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  1. Sorry for the slow reply. I'm a bit reluctant to take any further steps until the build id issue is fixed as I'm forced to lose whatever other application I've recently built each time I install another app. That and I don't even have a github account, let alone know how to fork, rename, and update (but am willing to figure it out).
  2. macbuildserver offers very little options as the compilation appears to be done remotely. It simply takes a git repository read only url, reads in the repo, offers the option of what project and what version, and then compiles and signs. The app is then installed via the web interface.
  3. Well, since I haven't gotten gemrb to complete a build and install, so, I can't say. But I have explored the Info.plist for the apps that I have gotten to install (GBA4iOS for example), and the Bundle identifier is set to 'com.macbuildserver.helloapp'
  4. Before putting too much time into this there are a couple other bugs on their end that need fixing, namely using the same bundle id for all signed apps, making each time you install a new app it replaces the previous.
  5. The site is slow to respond. And, although I am not a developer, I am not completely foreign to hacking code. If you want to point me in the right direction, I'm open to giving it a try.
  6. Has there been any thought given to support for installing to iOS devices via http://macbuildserver.com/? This allows for signing and installation of apps straight from github without having to jailbreak your device. I've already given this a try and get a "xcodebuild: error: The project 'apple/GemRB.xcodeproj' does not contain a target named 'GemRB'." error. I can post the entire build log, if it helps.
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