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  1. A fairly significant known issue with the mod is my head and the time span of a decade without working on the mod. I simply don't remember how and why and when Amber works. There has been so much new mods and content that I have no idea how they might work together. In theory yes of course. But when it does not I might not be able to say why exactly, because I simply don't remember how things work anymore.

    Sorry about that;  in terms of IE modding consider me a in a similar situation as the Nameless One is in life in beginning of Torment. Minus the talking skull.  

    I've been running Amber on a vanilla install of EE and aside from a few non-fatal hitches she has taken the years very well.    


  2. There is a more extensive content report in ToB thread, but currently @Darios is slowly proofreading and editing text that I have written. We are crawling, but not dead I guess? :D 



  3. m#ambermatch is 4, which means that either the CHARNAME didn't meet the romance requirements or there was another romance in "serious" stage when the variable was checked. It's checked right after you start the game with the mod installed. (So that's before you first meet her.) It's been a long time, but if I remember correctly, it's also possible to get that result via dialogue options. But they should be crystal clear and it's unlikely to happen by accident.

    The good news is that the friendship track is fairly extensive too. You might consider playing that if you haven't already.

    The earrings baffle me. They should be a fixed, unremoveable item on her helmet slot. They should be there regardless if you give her her equipment back or not in the joining dialogue.   


  4. Don't worry about your English, it's perfectly fine. :)  

    Can you clarify which version of Amber mod are you using and did you download it from Gibberlings 3 or elsewhere? 

  5. That's of course entirely up to you. :) 

    If you have a save before got the Complete form #1567 from Brega you can send it to me for inspection or I can take a look at Brega's dialogue file (HABREGA) to see if any other mod is tempering with it, but you really should not have the Complete form #1567-item without the #MAmberRescue -global being set at the same time.    

    (Sorry. It's been a decade since I last debugged her so, I'm a little rusty. :) )

  6. I found the problem, though not the cause. 

    The quest variable #MAmberRescue is set to 1 in your save, ie the value it's supposed to be after the little boy and girl talk to CHARNAME about the supposed demon.  It should be 5 and it's set to it in the very same block of code that's gives you the item Complete form #1567. Frankly I have no Idea how that is possible, if the conversation with Brega took place as supposed.     


  7. Ok. Your papers seem to be in order. :) 

    I don’t think we have ever tested getting the form in early chapters and then holding on to it until later chapters. I really can’t say why it would make any difference. And it’s been so long that I can’t remeber how much she was tested with BGT

    I can’t access the mods files before weekend, so unless @Darios has some ideas I really am uncertain why you got stuck. 😕 


  8. 11 hours ago, K4thos said:

    if I understand correctly you're trying to filter script block to work on Player2 and only if the character is not NPC. If this is the case you can use following code since PC characters don't use DVs:

        RESPONSE #100
            //do something 


    Oh wow. 😳


    Is this something made possible by EE? Because I feel we tried so hard to solve this back in the day.  The massive dv check was the only reliable way, despite relying heavily on us updating it. 

  9. Thanks for interjection tips! :) 

    The thieflings should be pretty chatty in SoA too, but I really can't remember if some of those banters have specific conditions or not.

  10. For now I've been mapping out what we do have written for ToB. I've also tied up and finished writing bits here and there.

    This is what we have (very slight spoilers):

    12 talks for the P1/P2 romance and friendship tracks. Talks each have their own flavors and variations, depending on which of the three paths they are for. Two of them are partly unfinished and with one I'm not happy with at all; I might have to replace that entirely. 

    All dialogues for 2 (very small) quests have been written; one is an encounter based and the other is very, very small thing for romance only. The reward is a special click-talk dialogue option. 

