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  1. I have found strange behaviour of mages in the latest version (33.7), which was not present in the earlier version (33.4). When mages face someone who is immune to their magic (scroll of Protection from Magic or active berserking) they just stand and do nothing (if character is protected against magic completly) or occasionaly cast some damaging spell on berserker. In the earlier version they constatly move around and try to make the hitting them more difficult. When Tranzing was facing the berserker with active berserking, he was constantly moving, casting magic missiles and when he was out of spells he started to fight with his staff. Now he just stands on the stairs and casts magic missiles but he is not moving and fighting back, which makes him much more easier target.
  2. Is it a bug or intended change that THACO for throwing axes (when they are used as ranged weapons) is modified by both strenght and dexterity bonuses ? It is only dexeterity bonus which is added to THACO in normal (EE) game.
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