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  1. @Cahir I think it worked out fine for me. I haven't done anything BG related in several months though, so don't quote me on that.. As far as I remember, last time I checked the forums, @DavidWand @K4thos had a bit of an disagreement on this very topic. Sorry, I misread your post. I don't think I ever installed EET main after SCS, I thought you were talking about EET's end part.
  2. @Glam Vrock Flara didn't leave for SoD, I assume though there is no SoD content for her, right?
  3. I have dw#rnd 74-105 in my override. WeiDU.log
  4. You know, it just dawned on me that DW#RND100 is 9 characters long. At least in the old engine the maximum characters for items was 8 (spells would start acting weird post 7 characters if I remember correctly) so unless the EE engine did away with that limitation or random treasure items are a special case, I think this is the cause of the problem (the last zero of the resource being ignored by the engine, thus turning it into a 10). Just strange that I seem to be the only one having issues with that?
  5. @jastey Since you've guilt-tripped me into installing all components this time around, I thought I give you a little feedback on the encounters I didn't enjoy that much, now that my memory is refreshed. Note: Spoilers ahead!
  6. @DavidW I just had another CTD when entering the NE Baldur's Gate district, adding a copy of DW#RND100 as DW#RND10 to my game fixed that issue as well. So either there is an issue with the current SCS version (a typo, 10 instead of 100?) or something messed up SCS in my installation and warrants further investigation.
  7. I'm really no expert on this but from my understanding scrolls should be fine since those are distributed by SCS, so it's just cerlics and sorcerers. I think removing those spells from hidespl.2da would make them reappear, though I do not know how exactly the engine adds spells to clerics, so no idea if it works for characters that already have those spell levels assigned to them. As for the safty part, just make a backup copy of hidespl.2da and try it, if anything bad happens just put the backup back in and you're good. Again, I want to stress that I'm really no expert on this and I take no blame for burning computers or AI's becoming selfaware through muliple copys of Curse in Jaheira's spell book... Could be that the random treasures are actually assigned at random by SCS, meaning it would effect different (or no) creatures in different installations. That or something else is involved in my installation.
  8. I've got a list of feedback/reports on Flara. I'm trying to not spoiler her quest but obviously, just talking about the quest might give people ideas, so don't open the spoiler if you haven't played her yet.
  9. From taking a quick glance at the post linked above; It looks like Trials of the Luremaster (without IWD spells for players) prior to SCS (with IWD spells for players) causes some spells to not show up. Presumely this is because TotLM still adds those spells for NPC use but puts them into hidespl.2da and SCS doesn't undo that when installing. I checked my own installation (which has TotLM as well) and Curse as an example is indeed in hidespl.2da. Tagging @argent77
  10. In my current installation neb_.cre (EET's Neb in the Flaming Fist compound) had DW#RND10 assigned, which doesn't exist and caused a CTD when entering the area. Changing it to an existing random treasure fixed the issue.
  11. Well, you wanted to know if there was a way to disable the stone skin colour effect and there is. I didn't suggest that you adapt EEex right this moment, nor that it would at any point become essential to SCS without you wanting it to be.
  12. Yes I do, old habits I guess.. :)
  13. EEex allows to recreate Stone Skins with all kinds of customization (no or different visual effects, effects triggered when a layer is consumed, effects triggered when all layers are gone), the latest version has example spells in the rep. (You could even create a custom invisible stone skin with 1 layer that triggers the real 'pre-buff' stone skin effect if it is consumed) Of course that would require EEex but I think its going to be as popular as ToBEx or more so anyway once EET and IWD-in-EET require it.
  14. @argent77 I can't really find any options that would suggest there is additional content with questpack/ub/golems? What exactly am I missing here? Regarding the improved AI for spell casters in Golem Construction, do you foresee any issues when installing it together with SCS?
  15. Just to make sure, the only thing that determines what PI installs is whatever is listed in the lower right window, right? So PI will never install any unchecked mods or components of they aren't listed there? And one more thing, as general feedback: I think it's a bit confusing that you can check the main mods (not any component but the main mod name that has all components under it) but nothing seems to happen when you do that. In BWS/EET-Setup checking the main mod box would mean that all components/sub-components get installed but in PI that seems to not be the case.
