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  1. What specific mod are we talking about ? All I can say, there's likely ways. You mean my mod? Since other mod like SCS uses almost every available stat, so I add an effect with opcode 318, parameter1=1, parameter2=4444, to items/spells, then in script like IF CheckStat(Player1,1,4444) THEN RESPONSE #100 ForceSpellRES("c4#SnSa",Player1) Continue() END
  2. Request help: In order to make my mods more compatible with other mods, I used a lot Expended Stats provided by ToBEx in my mods, for item/spell check in scripts. But in EEs it no longer works. Are there any way in EE can work like that? Thank you!
  3. Hello David, Here is translation of Simplified Chinese. Worked out by: barkingdog,魔术师,redrumcha,El Forastero,Macholy, c4_angel, combined SCSI and II translation by Piedelo. scs v29 schinese.zip
  4. Thanks Mad, it works. Though I managed it in a very silly way...
  5. That's true, Jamo. Only the Improved Fiends component shows when I use --change-log.
  6. I have a large number of strings in .tra file, it's too boring and kind of stupid to use STRING_SET one by one. Are there any simple ways to do it? Like the wrong code below. OUTER_SET var=1 STRING_SET 123 @%var%
  7. I think this should be posted in Detectable Spells thread, as it is bug of DS, if it is a bug. BTW, same unchanged line is in new DS 3.1 used by SR4 & IR4 betas. got it...thank you, Mad
  8. Thanks Mad! Now a bug report: In ds/ds.tph macro reorder_stats_ids, after installation the "strref" of the last line in stats.ids will is blank. fix: line 516 SPRINT $stats("%min%") $arr2("%min%") to PATCH_IF ~%r2%~ STR_CMP ~~ BEGIN SPRINT $stats("%min%") $arr2("%min%") END
  9. Näh, you did not... the fact that the DLTCEP shows it that way might be due to the fact that that way it reads the stuff, they figures are read 4 bits at time, so the 0x00008000 means actuality 0x80000000 in the kit.ids because the bytes are read in the opposite direction. well i got the point... thanks~ EDIT1read the message after you edited. just like i thought before. i just tested some of my scripts, seems nothing wrong now. EDIT2 still, i dont quite understand why in DLTCEP it shows 0xFFFF8000, but also identified 0x00008000 for 'wild mage' correctly? if there are no lines in kit.ids it shows only the value, no identifier.
  10. seems something still goes wrong after editing kit.ids i found in DLTCEP the value is still 0x0000 but the identifier becomes 0000 Barbarian. likely the wild mage. it seems should be no space so that 0x40000000 for the barbarian and 0x80000000 for the wild mage. when i fixed that, barbarian seems work correctly, but in DLTCEP when editing a creature, value of the wild mage in the kit blank shows 0xffff8000 but open a wildmage.che created by myself, it shows 0x00008000 , and also identified correctly. if i did anything wrong?
  11. thanks a lot i know barbarian is a class not a kit exactly, but not in the class.ids, and also using ability 2da file which named clabfi05... i tried edit kit.ids, but seem in the wrong way. thank you for the correted one.
  12. hello everyone i just failed to do so only with the action Addkit(barbarian) or wildmage in the script of creature. all other kits works. the .cre file format in IESDP says the kit information should be 4 bytes(the value of barbarian is 0x00004000), but it's only 2 in kit.ids so that the value of barbarian becomes 0x0000. wildmage should be 0x00008000, but likely 0x0000 in kit.ids is this the problem of which Addkit(barbarian) doesn't work? what should i do to make it work correctly? thanks!
  13. I got some questions about creating my own AIscripts: 1. I'm using RogueRebancing mod which replaced bards' HLA, Lingering Song extends the battlesong effect, is there a way to detect if a PC being effected by battlesong? except adding a new useless effect like weaponproficiency20 2. i wish a trigger for example See() is able to detect if the target object is included from a specified 2da, are there any probabilities? and how? THANKS
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