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  1. Kuldahar Pass is available only from Kuldahar.
  2. Bugs: - In dialogs the name of the NPC is unreadable. - Sorcerers can not get "Protection from Petrification." - Sorcerers can not get "Dimension Door".
  3. Bug reports - Having "Druid Immunities" (HMA) I was level drained. 8-((( - Having "Clarity" (HMA) I was charmed. Feature Request - Spell selection is now near unmanageble (p.e. "Iron Skins": 6 clicks, "Horrid Wilting": 8 clicks, "Tornado": 9 clicks). It may help (a Little), If you could move on the selection bar from Lvl. 1 to 9 also.
  4. Sorry, I didn't know that bugs are a problem of worldview... Again, I like the mod... ...but although I like it there are bugs - sorry! e.g. - A funtion to set XPs should set XPs right. - Spells like contingency or spell squencers should show possible selections once, not often. - Some spell descriptions speak of GS', some of druids or priests... - btw. Is there any difference between "Ghost Armor" and "Improved Ghost Armor"? It's a good mod and none of these (small) bugs makes it unplayable. IMO bug reports help authors o improve their work.
  5. lynx, Jarno, thanks for your Infos! ( I also guessed the reason - but it remains a bug and should be corrected.)
  6. Bug Report - The Debug-Function "CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP()" sets the GS-XP to a much too small amount. - Using "Shadowkeeper" as Workaround doesn't work any better.
  7. Bug Report: Contingency - Spell selection: Non-Soc spells are shown more than once.
  8. I started my GS in a new BG2-Game and can start Ch4 at will. 1. Thanks to the author for a very good kit! 2. Possible starting Points in - BGT / BG1: Jaheira recogizes your druidic talents and starts your GS Training. - ToB: Sarevok in your pocket plane / You get it after winning the first challenge from the solar. 3. Possible Improvements: IMO you get too many druidic spells. Not because of balance but of handling. This could be minimized by removing the most useless. - Lvl 1: Detect Evil, Shillelagh - Lvl 2: Goodberries, Slow Poison - Lvl 3: Cure Medium Wounds, Sum
  9. BUGS: - BIG SIN: Uninstall is buggy!!! - Although annouced yesterday, the version history says the current version is from 2008. MEANING: - At a real non-cheating beginning the kid is too bad: A level 1-sorcerer has no advantage equal to his 6 lost bodily ability points. And he advances very slowly - if he lives long enough to advance. - At high levels he is too mighty. - Until now I never played a good kit. But I try on (with an avenger starting in BG1). IDEA: Why not a druid-like class? S.th. like a sorcerer (instead of wizard)?
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