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  1. For those that missed it, the sale is running one last time. You have a little less than 20 hours from this post. Go here.
  2. Yea, I wish I caught it earlier - but then again, I don't know how long they were on sale before I noticed. I just happened to check the home page (which I rarely do) at GOG when I saw the pack. I think most of these are normally close to $20 each, some $10... A bargin any way you look at it.
  3. I have many of these boxes, but this was so cheap, I just grabbed them again (I've been wanting to try NWN 2 on a fast machine, but I don't have high hopes). It's definitely easier than digging out all my discs, searching for upgrades, and so on. What I was really after though, was the Infinity stuff - specifically for GemRB.
  4. The following pack is on sale at GOG right now for less than $22 (you've got about 15 hours from this post): Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga Baldur's Gate 2 Complete Planescape: Torment Icewind Dale Complete Icewind Dale 2 Complete Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition Neverwinter Nights 2: Complete The Temple of Elemental Evil Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone If like me, you were waiting to buy these, now is the time. They also credit you for the games you already bought from them (I already purchased BG2, so I only paid $19 for the rest). This is the cheapest I've seen the Infinity Games. Now more than ever, I want to see GemRB up and running in its full intended glory!
  5. Thanks! My tablet is going in for warranty work soon, so I'll play around with it in the interum.
  6. Is the procedure for android compiling being written down? There was a problem awhile back of no one knowing how because one of the developers was MIA, or something like that (my memory hasn't improved). I'm not volunteering (yet - I still cannot be relied on due to time restraints), but I'd like to see if I can compile it (something I brought up long ago on the sourceforge site (http://sourceforge.n...re-requests/19/)). Is the lates code on GitHub (https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb)? The reason I ask is because I have advanced my knowledge in the last year (though not nearly as much as I'd have liked to) and I also happen to have all of the tools sited in that conversation loaded now, for other reasons, but they are on my system and working. The biggest reason is because even though I've tried to find suitable replacements, I miss playing BG on my tablet! That's one series I never got for my PC and I've never played it otherwise. They just don't make games like that anymore.
  7. I was wondering what the status is of the developments you were referring to is, currently? Are you guys still having trouble finding someone to compile the project for android? Thanks....
  8. That's great news. I've been patiently waiting since I discovered GemRB (after it was originally put on Market). I've also acquired both BG1 and 2 in anticipation and if the new GemRB works as well as I know the development team can do, I will get the rest. A big THANKS for all you folks working hard on this project. It is very appreciated, though you probably hear more complaints than appreciation. Of course you'll wouldn't be up to the task if you didn't have thick skins.
  9. I doubt it. First, I don't believe the guy that put in on Market is part of the development team and there would be issues with the signing key (it could not be published as an update without the original key). Second, unless something has changed dramatically with the Nook, I don't think it could run this version very well. Read through the posts and you will see it takes a pretty fast machine for satisfactory performance. I hope I'm wrong though, on both accounts.
  10. Congrats! BTW, I too use GOG's BG2. I forgot to mention that.
  11. Android is not case sensitive - at least from my testing and research. My CaseSensitive entry is commented out. This works for me with no problems: GamePath=/sdcard/All_Mine/Games/BG2 CD1=/sdcard/All_Mine/Games/BG2/ CD2=/sdcard/All_Mine/Games/BG2/ CD3=/sdcard/All_Mine/Games/BG2/ CD4=/sdcard/All_Mine/Games/BG2/ CD5=/sdcard/All_Mine/Games/BG2/ CD6=/sdcard/All_Mine/Games/BG2/ Now, as you can tell I've moved the default directory (internal SD Card) to my own directory on the external SD Card. I had BG1 and BG2 both working at the same time. I changed the cache too, but don't remember if this was necessary: CachePath=/sdcard/All_Mine/Games/BG2/cache I know you've tried most of the suggestions and their variations, but I thought maybe, just maybe you'll see something you may have missed before. *** SYSTEM INFO *** Manufacturer: asus Model: ASUS Transformer Pad TF700T Android Version Release: 4.2.1 Android Version SDK: 17
  12. Trasd

    Android GUI

    why even keep it separate in the first place? This ought to be merged into master so we can distribute it in our builds. I agree, but I didn't want to say it as it's not my call! LOL
  13. Trasd

    Android GUI

    I couldn't quite make out the video, but it looks like a nice start, a good way to launch multiple profiles (different version configurations: BG1, BG2, etc., if you are supporting profiles) and certainly a great time saver for setting up the games. I'd say go forward with the project and if you find you loose interest or don't have the time, you could always open source it and add it to the site for others to continue. Thanks, too BTW.
  14. Trasd

    pelya and SDL 2.0

    It definitely sounds like the opengl API hardware acceleration is the way to go. There is so much to know with Android programming, I feel like I will never catch up. I guess I just have to learn it a little at a time, and as needed, the way I learned Windows programming (and am still learning). Thanks for the lessons!
  15. Trasd

    pelya and SDL 2.0

    Figures! It was worth a shot... Would it be easier to use a pre 0.8 build that used pelya's in the first place and update it to SDL 2.0, or would that be a step backwards and or just as hard?
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