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  1. Recommendation would be to skip installing Almateria's mod for now, given the author indicating most recent version seems to have 'broken something', until the mod is supported/fixed at some point. Or substitute version 8.2.7 for 8.2.8... Or if you're feeling up to it, here's a temporary fix from the mod author: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/59291-almaterias-restoration-proyect-error/ 8.2.7 can be found here: http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/1053-almaterias-restoration-project/ I think the safest bet is to replace 8.2.8 with 8.2.7 and patch with BWS/Big World Fixpack. [edit] It looks like she may have fixed it after all. http://www.shsforums.net/topic/56026-almaterias-restoration-project/page-22
  2. @agb1 So RSPIRIT/ Mairyn should be fine, even if atta and madulf do need to get tweaked? Or are you saying none of them should be impacted by the change I made? Because the change definitely worked in my install...
  3. Seems as if changing the bit from ar1100.bcs: IF Global("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",3) !Dead("uhogre01") !Dead("uhboy01") THEN RESPONSE #100 ActionOverride("uhboy01",MoveBetweenAreas("AR1106",[833.1226],5)) ActionOverride("uhogre01",MoveBetweenAreas("AR1106",[711.1162],4)) SetGlobal("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",4) END to resolved this issue. There's another line in ar1100.bcs apparently modified by NPC strongholds: ActionOverride("RSPIRIT1",SetNumTimesTalkedTo(1)) given the above I'm concerned this line (or any others that use ActionOverride followed by the name of the cre file) might not function correctly for similar reasons; hopefully it's only when MoveBetweenAreas specifically is called for...
  4. Valygar has Ranger stronghold. Madulf isn't in the cave like he's supposed to, while Atta is, breaking the conversation involving Valygar, Madulf, and the boy. ar1100.bcs shows: IF Global("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",3) !Dead("uhogre01") !Dead("uhboy01") THEN RESPONSE #100 ActionOverride("uhboy01",MoveBetweenAreas("AR1106",[833.1226],5)) ActionOverride("uhogre01",MoveBetweenAreas("AR1106",[711.1162],4)) SetGlobal("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",4) END atta.bcs shows IF OR(2) Global("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",3) Global("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",4) !Dead("uhogre01") Global("MadulfLeft","GLOBAL",0) AreaCheck("AR1100") THEN RESPONSE #100 MoveBetweenAreas("AR1106",[833.1226],5) SetGlobal("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",4) END as well as IF Global("OgronAttack","GLOBAL",1) Global("MadulfIsPresent","GLOBAL",1) AreaCheck("AR1100") THEN RESPONSE #100 MoveBetweenAreas("AR1106",[833.1226],5) END Madulf.bcs shows IF OR(2) Global("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",3) Global("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",4) Global("MadulfLeft","GLOBAL",0) AreaCheck("AR1100") THEN RESPONSE #100 ChangeAIScript("",CLASS) MoveBetweenAreas("AR1106",[711.1162],4) END and IF Global("OgronAttack","GLOBAL",1) AreaCheck("AR1100") THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("MadulfIsPresent","GLOBAL",1) ChangeAIScript("",CLASS) MoveBetweenAreas("AR1106",[711.1162],4) END Also I'm seeing this bit in ar1100.bcs: IF Global("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",2) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("KishDelonSpawn","GLOBAL",3) CreateCreature("rogron",[1854.1387],14) CreateCreature("RORCA01",[1758.1453],14) // Orc Archer CreateCreature("RORCA01",[1822.1481],14) // Orc Archer CreateCreature("RORCS01",[1750.1534],14) // Orog CreateCreature("RORCS01",[1663.1536],14) // Orog CreateCreature("RORCS01",[1613.1450],14) // Orog END There's no such cre file as rogron.cre; in a vanilla installation it's rorcl01; not sure if this might cause (related or unrelated) problems (in fact NI gives about 10 warnings about key names and resources not being found in ar1100.bcs, including not only rogron but uhogre01 and uhboy01)
  5. Such a classy post, directed towards someone who isn't around/active anymore and won't respond.
  6. bump? I'm guessing this is so that the various 150+ affected spells in cddetect.2da are detectable while the spell duration is in play, but with spells like raise dead and resurrection this seems unnecessary or at least shouldn't be permanent... I just want confirmation before I remove the opcode from these 2 spells and the needless proficiency from the npc's in the save file.
