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  1. I've noticed a minor bug: Jaheira's druid specific dialogue also triggers for shamans.
  2. Well yeah, now that you've mentioned it, it makes perfect sense. I guess it's just the red circle and dire charm experiences that make people expect charmed characters to attack. A blue circle would probably be better but that's a feature request for the EE forums..
  3. But..unless you start a fight (by having the demon lord attack the drow for example) you are supposed to have time to escape the city before the drow turn hostile, right? It's always been like this?
  4. The 'charmed - no action' bug happens all the time to me and did so for years. I actually kind of assumed it was 'normal' game behaviour if you have no AI script set or have the AI turned off.. (Though thinking about it, that doesn't make much sense.. since why would that part be handled by the player set AI script..)
  5. Is there a reason for this? It seems quite counterintuitive to me. Players are probably expecting it to work similar to how BG2 handles it. If doing it this way is significantly easier to code, it's probably not a big deal but otherwise I'd say offering that option during the kick-out dialogue would be more convenient and more in-line with how it works in BG2.
  6. Bumping this since I'm still not too happy with my current implementation. Currently I use an invisible cone projectile and have a spell cast at each target. The spell in return sends a 'blank' sped up arrow projectile at each target to simulate the multishot. Since the first projectile has to hit before the spell can be fired there is obviously always a dissynchronisation between the two. Another issue I have is that the projectile only checks the main target's weapon immunity, so secondary target's immunities get ignored.
  7. In my current install (with RC6 still) there are several items also lacking proper spacing. The kobold daggers for example look like this: Dagger "Nome Stikka" Though kobolds do not normally wield poison daggers, it is evident that they have been given the means to make these. The crudeness of the construction of this weapon, however, does not lessen its deadliness - in fact, it can be just as deadly to the wielder as it is to the victim! STATISTICS: Damage: 1D4 (plus 6 poison; save to avoid) Damage type: Piercing Weight: 1 Speed Factor: 2 Proficiency Type: Dagger Type: 1-handed 5% chance of nicking yourself (6 poison) (No free line above and below statistics) In ealier SCS versions those daggers did definitely have proper spacing. So, if it's not the same problem it might be a different problem.
  8. Made a quick mod and tested it in my own EET install so I guess it should work fine for EET and vanilla SoD games.. can be found here.
  9. Thanks Argent, that means NPC sound sets can be adjusted individually, that's pretty cool..
  10. Hey, apologies if this is actually a general mod question and not EET specific, I'm just not sure so I'm asking here. I'd like to wirte a small tweak to prevent NPCs from getting their SoD character sounds but have so far not been able to locate where and how the sound sets are actually changed. I've looked at these files so far: CAMPAIGN.2DA K#TELBGT.BCS BDSODTRN.BCS .. but could not find anything. Looking at a SoD save game it looks like Misnc (for example) still has his BG1 sound set, yet in-game he uses his SoD lines?
  11. I'm using the latest available versions from GOG BG2EE- BGEE- 2.5_(23121) SOD- 2.5_(23121) If you didn't add any .tra lines or at least no one else has any issues with missing lines, the issue might have been caused by faulty extraction? Not using that mod so I can't say whether there is a pattern or not..
  12. Not sure about that. All I can say is that RC6 installed without any problems at all. (I uninstalled the RC7 components and installed RC6 right away on the same installation) An additional note: RC7's weidu was very laggy, like it would take a second or so before my input would be registered maybe it was related to that.. RC6 didn't have that problem either. I'll probably stick with RC6 for now since RC7 doesn't seem to contain crucial fixes. I'll report back should I change my mind and decide to do another installation with RC7.
  13. I'm using English, the debug file should reflect that I think.(?) What do you mean by that?
  14. Hey, I'm trying to do a new install with the latest SCS RC and I'm running into some trouble. Arcane IWD spells and more importantly the main component fail to install because they apparently can't find a translation for @9 (and on a previous try using the EE install tool I've gotten a similar error with a missing translation for @403) SETUP-STRATAGEMS.7z
  15. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure the EE games' epilogue portraits are really displayed at 210x330 and not upscaled by default? If the game did upscale them by default, that would mean that a size bigger than 210x330 would theoretically offer a slightly better quality. No idea about that though. Maybe it's something CamDawg knows about..
  16. Aye, there is no need to ever use one greater than 210x330 since that's the biggest any of the games uses. There is, however, also no need to manually down-scale a bigger portrait since the engine can handle that itself. That's definitely something that should be noted for the IESDP.
  17. AFAIK the EE engine will scale portrait files to whatever size it needs. I'm positive that it downscales though I haven't tested upscaling (why would anyone wanna do that?) and I'm also not sure how tolerant it is in regards to aspect ratio. For pure size though, even rather large portraits like 420x660 or something should work just fine.
  18. I just want to add that I'm pretty confused by this. Setting a ranger's kit to shadowdancer does enable HIPS (but not grant any CLAB file abilities nor HLA's to the ranger, which makes it pretty useless for creating off class kits with HIPS anyway..) but the thing is, there are plenty of thief kits out there that use the vanilla thief usability flag.. if HIPS is tied to that, they all would be able to do it on EEs. (Which is not the case AFAIK)
  19. Doesn't shadowdancer use the vanilla thief usability flag? 0x00004000 4 So, could you create a ranger kit with HIPS by using 0x00004000 4 and then setting the kit to ranger via clab file?
  20. Ya, SoD could also use some more party members to pick from, especially if you remove some from the original selection. I think that would probably be a separate component though.
  21. Admittedly another feature 'suggestion' because I'm feeling too lazy to look into doing it myself right now :D SoD's biggest problem is the writing and nowhere does it show more than with the classic NPCs (Viconia in particular, it's as if they didn't even try to keep her character consistent) so, I think a feature that allows us to select individual NPCs and prevent them from showing up in the SoD part of EET would be great.
  22. Is this for G3 only or SHS and G3 combined?
  23. I did not know that.. and I kinda hate it.. why on earth would you make Probability ZERO mean "yeah there is a chance..."
  24. So I'm trying to build a 'multi-shot' arrow projectile and I've encountered a few road blocks with which some of the more knowledgeable people here are hopefully able to help me with. Problem 1: I can't seem to change the actual payload's speed. Changing the speed in the .pro header will only speed up the animation (using one of the hard coded animation effects) but the payload itself will always hit at the same time no matter the speed set. I also tried using a different explosion projectile in the 'area effect info' with higher speed rates but that doesn't seem to have any effect whatsoever. Lastly I tried different Explosion Frequency settings but that also didn't help with the payload speed. Problem 2: I can't seem to create a proper animation when using the 'custom' explosion effect instead of a hard coded one. For example, using the arrow.bam will just fill the cone area with rotating arrows but won't move them forward in the casting direction. I don't have a particular need the use an actual cone aoe animation via the custom animation setting. If there was a way to make the projectile still use the normal 'single target' animation, I could easily build a fitting animation myself since the intended cone width is rather small anyway. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  25. I don't have 2.5 installed so it's not that. Might be some interaction with an other mod though. Are you sure it's better calls for help? I've experienced that before but to me it looked like it was actually Neera hitting a commoner with Color Spray.
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