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  1. At least in the labyrinth under the church "Contact Other Plane" thinks it's in HoW.
  2. I play BGT with BGTtweak v11. Looking over the README Tweak Pack v16 seems to make sense for me... Questions: - Should I uninstall the BGTtweak first? - Will I ever need it again? TIA
  3. My conclusion: Both authors of IWDinBG2 will not continue their work, because they think the coming IWD:EE will be much better. At least one of them will overthink the decision, if there is no IWD:EE next summer. That's without any doubt their right and I will not discuss that. But the decision should be published in the G3-News. (It's very frustrating to test a program, send bug reports, and hear about the abandoning after.) ----- After testing IwDinBG2, and following the discussion here my decision is clear: - After the BG1:EE disaster I have no trust in Beamdog. Means: I will not buy IWD:EE in the near future. - I never wanted an BG2-IwD (but an IwD with a better UI and more classes). - I like IwD and will play it (with some mods) furthermore.
  4. Very wrong: Everyone can test (and play) IWDinBG2, IWDEE is just a rouse... ... and btw: People paid for a finished BG1:EE. What they got was buggier than the first release of BG1! I would pay for good work, but not for beta-testing! If the authors of IWDinBG2 would sell a final version ("all known bugs removed") for p.e. $10 for beta-testers, I would buy.
  5. One difference: IwD_in_BG2 exists, IWDEE does not.
  6. Any idea when IWDEE will be available? Please no "when it's ready"... at least a "not before". TIA
  7. Kuldahar Pass is available only from Kuldahar.
  8. Bugs: - In dialogs the name of the NPC is unreadable. - Sorcerers can not get "Protection from Petrification." - Sorcerers can not get "Dimension Door".
  9. I play BGT since years... and seeing BG1EE doesn't give me any trust in Beamdog! At least a patch to make the dialogs in "Luremaster" visible would be very nice... TIA
  10. ... or a new bugfix? TIA (In v8 I played IwD without any problems (only minor bugs), HoW with some more bugs (at least one serious, but solvable with console commands), and TotL which isn't usable at all because all NPCs speak withot text (but responses - try 1 - are possible).
  11. (I'm playing Heart of Winter as new game with an imported savegame.) At Lv13 I deteteced: I can turn into the Slayer... Not really: Clicking on the button you are NOT asked, get the "show" but you don't transform and don't lose reputation. SO13.zip
  12. (I'm playing Heart of Winter as new game with an imported savegame.) 1. Hjolldar says the last sentence of the greeting (at game start) and teleported away. After I "recalled" him with "Create Creature", he responded as he should. 2. He offered to take me back to Kuldahar with makes no sense if the game was not started there.
  13. Bug reports - Having "Druid Immunities" (HMA) I was level drained. 8-((( - Having "Clarity" (HMA) I was charmed. Feature Request - Spell selection is now near unmanageble (p.e. "Iron Skins": 6 clicks, "Horrid Wilting": 8 clicks, "Tornado": 9 clicks). It may help (a Little), If you could move on the selection bar from Lvl. 1 to 9 also.
  14. Are there any descriptions? p.e. for "Blinding Eye" and "Contagiou Eye"? TIA
  15. Sorry, I didn't know that bugs are a problem of worldview... Again, I like the mod... ...but although I like it there are bugs - sorry! e.g. - A funtion to set XPs should set XPs right. - Spells like contingency or spell squencers should show possible selections once, not often. - Some spell descriptions speak of GS', some of druids or priests... - btw. Is there any difference between "Ghost Armor" and "Improved Ghost Armor"? It's a good mod and none of these (small) bugs makes it unplayable. IMO bug reports help authors o improve their work.
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