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  1. Thx for the reply guys. @ericp07 i use the same install aproach. making ziped full install packs after each addon. what i listed up works good with out any crashes. If i manage to add more content and make it stable ill let u know.
  2. Greetings good ppl & fellow players. Me & my friends play BG2 long time. Took a pause for a few years and now were back. It was nice to get extra content out in the pause period and thats where the questions come from. Btw we played all of the similar game BG, IWD, etc but BG2 is n0.1 and were sticking to that. It is vary simple. Put as much content in 1 install. So far we made this and tested it. All is compatible and works good. No bugs. Sometimes game crashes when u run arround invisible to areas u didnt previously explored and which contain key game elements. Its better that way anyway. This is the install order and list: -BG2: SoA -BG2: ToB -BG2: ToB oficial patch -bg2fixpack-v9 WeiDU - bp-bgt-worldmap-v901 - huge map -TDD v1.14 - all kits used, any other kits in other mods are not used -Weimer-Valen-v45 -Weimer-TacticsMod-v25 without Improved Small Teeth Pass -Weimer-Underrep-v6 -Weimer-SolaufeinMod-v103 -Ascension-WeiDU-v1.4.24 -LongerRoad_v1.5.1 -Weimer-ItemUpgrade-v38 -bg2_tweaks-v10 Thats it so far. Problem is NOT ENOUGHT CONTENT. If anyone knows any other mod that can be added to the list above and its install order we would much aprreciate it. Please keep in mind 2 things before giving advice: 1. CONTENT (the more added the better) 2. STABILITY (whats the point of having content if u cant play with it) Thx every1 for sugestions.
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