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  1. Alright I found the problem. I had read @GrimJim's comment on how to fix 33.7 and had copied the file, but forgot to change the one line he had indicated needed changing.
  2. Well, I tried with a clean install yesterday. Installed a few mods that I was reasonably sure wouldn't mess anything up (EEex, Lefreut's UI mod, Bubb's spell menu, hidden gameplay options, BG1 npc project & unfinished business), and tried installing the two SCS components that had issues before. The initial component runs fine, but smarter mages keeps giving warnings with just about every creature file it tries to edit. More annoying is that I went back and uninstalled each mod one at a time, and tried to reinstall SCS to see if that particular mod was the problem. Went all the way back to having no mods installed, and it still gives the same warning. Deleted everything and made a clean install, no problems.
  3. Yes that seems to be the case. I thought I had the issue tracked down to having something to do with the Weidu version. But after trying i'm able to install both 33.4 and 33.7 without issues on a clean install, using weidu 246 and 247 respectively, with the game on the 2.5 beta. Still weird that I had mostly the same problem trying to install it on BG2EE, even though that only two small mods in it for testing purposes. After uninstalling those the problems remained. Anyway, seems I'll have a lot of checking to look forward to while I'm installing my mods for now. Thanks for looking into it.
  4. I don't know either then. If I get my mod setup sorted out I'll let you know if it happens again. Yeah that seems like a fine fix. I doubt anyone will be bothered that Ashideena doesn't show up in BG2.
  5. Hello all, I'm having trouble installing SCS. During a mod setup I noticed several components of smarter AI and tactical challenges installed with warnings, or wouldn't install at all. Main issue seems to be that 'dw#mage.baf' can't be found. So not 'initialise AI compontents' and 'Smarter mages' install with a lot of warnings. At first I thought it was an issue with Spell Revisions, since that was the only mod I've added compared to my last install about a year ago. But after checking with Bartimaeus we've eliminated that as a possible cause. Thought it might be something to do with windows 10 blocking something installing in the default steam location, but I'm not sure that is it. Other mods installed just fine. I've tried copying the game to a different folder (still same drive though), that didn't change anything. Did try installing it on an almost clean BG2EE (still steam in the default folder), there the main component does install without errors, but smarter mages still has the same problem. I've included the logs for both. Anyone have any clue what could be causing this? I'm using the 2.5.something beta on BG1EE btw. The BG2EE is on 2.6 for now, was just using that for some tests. SETUP-STRATAGEMS.zip
  6. I hadn't gotten to the point of playing with my latest install, so don't have first hand experience. But I'm 90% it happened in my last playthrough, with regular IR. And as I a said, the person I was talking to over on Reddit said he had the same happen with latest version of IRR. As for Ashideena and BG1, I'd just restore it to it's original form. If you think the +1 electric damage is inconsistent with other items, +1d4 damage would be fine as well i think. It would still be a very good weapon for the first game, but then it already was decent in the base game.
  7. I used the 2.5.something beta for the BG1 install, that should be fine I think. Maybe the BG2 install is at 2.6, I'd have to check. Well nothing changes with the originals, that's a plus. But I wouldn't want to play without the ease of use changes Beamdog made.
  8. Well, still don't know what it is. Tried uninstalling all mods up to SR, that didn't solve it. Tried running as admin, that didn't work. Copied the game to a different folder, that didn't help. Tried installing SCS on a clean BG2 (still in the default location), that didn't work, although the initial AI components did install without warnings this time. I'll move this to the SCS topic, can be pretty sure it isn't a SR(R) issue by now. Again, thanks for looking into it.
  9. Thanks for looking into this. I haven't had any trouble with installing SCS before, and SRR is the only major change compared to my previous mod setup. Although this is the first time I've installed on a Windows 10 pc, maybe that has something to do with it. I'll try your suggestions and see if that makes a difference.
  10. How compatible is this mod with SCS? I tried installing IRR, SRR, and SCS using the order you describe in first post, but i'm getting a lot of warnings and error messages. The following SCS components were installed with warnings: Initialise AI components Smarter mages Improved doppelgangers Improved Balduran's Isle Improved Cloakwood Druids Improved Drasus party Improved Red Wizards Improved Undercity Assassins Improved minor encounters The Improved Durlags Tower component refused to install altogether. Looking through the debug files, I wasn't able to identify the causes for all warnings and errors, but I could trace quite a few back .CRE files that were touched by SRR. I've included the debug for stratagems and SRR. There used to be talk about needing a different version of SCS if you wanted to use SR, but I can't find that. Is that still the case?
  11. Hi all, I was discussing IR over on reddit, and someone brought up some issues that I noticed myself last time I played. I looked through this topic, and I don't think it has been flagged or changed yet. It has to do with two items; Ashideena/Rift hammer, and the Shield of the falling stars. The fist issue is that the Rift hammer is showing up in BG1, where it's really not supposed to. Looking through the IR item index, I think this is due to Demi wanting to switch the location of Borok's Fist (HAMM05), renamed to Rift hammer, with Ashideena (HAMM03) in BG2. Seems he did this by just switching the properties of each item, rather than 'physically' moving them. So HAMM03 is now the Rift hammer rather than Ashideena, which now drops from Bassilus in BG1. This hammer is way to powerful for BG1 imo. The second issue is the shield of the falling starts shield others ability also affecting the shield carrier, effectively making this shield give a +7 bonus to AC. That makes it on par with +3 large shields, despite only being +1. I noticed in this thread you've mentioned the aura effect being a pain, but I'm not sure if this had been noticed.
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