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  1. Stop working, hate reinstalling!! Just kidding, awesome job as always.
  2. I got a bug in v26 of SCS, I suppose this versión is affected aswell. When I get ambushed by dogs, they are neutral to me (blue circle).
  3. Amazing job DavidW, finally a non-beta versión. Now I can really enjoy BGEE.
  4. I tested going to that shop in version 1.2 with no problems. After installing scsv24 and started a new game, went to that shop and the game crashes. Im almost sure it was because scs...
  5. My game ALWAYS crashes when I scroll down in the Thunder Hammer Smithy shop in Breregost. SCS v24 BGEE v1.2
  6. Hello, I'm having this error when fighting Firkraag. The game closes and sometimes it shows up this error: I have got the SCSII version 21 installed. Any way to fix this? Thanks
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