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  1. yep, patch 2.5 related issue (the potion now sets local variable, so it has to be imported from BG:EE instead of using BG2:EE version of the same item). Place this file in override and drink the potion as player1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wicm5wjafbuk2xh/POTN47.ITM?dl=1 From what I see in scripts other characters don't have to drink it. Thanks, will be fixed in the next version.
  2. you're using SoD GUI, right? Add this at the beginning of UI.MENU: ` currentHLASelection = nil function chargenHLADescription() if currentHLASelection == nil then return 63817 else return chargen.HLAs[currentHLASelection].description end end function chargenHLAPlusMinusFrame(cell, rownumber) if cell == 3 then if chargen.HLAs[rownumber].canAdd then return currentCellCheck(cell) else return 3 end elseif cell == 4 then if chargen.HLAs[rownumber].canSubtract then return currentCellCheck(cell) else return 3 end end end ` Or you can switch to default GUI that doesn't have this problem. will be fixed in the next version, thanks.
  3. Not sure if this is what you're looking for https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/file_formats/ie_formats/bif_v1.htm https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/file_formats/ie_formats/key_v1.htm
  4. thanks, the above hotfix contains everything that is needed. Will be included in the next version.
  5. Thanks for testing. Definately looks like GOG incremental patch is not working as indented and with stuff like BCS files missing the game would be bugged even without using EET. Just to be sure - these files don't exist in override directory after using GOG incremental patch? (the code that compares the game content ignores override directory, but the fact that BPENDA.2DA was not detected via FILE_EXIST_IN_GAME weidu check suggests that they are not present in game files at all). I think it's GOG who prepares the incremental patches, not Beamdog, so sending the GOG support team a link to this post would be a good idea. In the meantime I will add missing files to the EET package and copy them if needed. edit: skellytz, if there are files in override directory after using GOG incremental patch please use new version of compare_distribution mod and post a missing.txt list again. It now takes override into account, so it will be the exact list of files that I need to add to EET package: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0b3xrctxyv958l4/compare_distributionV2.zip?dl=1
  6. Xam, thank you. Looks like your report contradics skellytz's post which mentions that bpenda.2da is missing in GOG release. Could you please install this code as well and report back if the file is found in your game?
  7. let's do the full comparison. This mod creates "new.txt" and "missing.txt" files based on all the resources present in game in comparssion to Beamdog store release: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0n9kipjvhgzxyol/compare_distribution.zip?dl=1 After the mod finishes comparison whole compare_distribution directory can be safely deleted (it doesn't produce weidu.log entry). The mod should be run on a clean installation of BG:EE+SoD with latest patch (after using modmerge). Before the next release following distributions needs to be tested: - GoG - Steam Thanks in advance. yes
  8. Thanks, argent. 445 files will be most likely the MOS area minimaps missing in Beamdog distribution. No idea about the rest. I've read your topic on Beamdog forums regarding broken STATES.BAM in Steam version. Same problem doesn't exist in Beamdog store distribution... Supporting 3 (or more) different versions instead of 1?
  9. hotfix adds to baldur.bcs what has been added in latest BG:EE patch. Other chapters don't use BALDUR.BCS to increase variable. Looks like my report has been fixed by Beamdog via another chunk of code added to global script: https://support.baldursgate.com/issues/29782 Please re-install the hotfix which now adds all the missing code (hopefully): https://www.dropbox.com/s/sebk2ohnbk0zo6r/chapter4hotfixV2.zip?dl=1 ---------------------- Does anyone still have BALDUR.BCS and BDBALDUR.BCS files from BG:EE+SoD patch 2.3? Just to be sure that no other block has been changed there I'd like to compare them with winmerge.
  10. skellytz, doubt it. Hope it doesn't mean that there are now differences between different versions of BG:EE+SoD in different stores Latest EET version is based on Beamdog store distribution. Please run this code after using DLC-merger in your BG:EE+SoD directory and post what is printed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3249aea2f8bl0bk/BPENDA_check.zip?dl=1
  11. Yep, I can reproduce it. Looks like BG:EE patch 2.5 moved chapter increase from area script to BALDUR.BCS. Here is hot fix (it appends missing code to BALDUR.BCS): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ko6khe8j0bmji33/chapter4hotfix.zip?dl=1 Thanks for reporting it.
  12. please upload save, right before the problem occurs (so before picking up those letters). If you have a save before entering the area upload it too.
  13. because when someone new to modding would see a question: "Should we biff art resources?" "yay! " "nay! " such person would have no idea what it means. The option is there, so that subtledoctor can test PVRZ conversion to format that is supported by mobile devices, nothing else. only wav and art sources are biffed. Stuff that will be edited by other mods always lands in override directory.
  14. thanks for bumping, I've missed this topic It's been a while since I've messed with this code, but will check your test case and report back to you. Even if there is some problem here no mod that uses this function will need to be updated thanks to the fact that the function is loaded from EET directory rather than mod directory.
