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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day!
  2. I can take the file if you don't mind it taking longer than usual.
  3. I've got some time, so you can throw it my way if you like.
  4. I voted Heir first, Curse, then Chimeras. That sounds like an excellent idea. Maybe by the time you're done I'll actually have time to play!
  5. Adding yet another belated Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!
  6. I have Valeero in my party (along with Nord, Hildury, Peony, and Salomeya) and am able to give Reig on the docks a healing potion before I get to the warehouse in Targos. Valeero's interjection about the potion (Aha, here it is. This healing brew is just...) triggers shortly after talking to Reig the first time. I'm not sure if this was intentional on your part; from her interjection it didn't seem quite right. I also have an option to give the healing potion to Reig talking to him the first time if Valeero is dead in party.
  7. I'm finally going to be able to start the game with a male PC. I plan on having both Peony and Salomeya in the party. Which romance would you like me to test?
  8. I had Female PC, Jaemal, Rizdaer, Nord, Salomeya, Diriel (chose Diriel for poll). Romanced Jaemal until I accepted Diriel's proposal.
  9. Finally finished my game where I accept Diriel's proposal and reject Jaemal/Rizdaer. Everything seemed to work fine - the romance with Jaemal/Rizdaer ended and could not be restarted and I got all of the correct epilogues. Will start a Peony/Salomeya run tonight. Quick notes on the epilogues: In Nord's Hildury was mentioned prominently. It just seemed a little odd since I did not have her in party and I don't recall any discussion/info about her except in his biography. Also, in Rizdaer's nonromance epilogue there was an instance of Mavalon. Is this supposed to be Malavon? Salomeya's Saablic Tan interject has Thavian instead of Thayvian. Nord chp 6 talk: 'Don't know if that what he was after, but your lord father put you through a first rate bloodbath.' should be 'this was what' PC choice: 'If slaughtering hundreds in the savage lands is what takes to gain his approval, I shall do it.' should be 'what is takes' N: 'Sir Gorest of Logny, he gave me a taste of what it really is to forget one own self...' one's own self
  10. In the Eight Chambers for the Black Raven monastery, Jaemal's and Rizdaer's interjections interrupt teleporting the PC to a chamber but you can talk to the monk again to proceed. Nord-Jaemal talk in chp3: Jaemal says he teleported 4 people in his escape, but wasn't it only 3? Also, Chessentan should be Chessentian. In Salomeya's talk with the PC about the pirate ships there is a part that repeated for me. It was 'Any hot-blooded woman would be considering that she could become the new Alzavir... Why are you roaming knee-deep in snow?' I think I chose a PC option of asking how she ended up with pirates if she's of royal stock. Small loop in Jaemal LT6: You can get back to 6.1 again if you choose to tell Jaemal he's observant in 6.3, then choose option of 'I think you are very noble for trying. I doubt Salomeya appreciates it, though.' Salomeya chp3 NPC banter: Starts with 'Ah we have a moment of peace finally'. In this one Salomeya mentions Hildury, but I've never had Hildury in the party or any mention of her. Another place a mention of Hildury comes up is in a Jaemal-Nord banter. J asks Nord about the Order and Nord says he's better off asking Hildury. Seems a little odd since there is no real mention of her if she's not in the party. 1. Nord interject with Nym: 'Damn you, drow. Are you luring us in a trap?' into 2. Jaemal LT7: PC choice 'This cannot go on... it will not cancel the fact you're a eunuch.' Suggest change instead of cancel. 3. Rizdaer-Hadbruki interject: H- 'By the great ravens, I probably will, but not before I live our fifty more...' out 4. Diriel PID response: 'Poluted air makes my throat dry.' Polluted 5. Jaemal flirt: 'I can make fire appear before my eyes... but no fire is brighter that which I see in you. Should be 'brighter than that which' 6. Salomeya interject with Harshom: 'I always liked to test men... Some of them are not even far of the mark.' off 7. Salomeya-PC talk about slavery: 'The Thavians, have got it right...' Should this be Thayvians?
  11. I had the same thing happen in my game. If I recall correctly this talk is supposed to happen in Chp2. I could not force talk this through PID anywhere in chp2 and it is now the only talk Rizdaer has, either through PID or his timer, so the romance is stalled for me. Since Riz's romance has not progressed, I don't think I've seen any conflicts between him and Jaemal.
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