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  1. Amber works fine in ToB as well as her custom script. She just doesn't have any dialogues.
  2. How about a sample banter as a Christmas present?
  3. I guess I should say "Hi" as well
  4. RL is always top priority. Take your time, you deserve it
  5. It's part Ease-Of-Use. Shortened cutscenes&dreams
  6. Undertaker

    Vacation notice

    Very cool pictures Makes me wanna go on vacations.
  7. Undertaker

    Vacation notice

    Have a great time
  8. Happy Birthday And good luck with Amber
  9. Undertaker


    Slowly, but it's still going. Darios has been working on the music and I've writing some of the additional content requests. I hope to get some more writing done tomorrow as it's a national holiday and I can't go to school. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Better slow then no progress at all Keep up the great work
  10. Undertaker


    Ah, the nagging thread How's progress on Amber going ?
  11. Undertaker

    release date

    Maybe even earlier I just can't wait to play Amber again (this time with voicing and without need of serious bug hunting I hope all bugs are now ) Keep up the great work
  12. Undertaker


    And have you any actress for Amber herself?
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