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  1. Hope you're better! ❤️ I just wanted to mention I can also confirm that you don't need to necessarily start a new game if you have a save before leaving Irenicus' Little house of horrors. Calin will appear as intended after the cut scene. 

  2. Okay, quick update. So far so good. I've encountered a bunch of typos or punctuation errors but nothing game breaking. 

    Spoiler below:

    After drinking at the bar I decided to go upstairs with him. The auto rest happens, but then the next window to pop up is the Calin- Yes? With the response options 1. How are you? Etc. Smiling at him triggered: If you're up to something forget it. Which is an odd thing to say after you just spent the night together. Haha I'm guessing that isn't supposed to happen. The next timed talk is Do you have a moment? 

  3. Sorry, life got in the way. Going to try again now with my thinking cap on. I have 7 zip, does that work? Edit: The file seems to be missing from dropbox now but I found the file I initially downloaded and have it installed. Wish me luck :)


  4. I'll give him a go and can make some notes. :) Right after someone reminds me how to install things off dropbox. Sigh. 

  5. Does anyone still have a copy of the in progress Valen Shadowbreath mod for BG2 kicking around? I seem to have lost my files and since Petals and Thorns went down can no longer find it. You were able to pick him up during the Slaver quest and it had a flirt pack and romance track. It was just missing a few conversations towards the end and it could have been a sparse but completed mod. Thank you muchly!

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