    In the click talk menu you will have: 
    1. The option to ask her tell (even) more about herself; there will be 5 new topics of which 4 are mostly written. (P1/P2 romance and  friendship)
    2. Flirt with her. 7 new options for everyone, of which 5 have been written. In addition there are 9 options of which 1-3 are available depending on your character's class. 7 are written, 1 is half done and 1 is still missing.  (P1/P2 romances)
    3. Ask to resolve something that happened. This option will come up 3-4 times when something dramatic has happened. 2 of these are written, 1 is a complete mess and the 4th idea I only just came up with. (P1/P2 romance and  friendship)

    Banters: Imoen (2 + 2 with special conditions), Haer'Dalis (7 😳), Aerie (1 + 1 with special conditions), Viconia (2), Cernd (1), Krogan (1), Keldorn (1), Nalia (1), Edwin (1), Jan (1), Sarevok (1 + 1 with special conditions),  Mazzy (1), Jaheira (1). Valygar and Anomen have nothing.  Bonus round: Cespenar (4) while you're in the Pocket Plane. 

    Interjections: Fate Spirit and Master Wraith have bee written, but besides them I only have scraps. I'm planning to leave designing interjections for the alpha / beta testing. I have forgotten too much of the game to figure out good places for her to speak up. Tips on the subject are appreciated!

    Epilogues: a total of 10, all written, no worries here. 3 for P1 romance,  3 for P2 romance, 3 for friendship and 1 general, if none of the other conditions are met.

    As you can see compared to Amber's SoA content ToB will be a much more modest. But ToB isn't that big of a game either and it's rather linear too. 

    Next step for me is to finish the bits that have not been written and for Darios to edit and proofread (round 1) what I have written. This might take while longer.    


  11. On 9/12/2017 at 7:24 PM, Bidou said:

    Where does she go when we let her temporarily go?


    I thought it was in delosar inn but it's probably a wrong memory because I didn't find her there.

    Old question and late answer, but just in case anybody misplaces her in the future: when removed from party Amber goes to Five Flagons Inn.

  12. Hello!

    I know it's been a while (to put it mildly), but @Darios and I are tentatively looking into the possibility of Amber ToB. No promises of course. But we are alive and kicking.   

    On the positive note I had more writing done that I remembered. Much, much more. The flipside is that I remember next to nothing about anything. 😂

  13. I actually have a almost finished version of Aerie romance for Player 2 on lying my HD. I never got around to completely finishing it. IRC I was already testing it, so it should install correctly (or maybe not, I don't remember).


    I chose Aerie over Viconia and Jaheira because she talks endlessly about herself and only occasionally refers to her sweetheart as being bhaalspawn. That meant that there was minimal re-writing required.

  14. Just to clarify:


    If you have already killed everyone in the thieves guild Amber will go and find the bracelet herself. That's the way the guest is designed, so that you don't run into a dead end with her when you side with Bodhi.

  15. A crash like this has been encountered when you have a mod that alters ammunition stacks installed. I haven't quite been able to figure out why my bowmen (or possibly one of them) cause a mod-conflict like that. Although IRC it was a mod that lowered the ammunition stacking not increased it.


    Another possibility is that your variables are not correctly set because you clua-consoled the map. There is a letter that comes along with the map, although as far as I can remember the variable is set when you have the map, regardless if you pick up the letter or not. I'm afraid it's a slippery slope after you have to start clua-consoling stuff up. :) However, if you got a journal entry when you got the map everything should be fine, it think.



    Okay, that's why you didn't get the dialogue option. For some reason the player2 isn't an eligible bachelor for Amber.


    The script that determines that checks these things:

    - Player2's int and cha stats (both 12 or higher)

    - gender (male)

    - that he is not wearing girdle of sex change

    - that he has the MORALEBREAK stat of a PC (0) and not of a NPC (5)

    - that he's not any of the couple dozen mod NPCs that have their MORABREAK stat set incorrectly for a NPC.


    The script checks all this in the beginning of the game, so if you have changed anything after you started the game it won't work.

  17. Well, like the title says. If she dies and I raise her, she leaves. Doesn't say anything, just leaves the party for good. Is this supposed to happen?

    No, that's not supposed to happen. Has she behaved normally so far? I mean talking, quests and player initiated dialogue and such? How did she die and wich spell are using to rise her?

  18. The spanish version of this mod isn't voiced :) , so if you want hear amber speak in english, there is a tutorial in this forum (In spanish of course) or you can download a modified version of the mod with all this changes.


    Please remember folks that any user modified versions of Amber that you download are not supported or (more importantly) updated by me. :laugh: So, I rather recommend using the tutorial to activate the English spoken language for your local copy of the mod. It's really simple, anyway. ;)

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