PL - it tells if mod was translated to Polish or not * Strona - it leads to mod site. * Forum - self explanatory As for the color coding: * Gold - Mod is compatible with EET (either natively or by installing it prior to EET). * White - mod is compatible with BGEE and SoD (for BGEE modlist) or BG2EE (for BG2EE modlist), but not with EET. * Brown - mod is compatible only with BGEE (but not with SoD or EET). And that's all that needs to be known.
  18. There is an idea of adding English version of those lists, but for that I would need a help of some volunteer, because I'd have no time to maintain all 4 lists. The site maintainer is ready to give all support needed. The basic change would be to add all available languages (instead of only Polish) along with info regarding the authors of each translation. If anyone is interested to help mantaining English version on the lists, ping me vis PM here, or on the Discord.
  19. Ah, sorry I thought you mean my install order list in one of the topics here at G3. Just to be clear, you won't find any of Roxanne's mod on those lists, for obvious reasons.
  20. Actually, there is something. I'm mantaining the list of BGEE and BG2EE mods on the Polish site, Children of Bhaal. BGEE + SoD modlist BG2EE modlist The site is in Polish, but it should be fairly easy to follow. Protip - mods colored Gold are EET compatible.
  21. Also what I would add to DavidW's post, is that probably instead trying to build a perfect install order for all mods available, it would be good to build a few (or more) smaller, thematically consistent modlists, that players could plug in from the get go. I. e "Lava's mods" with most of the mods from our beloved Lava, or "Vanilla expanded" with mainly the most basic must-have mods that expand vanilla experience, or "The prime of megamods" with all megamods to expand the world. Something like that. I know from experience, that throwing all mods into the cauldron doesn't work.
  22. Also, doing a leg work (e.g asking people about mod order, reading read mies) is not a bad think. I was doing exactly that when I bulit my EET setup which led to: 1. Finding, reporting and in result fixing by mod authors a couple of bugs an compatibility issues that my setup triggered. 2. Improving few mods based on my initial feedback. 3. Me learning a lot of stuff about the mods I planned to install, which I probably wouldn't learn if I have not put an effort to do all this. In the end I did not regret every minute of those 3 or so weeks of poking different modders about stuff (although, I'm not entirely sure if all those modders were equally happy about me poking them).
  23. I confirm, it works like a charm with Ina NPC.
  24. I'll definitely revisit my mod list when the time will finally come to play EET. I think it will be closer to vanilla experience. I put too much gameplay change stuff in my first take.
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