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  1. Sorcerer would be a cute class, yiss, thankies ^_^ Hmm... ;_; A reason to travel with CHARNAME! Well, umm... travelling with eggs sounds a bit scary, yiss, umm... but it can be done! Hmm ;_; And umm, also to smack the Drow And... Not knowsy, yow ^_^ Hopefully there's a reason, yiss Eh ;_; Yowww Well Then Hmm
  2. Not something I'm doing, more like a mod request, or idea. ^_^ It would be sooooo fun! Adalon is nice! ! And cute! ! And like, Adalon and CHARNAME could umm... talk, and huggle, and meow She has an Elven form, you see. And... she and CHARNAME could raise her little hatchlings! At least, an Elven CHARNAME could... Yiss! Anyone?
  3. Gospel

    This Is Odd

    Sperm Whale explodes on street? Not find very amusing, mrowr
  4. He doesn't commit crimes against humanity, but he does against horses. Grrr.
  5. Happy Birthday missus Bri, woof. Oh, yow... my computery says February 2, umm... huh Sowwy, but again, happy latesy Birthday
  6. Edit: Ohhhhh, Yeti fur Uhmmm, okey I guess that's fine, since you can wear badbad Dragonscales Edit 2: Whoops!!!! Sheepskin AND Yeti fur, gee, I should read more Anyway, no sheepskin please I like sheep And still, of course, would like a white or red ribbon ^_^ Poor sheep
  7. Mastyhead, whirrr... favorite favorite
  8. Gospel


    I would likey cute things, meow. Hmm... staring into each other's eyes-ness, how sweet! And umm, maybe maybe... lots of talkings? Talking is nicey. Would there be vegetarian stuff, rrr? And could you have milk instead of beer or winey and such? Wow wow.
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