  16. @AL|EN Ah, I see. That makes things a lot easier. I assume the auto-check feature is coming though? Because right now, let's say I've forgotten a mod I want to include. I can't just load my old installation-order and add that mod via checking it because everything is going to be unchecked and creating a new install sequence would be blank except for that mod? So I would have to edit my old installation order in a text editor, right? Is there a difference between using an .ini file and a .csv file? I did try using the first list I posted as an .ini file and it seemed to work alright. (I am aware that generally you would want to use a list with only complete mods instead of listing imcomplete sets of components.)
  17. That's what I was thinking too. With @argent77's solution you'd be responsible for her abduction. Which kind of negates the purpose of a mod that aims to relieve the moral issues of idling in chapter two while Imoen is in Spellhold... I think with the nature and purpose of this mod in mind, the choice actually needs to be out of character to make any sense at all.
  18. Btw, I'm not feeling to happy about spamming Alien's thread quite that much, maybe someone with mod powers could just split this of into its own topic? PI: Install Order Discussion or something like that?
  19. Alright, I'll compile an updated list later today: So far that will include: - Remove Aura (she was only in there by accident) - Remove (move to BG1 part, before NPC Project) BGQE - Add crossmod content for @jastey's Solaufein/Ajantis mods - Move Wheel of Prophecy before Afaaq - Move Afaaq behind UB, Questpack, Golems (and check relevant cross mod content)
  20. How dare you?! Ah, alright. I wasn't sure if there would be issues when installing fully EET compatible mods on BG1. If that's possible though it is actually my preffered method since unlike BWS/EETIT PI allows to keep the same BG1 installation over multiple EET installations. So it's less work for me! Well, for starters, there is not a single component in your mod that I didn't enjoy. It's just that some of them don't really entice me to re-play them in every installation. I didn't look at any documentation for setting up this first draft and I didn't remember what each component does so I might have left out some I actually want though. The ones I actually don't feel like replaying/having in every installation are: Family Treasure Quest: Feels just a bit tedious to go through if you already know the story/outcome Monster in Nashkel: I distinctly remember feeling a bit of frustration about that one (which speaks to its quality, since I think that's the intention) but maybe I should replay it since my memory is a bit fuzzy about it. A Warm Place for Noober: I admit, I haven't played that one yet. I just really don't like Noober or rather, the idea of expanding on what should in my opinion be just a short bit of comic relieve. Babysitting in Nashkel, including Carnival Encounter: I thought I had seen it all but going over the documentation it mentions a women at the carnival which I do not remember at all, so its back on the install list. @argent77 Alright, thank you. I'll have to look into that to see what content I'm missing out though. :P
  21. @A|ien Is there a way to 'force' PI to install all available components of a sorting order list? Right now it seems whenever you close PI all mod selections will be unchecked (though the group order is preserved) and you have to manually re-check every single box? That seems very inconvenient. You already have full control over which mods you want to actually install by just removing/adding them to PI's mod folder. I don't see why you would ever need PI to not simply install the currently set sorting order. How it should be in my opinion: Importing a sorting order re-orders all available mods in said order and checks/unchecks them accordingly. Afterwards the player can then adjust that setting as usualy by checking/un-checking and re-ordering mods manually. PS: Plas change your name to something that is easier to tag. :D
  22. @jastey Help, you left me all confused and now I don't dare to start installing. :O Btw PI is not supposed to offer an 'EET' installation, i.e. allow to assign mods that need to be installed on BG1 as well as BG2 at the same time, right?
  23. Wait, but how? BG1NPC Project still needs to be installed on BGEE/SoD, right? So it gets importet by EET core before I even have a chance to install BGQE?
  24. @jastey Right, that's a good point!
  25. Aura NPC for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition somehow got in the above list and can be ignored. Btw, here is a simplifyed listing with just the mod names (unless I only install a distinctive component then I still mention it) for easier reading:
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