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  1. Thanks for explanation. Unrelated question, I just noticed... this version of Imoen comes with what I consider an extraordinarily powerful ability/set of immunities... this isn't outlined in the mod description afaik and it seems beyond the scope of the mod's intended purpose. Is it possible to make it an optional component? Or is this necessary in order to not break the rest of the game (i.e. Imoen perma dies and the party ends up in Spellhold without her)? I also noticed Imoen seems to lose her proficiency in quarterstaff at some point in ch2; it's possible that another mod I have installed may be effecting weapon proficiencies somehow, but I'm wondering if there's something in Imoen4Ever that might affect this, as it seems to be happening only when I have this mod installed.
  2. As I've posted on Beamdog's forums, I love the idea of a mod that makes it possible for a MC that cares about Imoen's well-being to be able to experience the game's content more thoroughly without breaking character. I really wish Bioware had done something like requiring a number of mcguffin artifact items to be collected during chapter 6 in order to restore your soul; i.e. you have to explore the world more thoroughly with Imoen in the party (thus you explore some in ch2/3, do the rest after picking up Imoen). This mod handles the problem in a different manner that can potentially result in some problems/conflicts with mods (I've found one or two examples, will post later), but still it's an improvement over vanilla's handling of a major hole in the game design. There are still quite a few dialog files from the vanilla game that mention Imoen/a friend being locked away, even though she's right there next to you in the party. Here's a list I've compiled so far: -Black Market Thief in the Slums (fence standing next to temple of Ilmater, appears at night) -Bylanna (the woman that's in charge of the Delryn murder investigation, inside counsel building) -Chief Inspector Brega -Rayic Gethras -Sir Ryan Trawl -Jermien (the mage in Umar Hills that's building a golem) -High merchant Logan of Trademeet -Samuel Thunderburp, owner of Five Flagons Unrelated question: it looks like there's added dialog branch for Gaelan Bayle ("Coo, your friend found her way back to you"), but 2 of the responses have as conditions that "Imoen2" needs to be in party/seen by Gaelen, but isn't Imoen2 unavailable with Imoen4Ever installed? Kudos.
  3. Wow, someone is off to a great start with the New Year. That's a hefty kittylitterful of assumption (and possibly some projection going on). "!=" is a very commonly used shorthand on the internets. I'm sure OP recognizes and understands what it is without any of us having to pretend to be a 'mathematical genius'.
  4. Tweaks Anthology != aTweaks... Not sure what you're exactly asking, but regarding the Tweaks Anthology component that adds bags of holding, the readme tells you exactly what and where you can purchase various containers. 'Bags of holding' in this case refers to various different kinds of containers that serve a similar purpose, not necessarily the actual Bag of Holding.
  5. I assume by 'spellpack' you're not talking about Spell Revisions. Messing around with non standard spell packs definitely could be causing trouble for you installing the SCS component.
  6. #1 Pretty sure you'll need to install general AI first (but not 100% certain; readme I think clarifies). Just turn it down to lowest difficulty/dumber AI setting if you're nervous about the difficulty. #2 It means you can buy those scrolls at the shop locations, and find the scrolls on the named enemies (after you defeat them).
  7. Assuming that BOTH the IESDP and Balursgate wiki didn't screw it up... it does. Level 21 is where unmodded THAC0 for warriors reaches zero. Note I typed 'BG/BG2/ToB' - BG1's 2da (not surprisingly) didn't go up past level 20. Unmodded Thac0 for priests, rogues, and wizards are also a tiny bit better than the PnP caps, which corresponds with Warriors going to zero. Bottom line, the current mod component version is an odd mish mash that doesn't fit the readme description or PnP rules, and penalizes Warrior classes while boosting everyone else, which seems to go against the spirit and ruleset of both PnP and CRPG. https://baldursgate.fandom.com/wiki/THAC0#comm-38164 https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/files/2da/2da_bgee/thac0.htm
  8. https://www.purpleworm.org/rules/ According to this compilation of 2e rules (which includes the High Level Campaigns supplement content), Thac0 goes to 1 for warriors at level 20 (and apparently even at higher levels it's capped at 1). Unmodded BG/BG2/ToB goes to 0. Well known fact that the ruleset for BG2/ToB levels past 20 are kind of all over the place, very loosely based on 2e high level supplementary rules. The description of this mod component indicates it goes to negative digits. Instead, it stops at 1 like PnP... for WARRIORS. Strangely enough, it does not follow 2e high level rules on Thac0 caps for non warrior classes (Priests are supposed to stop at 8, rogues 11, Wizards at 14 per the High Level Campaigns supplement) Result: chaos and confusion, much gnashing of teeth. Takeaway: the component needs to be renamed "RE-NERFED THAC0 tables to match PnP for Warriors but UN-NERFED for everyone else..." i.e. Don't install this component in it's current incarnation.
  9. Gibberlings Anniversary was a neat, fun mod of smallish scope that didn't disrupt the overall gameplay experience (which is an important criteria for me; too many mods try to do too much and ruin the overall gameplay). Can't tell you anything about the second mod; never even heard of it.
  10. First one is here, seems to be an issue with Un-nerfed thac0 component: Second, would love to see a return of The Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor (Galactygon) component, since 1PP does not currently install on EE games without a hack. It's a fairly easy hack found here - https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1109064#Comment_1109064 - but still, it's good work, please consider making it easily available at least until the author of 1PP makes the component available for EE someday. Thanks for the outstanding work on the mod in general.
  11. Thanks but the issue isn't getting the 2da file fixed on my install, that's easy enough to do. I'm mostly wondering what's going on with this component, why it doesn't go down to zero, whether it's been confirmed that values below one or zero cause problems, etc. [edit] Also, your version has progression for warrior classes not improving incrementally each level consistently; it improves every other level starting at level 16 for pure Fighters, 17 for other warrior classes, etc. I'm sure you have your reasons why but it's not consistent with either vanilla progression nor the un-nerfed table and is instead a custom/homebrew table. That's perfectly fine to do for your own installation certainly, just might want to warn people when offering it publicly. Cheers.
  12. Curious about this as well; Thac0 should go down to zero as it does in vanilla/unmodded. Currently it stops at 1; the result is that the component is a slight nerf for warrior classes compared to vanilla, which surely isn't an intended effect, not to mention being completely out of line with the readme description.
  13. Very interesting tactical option; surprise is HUGE in both RL and tabletop combat. Would like to give this a shot on my next playthrough/clean install. Kudos.
  14. Oof... Someone dropped the ball a little. Still, thanks for updating the download page finally... better late than never I suppose, although it's too late for my current run (installation order has it before SCS and other major mods; there's no way I'm reinstalling all those at this point). Hopefully I won't run into serious bugs still running version ... 2... holy cow... that's 6 updates that have been MIA for who knows how long. This is a highly underrated, conceptually wonderful mod imho, much better than 90% of NPC related mod content out there; some of the writing/characterization is arguably better than Beamdog/EE added NPC content. It's a real pity that it's being treated like a one legged stepchild (no recent updates/bugfixes, newer version not available for download etc.)
  15. Odd question... such a feature has nothing to do with SCS. It's like watching someone walk into a restaurant and ask "Can you guys custom paint my car?" Might want to check out Beamdog's forums and look in their UI modding section, though nothing rings a bell.
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