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  1. He's obviously referring to the EE since it's when the NWN section opened up on the BD forums. Are you being deliberately obtuse?
  2. This is exactly how Baronius used to frame his actions at BWL. "We aren't like the others, we have standards!" Only difference is that good old B would also add "stupid Americans can't understand how us superior Eastern Europeans do things".
  3. I agree. Even when he was a normal member Julius approach to discussions was clearly "let's never say anything bad about anything". It appears to me he approaches moderation the same way. This is just sweeping problems under the rug though and the end result is that the Beamdog forums feel like a "happiness is mandatory, SMILE everyone!" kind of place. Most threads are dominated by the same 5-6 people patting each other's backs. You can't browse any older thread without being welcomed by dozens of ugly red "user banned, move along citizen" avatars. I have no doubt it entirely stems from good intentions (making the forums feel friendly) but it's all so counterproductive.
  4. this thread reminds me of that time dorotea banned jcompton and it makes me feel old
  5. Wait, you mean Dynaheir wasn't supposed to turn on me at all? Her dialogue made it sound like it was normal...
  6. Yeah when she's almost dead she tries to bargain information about Sarevok in exchange for letting her go. Now that I think about it, I never actually picked the option to accept so I don't even know if she's bluffing or not.
  7. Recently replayed Tutu (using this mod for the first time) and noticed an oversight: when I refused Cythandria's surrender, Dynaheir turned on me. So far so good, seems in-character for her. But Minsc stayed on my side, leading to the hilarious spectacle of him chunking his own witch and then shouting "Dynaheir! Noooooo!" Admittedly it worked to my advantage but I somehow doubt it was intentional. e: whoever wrote Xzar's dialogue must have been drunk
  8. Used the old v21 for a long time and recently switched to v28 and noticed some strange things when "Better calls for help" is installed which weren't here before. Basically, it seems that enemies all over the map just teleport to the player when I switch areas. For instance, in Firkraag's lair, there is a secret room with a bunch of golems. For this particular run, I never opened the door leading to them and didn't even dispel the illusionary wall. But when I switched areas to Firkraag himself, the adamantite golem (which is too big to leave the secret room even if it was open) suddently spawned in front of me. Tried on a clean install (non-EE) to make sure it wasn't another mod. And yes it only happens with "Better calls for help". Now it's not *that* bothersome, but I don't think it was supposed to happen.
  9. Noticed something in my latest run in the Cernd/Faldorn cutscene: In the event Cernd doesn't manage to disrupt her casting and her Improved Invisibility actually goes off, she just does nothing. She waits for the duration to run out and then tries to cast it again. Rinse and repeat until she has no II left at all. Made me laugh a bit, considering she's supposed to enjoy battle xD
  10. To beat Improved Faldorn with Cernd, I just cast Harm. Note that I always install the component making the spell deal 150 damage instead of HP reduction to 1 so it may be harder without it. Funnily enough, if you ask Cernd to fight Faldorn without him being in the party, he absolutely slaughters her in his werewolf form without breaking a sweat. Apparently there are multiple copies of Faldorn and only the one you fight yourself is improved.
  11. A possibility. In any case, mages always seem to prioritize defensive spells over everything else and I tend to kill them as soon as possible before they become too much of a pain. I guess if the pre-buffing components are enabled, they have a better window of opportunity to actually attack. I find pre-buffing more annoying than hard though, so I don't really use it. Ah well, by reading the lists, their spellbook is in reality quite varied, so I'm fine with it.
  12. Okay, thank you. It's more of an experimental thing anyways. Still it's interesting. I notice several spells listed (like Chain Lightning or Cone of Cold) in the lists but yet I've never seen any mage casting them in a total of 3-4 playthroughs with the mod. Maybe I just got unlucky.
  13. Is there a way to randomize a little more the enemy mages' spell selection? I played BG2 with SCSII several times now, and while it's definitely one my favorites mods, battles with mages tend to feel a bit repetitive. By that, I mean there are various spells we simply never see being used because they favor an optimal selection all the time.I'm not particularly aiming to make the game harder at the moment, I just want to see a bit more variety in their spell choices. I guess I could just edit all the mages enemies after SCSII is installed, but isn't there a way to do it before the installation?
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