  15. BSHOP02.CRE is not touched by EET. Extract this archive: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vaf9kietqk3h7rm/change-log.zip?dl=1 1. Run changelog.bat and check if any mod is listed there. Post the list here and upload BSHOP02.CRE located in override directory if the file has been affected by some mod. 2. Use traify-tlk.bat and upload strings.tra file that will be created after using it. 3. Also add a save made near that problematic creature to the package. You can upload files on external site like sendspace.com or dropbox.com
  16. I have no idea what you're talking about (limes?). You were meant to look for macros that are mentioned in the linked file, not compare whole macros.tph file (which contains tens of different macros and functions unrelated to the linked peace of code, some are not even used by EET main component). What you see in the linked lua file is almost 1:1 equivalent to weidu code mentioned there (literally line by line, that's why it looks so ugly). From what I remeber the only change is using data stored in lua tables instead of weidu associative arrays (and those tables are generated from weidu weidu associative arrays, so it's the exact same thing either way). ------------------- ACTION_FOR_EACH spell IN [list of spells] BEGIN OUTER_SET match_var = 0 ACTION_IF (~%spell%~ STRING_MATCHES_REGEXP ~%my_regexp%~) = 0 BEGIN OUTER_SET match_var = 1 END ACTION_IF match_var = 0 BEGIN [apply spell effects to enemy .CREs] END END this is very unoptimized peace of code if you're using it on all cre files. Consider storing in weidu associative array and check if the spell matches via VARIABLE_IS_SET instead of doing the same check tens of times for each cre file. You can find examples in EET macros.tph file how to do it. edit: or just read Mike's explanation: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,29444.msg337277.html#msg337277 edit2: btw. if you're interested in matching exact string use STRING_EQUAL_CASE (STR_EQ in short) instead of STRING_MATCHES_REGEXP, since the latter is likely slower due to regexp evaluation.
  17. the linked file mentions original weidu macro names and file that still has them.
  18. regexp? Weidu is not suited for that. Just for perspective - I've managed to reduce EET install time from 1 hour to about 10 minutes (from which most of it is unbiffing and biffing). Regexp that on clean game took weidu 40 minutes (or close to 2 hours with mods like BG1NPC Project and some NPCs installed on BG:EE) now takes about 10 seconds (exact same code, just in pure lua, which btw. is infamous for slow regexp processing). Of course I'm not expecting that DavidW will switch to lua, just informing that there are indeed ways to optimize mod installation time drastically (if it's really bcs regexp what slows down SCS)
  19. Please upload a save right before entering the room where the jarring hiding can be observed. Should be doable to make it unnoticeable (a matter of additional variable to move him only when the first quest is done, not during the first visit) the thing is that it should not be the case for vanilla game content, no matter what. Based on the fact that the problem seems to be gone after he re-installed the game suggests dialog.tlk corruption in his older installation. This does't seem to be related to EET though. hmm, maybe the mod misses check for EET somewhere. If it uses STRING_SET and considers EET as BGEE, not BG2:EE, this could explain the behavior. edit: nope, nothing in that component affects strings like that: https://github.com/FredrikLindgren/aTweaks/blob/master/atweaks/lib/115-scribe_scrolls.tpa who gives which item and where is controlled by vanilla game scripts and mods that you install. EET itself doesn't change the vanilla behavior (and I have no idea what the vanilla behavior is in patch 2.5). Item importation code has been successfully tested recently.
  20. do you have latest official BG:EE+SoD patch v2.5.17.0? If no - please update your game. (earlier betas or patches are not supported) If yes - where did you download your game (Beamdog, Steam, some other store?)
  21. if you want me to test something proper repro steps are needed. Either step by step explanation how to reproduce it or save game made before this problem happened with explanation what to do to trigger it. After he leave you in Korlasz' Tomb, you can find him in the first area after leaving BG in SoD. He should have his gear equipped (I think, don't remember how it works since it's vanilla implementation, but you shouldn't loose those items). If not, again, please upload save where I can test it (the one in Korlasz Tomb, when he is still in party).
  22. https://github.com/AstroBryGuy/BGEESpawn use "Clone or Download" option to get the latest version. AstroBryGuy forgot to make a new release on releases page. Mod info: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/34840/bgee-leveled-spawns-mod-v0-3-updated-2014-12-27/p1
  23. according to Beamdog not needed in EE patch 2.5: http://blog.beamdog.com/2018/08/updates-to-infinity-engine.html this info should be added to IESDP
  24. Version 1.0 Release Candidate 11 support for BG:EE+SoD patch v2.5.17.0 SoD and BG2:EE UI.MENU patching instead of overwriting, GUI code less intrusive (SoD text style now assigned via M_K#GUI.lua external file) biffing can be skipped with --args-list b flag fixed Mac OS/Linux path to weidu in EET_end component removed changes related to quick saves count
  25. I've made biffing optional to make the conversion possible (new weidu flag will be available in next release). The problem is that unbiffed TISv1 files (I think) seems to have problem with displaying correctly: https://i.imgur.com/wOSkbJY.jpg Considering the problem doesn't exist when all art files are biffed I assume this has something to do with weidu not extracting TIS header correctly. I remember argent77 mentioning --h flag that should be used with --big-get-rest, but it doesn't seem to be supported anymore by weidu (or at least I don't know how to use it correctly). Any ideas? edit: false alarm, forgot to include 1 directory.
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