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  1. It'll still be nice to get some insight into Delainy.
  2. Holiday weekends may be meant for rest, but most of the time it ends up being more along the lines of pulling overtime at work or playing target for the family's fiery darts. I'm glad you're still taking care of rl stuff.
  3. That's fine, you're working really hard so it's not like anyone is in a position to make demands of you. It's beyond great to see such a wonderful project underway, know it?
  4. Ah, the idea of a sample is very tantalizing!
  5. If I were clever I'd rewrite the Katamari Damacy main theme for Bri. On a roll! Reworking is to be expected with someone who wants to write quality material. With what little I've dabbled in creative writing, it always turns into draft after draft after draft. XD Is it not the best feeling in the world when you write something and say, "No, I'd better not touch it. This is good," though? Rare and precious moments!
  6. You have been busy, indeed! The Gorion/Masterwraith situation always struck me as one that would be challenging but really interesting to write around.
  7. You are endearingly humble, but I wish you wouldn't seem so down on yourself about time this and waiting that. I know it's probably way past too late for this sentiment, but I hate to think this feels more like a burden than an enjoyment for you. I know that feeling and it's awful. I fuss and I worry, so reward yourself somehow, won't you? Eat something tasty, do something fun.
  8. Bri, you wonderful person! I've been off the grid busy, but this is some great news! There will be drinks in your honor this night! Hope you're doing well besides!
  9. It's most pleasing to hear from you, Bri. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. I'd intended my words to be more of an underhanded compliment and pat on the back than something to goad apologies out of you. I'm trying to lessen my creeper/lurker status a bit, so work with me. Romances can't be easy to write, so take your time.
  11. I don't know much about the modding process, but it seems to me you've got a lot of material if you're clear into ToB with the dialogue. In terms of stairs, it's a long way down from here. You've gotten pretty far up there! How's the view?
  12. Is it getting dusty in here? Nevermind that, just another woodwork-dwelling lurker emerging to offer some kind words, maybe a chuckle or two. I think you should know our support most certainly is warranted and it goes beyond our NPC-lusting self-interest. Even the flakiest of us (a title I'm pretty sure belongs to me) would do anything in our power to help you through this. Some of us live in a world where the little things really aren't so little, what with the general lack of simple joy to be found in life. So much as a breath in this project's forums gives me something to be thankful, happy for. That's pretty valuable, you know it? Reading over that I realize it sounds a bit heavier than intended and I should tack a "no pressure" on the tail-end. No, really. You could toss us bones in the form of miniature progress reports for another few years and it'd be fine. It's just good to know there are others out there who care about and enjoy the same things. Those warm, fuzzy feelings shouldn't come at your expense, though. We sort of outnumber you and if we're not nailing you to the wall for imaginary time tables and whatnot, you shouldn't be raking yourself over the coals, either. Now that I've made a complete creeper of myself, I'm just going to slide back off into the shadows and continue to support quietly. Better to be thought a fool and remain silent than open your mouth and remove all doubt, hm?
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