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  1. thanks, lefreut, will consider adding it for the next release.
  2. only the older version - Release Candidate 12.2
  3. are you sure your BG2:EE installation has latest official patch applied? Given the warnings (differences in GUI and AR0900.BCS) I suspect you may be on older patch version that is no longer supported. With borked UI.MENU you won't be able to start the compaign properly.
  4. made a pull requst: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/Tweaks-Anthology/pull/31 For EET all BG:EE strings numbers are original strref + 200000
  5. lines with wrong encoding seems to be indeed from BG1NPC Project (or at least the writing looks familiar). Example from traified dialog.tlk uploaded by osoviejo: there are 315 matches of these with following regexp search in notepad++ [^\w\s\d’™“”„”©…|{}&\^\$#//%+–\(\),\.'!@=~?-\[\];:-<>-\\*"—-] no idea what may cause encoding corruption since I'm pretty sure BG1NPC uses iconv for ANSI to UTF conversion which proven to be reliable.
  6. @Graion Dilach, thanks, I will look into it for the next release, wasn't aware about those extra BG2EE_SELECT_RARE1-4 slots.
  7. If it freezes on startup than the problem is most likely in journal entries. Upload dialog.tlk, I may be able to find which string is broken (and once the string is known it will be easy to find which mod added it with a tool like TextCrawler)
  8. thank you, @argent77, new release is up on github. The ffmpeg version I've bundled with EET is quite old and doesn't support arguments you've mentioned (niether time format specified in ms, nor transparency). After checking ffmpeg 4.4 it turns out it weights 3x as much as the old one, so after updating the tool, EET package size would almost double. For this reason I've included dummy file already converted with your code in the package instead. ------------------------------- There is no need to re-install, problem can be fixed by extracting files attached to this post into movies directory. Sorry for inconvenience. movies.zip
  9. first problem was fixed in 13.0, second in 13.1 edit: tiny hotfix update is now available, due to this problem: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1172479#Comment_1172479 edit2: and another one, again related only to code used by SotSC: https://www.weaselmods.net/showthread.php?tid=614&pid=995#pid995
  10. temnix, not sure if you're aware but there actually is official Deathmatch map made by Bioware. All traces of it have been removed from EE releases but leftovers still exists in classic BG2. I was even planning to bring it back at some point (scrapped the idea since Beamdog ignored my request for missing ToBex functionality and overall the mode designed by Bioware with rogue stone collecting didn't seem all that exciting). Here is more info: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/33062/wip-deathmatch-pvp-mod-design-discussion-and-request If you're interested I may try to find those resources mentioned in the topic, probably still have them archived somewhere.
  11. Release 13.1 updated Russian translation by Arcanecoast Team support for Russian SoD fan translation mods installed on BG:EE fixed The Seven Statues achievement (triggered during BG1) fixed worldmap export function (invalid strrefs) fixed BG1NPC compatibility patch fixed chargen biography (not showing up for some classes) fixed EET_modConverter tool (auto cpmvars conversion skipping all files) added EET_PLATFORM_CONVERSION function to EET_functions.tph removed binary (executable) patching (fixes installation on Mac OS and makes the mod compatible with mobile devices)
  12. but this is one of the things done automatically by EET_end (if unique entries are not present in all variants of campaign 2da files). Check your weidu.log to be sure that it's actually installed (after that kit mod).
