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  1. Well if you're having trouble deciding I'm sure you could put it up to a vote which projects to work on first But I'm probably not alone in thinking that if we have to chose between limited content and it potentially never being completed, we'll take the limited content. Another berelinde romance would have been awesome of course, but I'm personally more into lusty humans than broody elves these days.
  2. Has his viability for ToB changed since that last post? I'm currently contemplating a complete uninstall/reinstall for a run with Aran so I'm planning my next party. Only going to install NPCs I actually plan to take along this round. That's a novel concept for me.
  3. Update: Cmorgan is winning Common BigRob, don't go down without a fight! Its been 10 years since your fist Aklon post, I think this is his big year!!
  4. Honestly if I hadn't actually taken time to read the read-me for RE for once, I would have never come across the Chanelle encounter at all. I initially didn't install any of the female encounters because I never play a male PC. So I was surprised that the Guard Captain only has a male/male encounter, but Chanelle is for both. And I was curious, so I loaded up an old save where I was romancing Gavin and happened to have Nalia's stronghold...
  5. No biggie for me, I just skipped the encounter. Just wanted to note it here in case it hadn't been logged yet.
  6. I'm sorry if this has already been brought up in previous posts. I just encountered the bug where instead of dialogue it keeps pulling up Gavin's PID. This happened when he tried to comment on Charname sleeping with Chanelle from RE. Had to exit out of the game and pull up a previous save to make it stop.
  7. I'm personally of the opinion that Aklon doesn't need to talk to the other NPCs, or have a quest.. Or a friendship track. Just get him coded and released . Heck, imagine all the time that could have been saved not romancing Aerie.... If Aklon chooses her over my poor little bhaalspawn I might have to send Aerie running into that spider den without any spells, and slap that collar right back on him. Wait, did I say that out loud? hehe Ooh, BigRob and cmorgan should race! No matter who finishes first, we win! Jokes aside, thanks for trekking along. We'll wait for as long as it takes.
  8. Good to know! As always, thank you thank you! I think I need to stay off the forum a few days, I'm making a pest of myself.
  9. I'm so glad I didn't take interest in this mod any sooner. I think the wait would have killed me by now. Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue.. *sigh* Just not one of mine!
  10. Question, and I apologize if this is not the place for it. Does installing the Romance Conflict portion install romance conflict type banters, or just the auto kill? 'Cause I can happily mulitromance and ignore the roleplay logic factor, but I'd consider installing romance conflict if it provides extra banter content. So many NPC mods, so little time...
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