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  1. @Bartimaeus yes fair point. I just thought it would be a really great resource to have.
  2. I realize this is unlikely to happen, but would you consider also adding an overview of Spell Revisions Revised to this? That would be very much appreciated!
  3. I still have problem with the levelling bug in 32.8
  4. I don't know if this has been reported before, but it seems to me that assets for the druids (e.g. hive druid innates and northern druid beetle animation) are not installed if you choose to skip the sphere part of the mod. I tested on an install of BG:EE with SR and SCS IWD spells installed prior to FnP, and the hive druid would lack animations and icons for the shapeshift innates. edit: okay even using the sphere system the animations are not there? Strange.. Also, the hive druids "summon spirit spider" in fact summons a snake. Maybe change name of the spell? Edit 2: I
  5. I downloaded 32.7 from here https://www.gibberlings3.net/files/file/914-sword-coast-stratagems/
  6. Okay that's really weird.. BG:EE is version Installed using the older Beamdog stand-alone installers. Weidu log:
  7. Okay I tried once again. I did the following: 1) Reset the game so it's completely clean. (Repair Installation in the launcher). 2) Installed only the NPC customization component of SCS 32.7 3) Created a new character. And Imoen, Xzar and Monty all kept getting xp, levelling up to the xp cap.
  8. It was a completely clean BG:EE install and a new character. I can try to test it again if you want.
  9. I did both installs manually. And the BG:EE one was with only that omponent.
  10. Hi @DavidW I am sorry to say, that the level-up bug in NPC Customization persists in 32.7. I tried it on a full EET install and on a clean BG:EE install with only that component, and Imoen keeps getting xp.
  11. Yes I understand. That's completely fair. I just really liked your implementation, so I thought I would ask.
  12. @DavidW I know you have previously rejected the idea of utilizing IWD spells alongside SR spells for the AI. I was wondering if you could be convinced to make an exception for clerics in particular, who could really use some of the defensive benefits from the IWD spells.. in particular from the Divine protection and entropy shield spells. Would that be something you might consider doing?
  13. Hey John. Could you post your weidu log? Preferably in spoiler tags that will help figuring out what the issues might be.
  14. I had problems with the customization option in both an EET game with BG1 NPC Project and on a clean BG:EE install.
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