  13. all IWD2 areas: AR1000: Targos Docks AR1001: Targos Docks - Gallaway Warehouse AR1002: Targos Docks - Targos Warehouse AR1003: Targos Docks - The Salty Dog AR1004: Targos Docks - Firtha Kerdos' Home AR1005: Targos Docks - House AR1006: Targos Docks - Shipbuilder's House AR1007: Targos Docks - Caves AR1100: Targos AR1101: Targos - Town Hall AR1102: Targos - Gallaway Trade Depot AR1103: Targos - Temple Pavilion AR1104: Targos - The Weeping Widow AR1105: Targos - The Weeping Widow - Upstairs AR1106: Targos - Teamster's House AR1107: Targos - Carpenter's House AR1200: Targos Palisade AR1201: Targos Palisade - Meeting House AR2000: Shaengarne River AR2001: Shaengarne Woods AR2002: Shaengarne Woods - Cave AR2100: Shaengarne Pass AR2101: Shaengarne Ford AR2102: Shaengarne Bridge AR3000: Fortress Approach AR3001: Fortress Approach - Goblin Warrens Level 1 AR3002: Fortress Approach - Goblin Warrens Level 2 AR3100: Fortress Courtyard AR3101: Fortress Courtyard - Horde Fortress AR4000: Western Pass AR4001: Western Pass - Oswald's Airship AR4100: Ice Wall AR4101: Ice Wall - Ice Temple - Entrance AR4102: Ice Wall - Ice Temple - Lower Level AR4103: Ice Wall - Ice Temple - Lower Level (Chapter 5) AR5000: Wandering Village AR5001: Wandering Village - Limha's Home Outside AR5002: Wandering Village - Limha's Home Inside AR5004: Cold Marshes AR5005: River Caves AR5010: The Fell Wood - Entrance AR5011: The Fell Wood - Standing Stones AR5012: The Fell Wood - Pond 1 AR5013: The Fell Wood - Pond 2 AR5014: The Fell Wood - Pond 3 AR5015: The Fell Wood - Right 1 AR5016: The Fell Wood - Tree AR5017: The Fell Wood - Trunk 1 AR5018: The Fell Wood - Trunk 2 AR5019: The Fell Wood - Trunk 3 AR5020: The Fell Wood - Cross AR5021: The Fell Wood - Creek 1 AR5022: The Fell Wood - Creek 2 AR5023: The Fell Wood - Creek 3 AR5024: The Fell Wood - Wolves Lair AR5025: The Fell Wood - Other Trunk AR5026: The Fell Wood - Up 1 AR5027: The Fell Wood - Up 2 AR5028: The Fell Wood - Up 3 AR5029: The Fell Wood - Up 4 AR5030: The Fell Wood - Heart of the Forest AR5100: River Caves - Level 1 AR5101: River Caves - Level 2 AR5102: River Caves - Level 3 (Exit) AR5200: Black Raven Monastery AR5201: Black Raven Monastery - Level 1 AR5202: Black Raven Monastery - Level 2 (The Eight Chambers) AR5203: Black Raven Monastery - Level 3 (Raven Tomb) AR5300: The Underdark AR5301: The Underdark - Drider Caves AR5302: The Underdark - Z'hinda Citadel AR5303: The Underdark - Exit AR6000: Kuldahar Pass AR6001: Kuldahar AR6002: Kuldahar Pass - Hrothgar's Glen AR6003: Kuldahar Pass - Hrothgar's Glen - Crypt AR6004: Kuldahar - Conlan's Smithy AR6005: Kuldahar - Iselore's House AR6006: Kuldahar - Iselore's House Upstairs AR6007: Kuldahar Pass - Oswald's Airship AR6008: Kuldahar Pass - Watchtower AR6009: Kuldahar - Orrick's Tower AR6010: Kuldahar - Temple of Ilmater AR6050: Chult AR6051: Chult - Serpent's Lair Temple AR6100: Dragon's Eye AR6101: Dragon's Eye - First Level AR6102: Dragon's Eye - Second Level AR6103: Dragon's Eye - Third Level AR6104: Dragon's Eye - Exit AR6200: Fields of Slaughter AR6201: Fields of Slaughter - Exit AR6300: Severed Hand AR6301: Servered Hand - First Floor AR6302: Servered Hand - Second Floor AR6303: Servered Hand - Third Floor AR6304: Servered Hand - Forth Floor AR6305: Servered Hand - Third Floor - Final Battle AR6400: Severed Hand - Wizard Tower AR6401: Severed Hand - Wizard Tower - First Floor AR6402: Severed Hand - Wizard Tower - Second Floor AR6403: Severed Hand - Wizard Tower - Third Floor AR6500: Severed Hand - Cleric Tower AR6501: Severed Hand - Cleric Tower - First Floor AR6502: Severed Hand - Cleric Tower - Second Floor AR6503: Severed Hand - Tyrannar Brutai Mar's Lair AR6600: Severed Hand - Officer Tower AR6601: Severed Hand - Officer Tower - First Floor AR6602: Severed Hand - Officer Tower - Second Floor AR6603: Severed Hand - Officer Tower - Arboretum AR6700: Severed Hand - War Tower AR6701: Severed Hand - War Tower - First Floor AR6702: Severed Hand - War Tower - Second Floor AR6703: Severed Hand - War Tower - Aerie AR6800: Severed Hand - Broken Sky Bridge to Mage Tower
  14. Action function for generating associative array listing all files inside specified path and all its subdirectories. https://github.com/K4thos/IE-code-repository/blob/master/generate_filelist_array.tpa Example usage: LAF GENERATE_FILELIST_ARRAY STR_VAR path = EVAL ~%MOD_FOLDER%~ RET_ARRAY filelist_array = filelist END ACTION_PHP_EACH filelist_array AS filepath => extension BEGIN PRINT ~%filepath% => %extension%~ END
  15. Thanks for testing. Looks like @subtledoctor was right than. In such case I will remove binary patching in next release and achieve the same outcome via EET_end resource patching (bianry patching only prevents some hardcoded spells and movies from triggering, so it should be doable once all other mods modifing said files are already installed). This should also help playing on mobile platforms where there is no way to patch executable file.
