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  1. Sorry for the lack of infomation , stupid newbie mistake Iam using windows verison, I tried to re-install it again and this is the Debug from there I know there could be some spell duplications form the spell pack which I didnt have in the first install . Sorry for the mistake I hope it can be some help
  2. Been a long time lurking its great to see the updates on this mod. good luck hope it goes well
  3. Hi there when I loaded the divine spells part of this mod I got this error when loding for my copy of BGII ERROR: Failure("resource [%IWD_IMPERVIOUS_SANCTITY_OF_MIND_RES%.spl] not found for 'COPY'") I really like the mod and its great to see the spells IWD in the game it makes certain schools feel more balnced thank you. I look forward to seeing the divine spells soon.
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