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    SR V4 Beta 16

    Draztik, are you certain you are using the latest version of the mod? I seem to recall I had the same issue with magic stone a good while back, but that was fixed.
  2. janoha


    K4thos I don't really understand why IWD 1 and 2 needs to be a package. Can you elaborate a bit on your thought process about why IWD-in-EET can't be a standalone and needs to include IWD2?
  3. janoha

    SR V4 Beta 15

    That worked. Thank you! edit: did not work for bg2 though. It fails with this error: ERROR: illegal 2-byte read from offset 1380995155 of 538-byte file SPIN920.SPL ERROR: [sPIN920.SPL] -> [override/SPIN920.SPL] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("SPIN920.SPL: read out of bounds")) Stopping installation because of error.
  4. janoha

    SR V4 Beta 15

    I was trying to install the latest version of this on a fresh BG1 installation, but was unable to. Using the newest weidu didn't change anything either. I have put the debug log in the spoiler. It's very long though so I have cut out the middle part, where there are no problems and kept in the start and the end, where the problem appears.. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  5. janoha

    Bug Reports: IR v4 Beta

    No I checked with both melee and ranged. It doesn't show any extra damage in either case.
  6. janoha

    Missing area in bg1?

    Ahh my bad. I thought I had to enter from Red Canyons because of the way the map icons have been moved around. High Hedge appears to be much farther away. Thanks for the help!
  7. janoha

    Bug Reports: IR v4 Beta

    I don't know if this has been reported already, but Legacy of the Masters gauntlets do not in fact add +2 damage to the character using them. Or at least, the damage bonus doesn't show up on the inventory screen.
  8. janoha

    Missing area in bg1?

    It means that no matter the direction I attempt to enter from, it doesn't appear on the world map. Using that command I could enter however.
  9. I just recently did a large install of EET using the BWS installer. I have been unable to enter the area immediatly south of Candlekeep and north of the lighthouse, where the beached ship is. Has anyone else had the same problem? my Weidu
  10. janoha

    pleaaaase D:

    Hi guys, I haven't been following these forums for a while, so I was wondering how IWD-in-EET is coming along?
  11. janoha

    SR V4 Open Beta (last update 25 October 2018)

    Have you considered making normal haste +1 apr on target and a movent speed boost cast on area? Then you could make Improved Haste give area effect +1 apr and speed boost.
  12. janoha

    Revised SCS

    I am simply stunned by reading about this new addition to SR. Sounds absolutely amazing! Wonderful job Kreso! And I am very much in favor of you and Demi working on his suggestions
  13. janoha

    Kit Revisions (Fighters)

    Wizard Slayer Disruptive Strike Hi Demi, Seeing as you are becoming more active again, I would like to reiterate a point that I made back in 2015 I love the concept of the Wizard Slayer, but in its' current incarnation it is simply way too powerful. Disruptive Strike lasts for 3 rounds and each succesful hit removes one combat protection. Let's say that you dual wield and have 4 apr. That's 4 protections removed against a mage in just one round. Next round you use Whirlwind and completely murder any mage in the game. As you did with Carsomyr, I think Disruptive Strike needs to allow for a save (at an increasing penalty?) and maybe even have it's duration shortened (2 rounds perhaps?). Being able to cut through combat protections is very cool, but three rounds of no-save combat protection removals equals a dead mage with certainty.
  14. Wonderful! Congratulations on the first official release.
  15. janoha

    EET 1.0 ETA and stuff

    Come now Etamin. We all want to have a chance to try it out, but K4thos also said that he had some contract work to finish. Let's try to be patient.