  16. you sod save won't be supported dual class her manually and add the remaining stuff via clua console: https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/appendices/clua/bg2.htm edit: or for easier editing you could use one of the save editor tools: https://baldursgate.fandom.com/wiki/Save_Editors
  17. That would be appreciated, thanks! List updated, thanks! The problem is not only with author not minding it but having these changes officially integrated. I'm not interested in providing alternative versions and download locations for mods that were unofficially updated since that equals becoming new maintainer for updated mods (while I'm ready to provide bug fixing support for changes I've made until enough players finish the mod on EET without problems, it's not the same thing as becoming mod maintainer going forward). @Gwendolyne, I've pushed compatibility patch for it directly on github. https://github.com/SpellholdStudios/Neera_Expansion/pulls as mentioned in readme file:
  18. please provide exact relative patch to game binary (including filename), starting from directory with chitin.key. most likely it can. The file is just not found in the expected directory.
  19. I've reviewed mods mentioned by Endarire and can confirm all of them, sans BG1UB and ToB-Tourist, have EET native support. mods added to native EET compatibility section: - Adventures in Papperland - Baldur's Gate 1 NPCs in Shadows of Amn - Bolsa Merchant - Darron the BG2 Thief Guild Vendor - Demon Summoning Ritual - D's Odd Quest Mod - Heart of the Wood (Item) - Heroes, Thieves, and Moneylenders - Hubelpot the Vegetable Merchant - Improved Haer'Dalis Swords - Jan's Alchemy - Jini Romance - Keyring: A Mod for the Orderly - Kit Le Rôdeur de l'ombre (Shadow Ranger) - Lore from Learning - Luxley Family - Quayle BG2 - Ratatoskr and BCaesar's Multi-Mod: All Things Mazzy, Clara (Human Hexxat) NPC, Darkside Anomen, and more - Red Dragon Summoning - Rjali NPC Mod - Ruad Ro'fhessa Item Upgrade Mod - Saradas Magic II - Shuri Ninja Kit - SoD to Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition Item Upgrade - Stuff of the Magi - The Jerry Zinger Show - The Longer Road - The Slithering Menace - Under-Represented Items - Valerie NPC for Baldur's Gate I - Weasels! - Wilson Chronicles mods removed from BG:EE compatibility section: - Valerie NPC for Baldur's Gate I (has native support) True, should have consulted it first, sorry. Looks like Garrick: Tales of a troubadour is the most glaring example of these install order problems, from the remaining 18 mods installable on BG:EE. As mentioned I'm planning to work on native patches for those mods. Already finished one for GTotT v1.26 and sent email to mirandir with request for its internalization (of course also offering support for these changes in case EET players will notice some problem). Updated tp2 file is attached to this post, in case someone would like to test it now. Keep in mind that the patch is unofficial. If author won't be interested in its official internalization this file will be removed from here. garrick-tt.zip
  20. I think there is some confusion going on in this topic. EET is not dependant upon EEex. It has been updated to patch 2.6 while EEex currently stays at 2.5. EEex is only used for the IWD2 portion of unrelased IWD-in-EET mod, which is not part of the EET core itself. the goal of proposed change is the exact opposite - dropping official support for installing mods on BG:EE previous to installing EET on BG2:EE (with the option still existing but not endorsed, nor curated in any way with compatibility lists and patches - install whatever you want at your own risk). For every remaining mod on BG:EE installation list (but only those, less than 20 at the moment) I'm offering mod authors help with creating native EET compatibility ready to be incorporated with mod (without breaking compatibility with other platforms) and offer full technical support myself for those changes until enough people confirm that they are bug free.
