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  1. It's a -6 penalty! Even fighters/monsters drop easilly with it. Definitely worth a 7th level slot. I'm also not keen on save or nothing, but this does damage even on a succesful save. A sorc has probably 5-6 disintegrates if he needs it, using level 6 spell slots. He has level 7, 8, 9 spell slots as well. How many fingers of death is the party cleric going to want to memorize in his top spell slots just to (potentially!) take out the mage 2 rounds earlier than the melee would have done anyway? I only disintegrate vamps, liches, and potentially mind flayers anyway--things I don't want melee t
  2. After looking at the SR v4 list of changes: Blade Barrier: Since my two divine casters are a fighter-cleric and Jaheira, I mostly considered the spells from a melee-priest/buffer point of view. I think it would be good to consider the usefulness of spell lists for various types of characters. Melee priests are quite common anyway, what with Jaheira and Anomen in vanilla. The problem with Blade Barrier is its party-unfriendliness. Maybe I'm being lazy, but unless I'm in a real slugfest of a fight--which doesn't really happen since hit points/damage are never the main obstacle at higher lev
  3. In general, I'm underwhelmed by level 6 and 7 divine (especially cleric) spells. Level 6: Aerial servant and Wondrous recall are the best of level 6 I can imagine Blade Barrier being good though I never use it Bolt of Glory is underpowered. Even if used just for fiends, 55 avg damage is barely 3 hits, no way I'm wasting a level 6 spell for half a round of one character's swings--barely worth the time casting it. Not to mention Fiends all have SR, so you probably wont even do that damage. Against Undead and below it's not even worth considering. 36 damage is ONE hit from Daystar Control
  4. Been playing with SCS, this is by far the better way of doing it. For one, you have to wait until they do something to even show up, so they still have like a round or so of "full" invisibility. Second, you can't miss. Third, I don't think they should all be AOE; this gives RRR and Spell Thrust a niche.
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