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  1. I'm struggling with night lighting in my own 3d work. How do you handle it, Valiant? Not only the night sky, but the street lights and building lights. I find that my lights keep "leaking" through the walls of my buildings.
  2. I'm working on compiling some information for 3D modeling and Baldur's Gate. I'm opening it up to all the communities to contribute, if any are able! Even if you have a comment about my spelling or anything, feel free to contact me here or through the site's "Contact" link! I plan on redistributing the finished tutorials to the modding communities again, reformatting them for the forum setting. http://www.bhaalspawn.org/3d.html
  3. These areas are fantastic! By the way, what lighting setup do you use? I'm something of an amateur modeler myself and I can't seem to figure out good lighting.
  4. Afraid it's still not working. I've tried running as an administrator + compatibility with XP, then tried each separately with the same result of no voiceset sounds. If you don't have Vista, I imagine this probably won't get fixed. I wonder if other Vista users are having the same problems, or if it's just me.
  5. Vista. I'll tinker in the settings to see if I can find a fix.
  6. Alrighty, I'm not sure if it's just me or not, but it seems I can't play any of the character sounds or short ambient sounds. When editing soundsets for NPCs, it crashes outright, but when trying to find new sounds for ambients, the "stop" box pops up and quickly disappears again. I thought an older version used to be able to play these, but the new one seems to have troubles.
  7. Sorry for the guest posting, I finally remembered my password. Perhaps you could explain what's going on in the next screenshots too.. It has happened on other occasions as well, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong? Do I have too many vertices? I think there's 50. It has happened on other ones with fewer vertices, except it kind of did the opposite; it had a large area, but it cut away weird parts of it.
  8. what's wrong with bwl when i go to the site it says could not be found
  9. Hello, I am introducing a new forum/modding community called Ultima Studios. It has game discussiod, modding discussion, mods, the works. This site is hosted by Invision Free, since we are so small I need to wait till I can upgrade, and is powered by IPB v1.3. The URL is http://s12.invisionfree.com/Ultima_Studios/ (obviously you can see that by the domain name). I would be most gracious to get some members since we are so small. I am also known as evar on the forum. I thank you for you time reading this and hope I will see you posting. Thanks.
  10. just a quick question, got any progress?
  11. if you wanted combat play iwd!!!
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