  7. both Raise Dead SPPR504.spl and Resurrection SPPR712.spl get modified by Oversight's Tougher Sendai component; it seems that recipients of the spell permanently get extraproficiency20 assigned to them after they are brought back to life. Is this intended design and if so why/what does it do? I'm assuming this is intended since a file named cddetect.2da exists in the Oversight folder which seems to contain a list of (over 150) spells and opcodes/stats that get added to them, including: SPPR504 233 0 134 32 SPPR712 233 0 134 32 opcode 233 assigns a new proficiency, 134 is proficiency 'EXTRAPROFICIENCY20' in my install.
  8. BWS apparently is set up to install Oversight's Sendai component before BG2Fixpack... possibly because of Oversight's tendency to overwrite as opposed to append files
  9. Minor issue, purely cosmetic, but the female elven captive Siene that Xan rescues has a male soundset. It's somewhat amusing ("Sweet, we just rescued 3 beautiful elven women... hey, is that a guy?!) but since she's the only NPC out of the 3 rescued ones that seems to have a soundset that triggers, might be worth fixing.
  10. I don't mean to offend but those portraits (and most of the ones out there of Coran) ... make my eyes bleed. The Owen Wilson one looks really badly patched together in particular; imagining that version as a lady's man is laughable. Amok's version from the BG1NPC Portrait mod might decently represent a pseudo-slickster elf that's 'too attractive for his own good' per BG1NPC's own description; plus he has that smug look. Regardless I personally install this into the override for coran replacement portrait: Fits him much better imo than that... thing that looks like someone stepped on O Wilson's face (especially with CHA enhancement items equipped). I've also been informed the tattoos/face painting on the original portrait are Shadow Thief of Amn markings; makes no sense Coran would be openly sporting such unless he wanted to paint a bullseye on his back (for rival guilds, the Flaming Fist, and the actual Shadow Thieves who are in Baldur's Gate) That version can be found in this mod (not a fan of the other portraits, just the one Coran's seems well suited): http://www.shsforums.net/topic/55677-paintbg-introduction-and-samples/ Going by DnD/Forgotten Realms lore, elves and half elves in general should look a little more presentable than what bioware gives us (Kivan gets a few decent portrait choices between default and mods, ironic considering his CHA is the lowest among elven party NPCs)... Personally recommend this for Jaheira (from Phaere's NPC Portraits mod link: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/57831-phaeres-npc-portrait-pack-v4-a-mod-from-phaere-and-rastor/ ) A nice one I use for Aerie:
  11. Yep, that seems to do the trick (swapping the action order); console jumped party from early save to cloakwood, got the quest, etc. did the quest in the same order as previously (killing the head shadow druid before encountering beador) just to make sure, encountered andarthe and got him to surrender, accepted, went inside and the captive NPC gets spawned properly, indicating global is being set properly. Quick and dirty fix for NI users unable/unwilling to wait for hotfix/update: in X#Andart.dlg, change Action 0 DestroyItem("MINHP1") SetGlobal("X#AndSurrender","GLOBAL",2) to SetGlobal("X#AndSurrender","GLOBAL",2) DestroyItem("MINHP1") This is a pretty significant and probably not widely known detail regarding how the game engine handles global variables in these situations; I wonder if there are other bugs are out there in the wild that might be similar in nature? Also got Beado1.cre to not crash the game by addressing the missing quarterstaff animations issue with 1pp (set up a temp/new install with component 210 of 1PP installed, copied over relevant missing bam files) http://www.shsforums.net/topic/58532-heads-up-on-1pp-component-dependency/ All is well, thanks for the help AstroBryGuy!
  12. Seems quite possible; like I said the dialog fired properly and in order, everything seemed to work as it should, except for the global variable being set. I suppose I could try swapping the action order and going to the earlier save, using cluaconsole to jump the party to the cloakwood and see if I can get the quest to trigger, etc to test.
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