  21. First of all huge kudos and gratitude to all people that maintain the compatibility list and mod authors/maintainers who bothered to add EET support to mods. @Endarire, that's an impressive list of new mods, I will add them right away., thank you! I think this is not fair take considering compatibility list received more than 100 commits since the start of 2020, which is massive amount of work. It's hard to keep track of everything released (especially if not mentioned in this topic), so some omission are to be expected. Also keep in mind that anyone with github account can propose changes to the list via pull request functionality. -------------------------- In V13 I removed support for installing following mods on BG:EE previous to installing EET on BG2:EE due to native versions existing, which means they should be installed after EET: - BG1NPC Music Pack - Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters - Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters Modification - Thalantyr - Item Upgrade - Indira NPC for BG1 Tutu - Xan's friendship path for BG1 - Coran's BG Extended Friendship Talks for Tutu, BGT, and BGEE - Ajantis BG1 expansion - Finch NPC mod for Tutu, BGT and BG:EE - Gavin NPC mod for Tutu, BGT-WeiDU, BG:EE - Isra NPC Mod for BG:EE, BGT and TuTu Version - Neera Banters -------------------------- BG1 NPC Project installation on BG:EE is still supported despite native version also existing, due to install order required by some mods that don't have EET support (2 Garrick mods that seems to be dependant upon BG1NPC). There are also 2 more mods natively supported, mentioned by Endarire: Valerie NPC and BG1 Unfinished Business. With the current state of things I'm considering introducing following changes: 1. Prepare native patches for the remaining mods myself (now that the list has less than 20 entries it became mangable for me to do so in reasonable time frame, I think) and send them to mod authors. From our conversations I know that at least Lava is interested in adding native support (Verr'Sza NPC, White NPC). cpmvars being used may be harder sell for authors who started modding with EE games, since it adds a bit inconvenience when working with code, but still worth a try. 2. After this removing whole section 1 of compatibility list. If mod doesn't have native support it's considered as not compatible. 3. Removing restriction of what mods can be installed on BG:EE and getting rid of all compatibility patches for those mods (present directly in EET code, mostly NPC transition stuff). Which means any mods will be installable on BG:EE previous to installing EET but this option is not something that is encouraged (or even mentioned anywhere in readme) and is done at player's own risk. Cons: - few less mods considered compatible (not all authors will be interested in incorporating native patches and hosting those patches externally is not a good idea due to mod updates making them not compatible over time) Pros: - easier installation process and less confusion for players (it's often criticized how hard it is to install everything when you have to think about install order on 2 different games) - with mods installation on BG:EE not being curated situation like in the case of fan made SoD Russian translation not being supported (EET complaining that mod is not recognized) won't happen anymore -------------------------- Please share your thoughts if this is good idea.
  22. Installing latest EET on patch 2.5 games will result in similar problems as installing previous EET release on top of patch 2.6 games. So no, it is not compatible. I assume the question was asked because there are mods dependent upon EEex, which is for a foreseeable future, not compatible with patch 2.6. This is a valid concern, imo - for example I value possibilities introduced by EEex much higher than what was added in the latest patch. Installing EEex should be still possible if you keep your Baldur.exe file from your old patch 2.5 EET installation and copy it to new one, so that EEex installator could correctly recognize and patch it. You will miss some engine improvements and fixes but this is the only way to have it installed on top of latest game build. This approach is better than sticking to patch 2.5 games because of many changes and fixes to game files introduced in patch 2.6 (which should still work, regardless of executable version, I think).
  23. I'm afraid I can't reproduce this one - tested on both SoD and BG2:EE GUIs. Anyone else with this problem?
  24. Either what Jarno Mikkola said or you could edit NPC override scripts in Near Infinity. Typical XP scaling code added by Beamdog in EE games look like this: IF Global("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",0) InParty(Myself) XPGT(Player1,1249999) XPLT(Myself,1250000) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) SetGlobal("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",1) ChangeStat(Myself,XP,1250000,SET) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END IF Global("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",0) InParty(Myself) XPGT(Player1,999999) XPLT(Myself,1000000) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) SetGlobal("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",1) ChangeStat(Myself,XP,1000000,SET) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END IF Global("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",0) InParty(Myself) XPGT(Player1,749999) XPLT(Myself,750000) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) SetGlobal("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",1) ChangeStat(Myself,XP,750000,SET) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END IF Global("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",0) InParty(Myself) XPGT(Player1,499999) XPLT(Myself,500000) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) SetGlobal("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",1) ChangeStat(Myself,XP,500000,SET) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END IF Global("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",0) InParty(Myself) XPGT(Player1,249999) XPLT(Myself,250000) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) SetGlobal("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",1) ChangeStat(Myself,XP,250000,SET) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END IF Global("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",0) InParty(Myself) XPGT(Player1,124999) XPLT(Myself,125000) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) SetGlobal("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",1) ChangeStat(Myself,XP,125000,SET) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END IF Global("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",0) InParty(Myself) XPLT(Player1,89001) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) SetGlobal("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",1) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END
  25. thanks, both problems have been fixed locally. grodrigues, keep in mind that BG1NPC Project supports EET natively, so you don't have to install it on BG:EE anymore.
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