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  1. yes, I'm using fixpack before resources conversion. I've also considered using fixes mentioned in this topic, but the link to that mod is offline.
  2. if it worked before but now doesn't then Beamdog added or changed something in global script, or maybe the area flag used for this no longer works, some other mod forces game over when player1 is dead, or you didn't start a new game. No idea. If anyone else is interested in making this tweak functional again, as mentioned in the post, the code if free for grab.
  3. thanks, will be fixed in the next version.
  4. I'm not interested in maintaining this tweak anymore, sorry. You can still install it via this upload:
  5. please run this bat file and post here what text is present in "arch_var.txt" file (created by arch_var.bat in the same directory) arch_var.bat
  6. yeah, if item is for normal mode only then normalizing huge ST mods seems reasonable. Maybe even a cap of let's say up to -5 for normal mode and -15 for HoF mode? (penalty lower then this would automatically disable saving throw check during item conversion). From what I see there are no droppable items in vanilla EE games with bigger ST penalties. The only problem with this approach are items droppable in both modes - adjusting those would have to be done on a case-by-case basis.
  7. @bob_veng, could you please elaborate what you mean? The "Save vs. X at -Y negates" form is used in vanilla EE descriptions. Exemples: If you're referring to the amount, which in this case is -14, it may look weird at first, but it makes sense considering most items with such high ST mod values are exclusive to Heart of Fury (Legacy of Bhaal) mode only, in which all creatures have extra 10 bonus to Saving Throws (so the -14 is as effective as -4 when fighting the same monster in non-HoF mode). In IWD2 the save penalties/bonuses information is hidden (which I think is bad considering ap
  8. sure, if you're an artist or find one, feel free to improve icons. Don't forget about red animation on icons, though (not used by EE, but I don't see why mod like this couldn't be released for old engine too) btw. SoD icons suffer from obvious colorloss and transparency problems that Beamdog never addressed. Example: SoD icons have been made with partial transparency applied in some spots (or at least that's by assumption based on the above image), but the outcome file has been saved into BAM v1 format (which is limited to 256 colors for all icons and doesn't support transparenc
  9. Remove effects by resource opcode with the name of the spell in resource field, when placed before other effects, is meant to clean out all effects previously applied by that spell (in order to make them not stack or to reset duration).
  10. @subtledoctor, please re-read the post. Both HoW and TotLM takes place in present day, alongside IWD2. That implementation won't change. On an unrelated note, this may sound weird but I'm not fan of modular mods at all. For example I'm overhelmed by SCS components - majority of times I have no idea which SCS options should I select. I'd prefer SCS options like this tbh
  11. fine by me, I will send you xcf file. this is no longer an issue. Beamdog removed BG city walls from Wyrm's Crossing area. BG1: EE: edit: also according to official maps, Wyrm's Crossing is quite far from the city walls (notice that the distance is of similar size as the city itself) https://prints.mikeschley.com/p996068422/h95973009#h95973009
  12. sure, no problem with releasing more map art variants or using base image, if that option is more popular. I've chosen clothify filter for this showcase since on grainy image differences between different icon art styles seems less prominent. Also if some artist would like to adjust the colors or work further with the base image, PM me. according to the in-game signpost Fire Leaf Forest is in the Cloud Peaks mountain range: also the area is quite rocky and has high probability of snow. On BG:EE worldmap it's located below Nashkeel, which is a town located in northern sl
  13. updated image with icons placement by @Istfemer. As always feedback is welcome. Click for fullsize:
  14. the script runs constantly if all triggers return true. In this case you can use !IsActive("O#QuentinRE1") trigger.
  15. doing otherwise would be against majority of posts in this topic. I promised to take the feedback into account, so yeah, everything will carry over (one way or another).
  16. congratulations on your first mod release! I'm looking forward to trying it in future. Check out github - I've made a little pull request regarding item description.
  17. not sure what's up with this spell since it doesn't exist in either vanilla BG:EE and BG2:EE in patch 2.5. It's also not added by DSotSC. I've removed this reference from the DSotSC, so it should install without errors now.
  18. I only finished classic PST and played PST:EE just a little to test some stuff, so I wasn't aware that many things are hardcoded compared to BG2:EE engine. Thanks for information. What I said in my previous post still stands - the mod like this is feasible in EE 2.x engine from technical point of view (without EEex). I'm just not motivated to work on it, if the only purpose of said work is to make the PST more moddable. As mentioned, if a talented writer with a vision for the mod implementation in BG saga context will be interested in collaboration I can handle the technical stuff.
  19. In case someone is interested, here is a side by side comparision between above mentioned normal and Heart of Fury mode artifacts. https://www.dropbox.com/s/75juiear70ckfqs/normal_hof_list.html
  20. To answer this question I've analysed PST:EE resources. Let's see what's different. - missing actions: 19 JoinPartyEx(I:JoinGroup*Boolean) 29 RunAwayFromEx(O:Creature*,I:Time*AITime,I:NoAttacks*Boolean) 181 ReallyForceSpellLevel(O:Target*,I:Spell*Spell,I:CastLevel*) 181 ReallyForceSpellLevelAnywhere(O:Target*,I:Spell*Spell,I:CastLevel*,I:State*Boolean) 391 ChangeFaction(O:Object*,I:Value*Faction) 391 SetFaction(O:Object*,I:Value*Faction) 392 ChangeTeam(O:Object*,I:Value*Team) 392 SetTeam(O:Object*,I:Value*Team) 393 SetPortalCursor(O:Object*,I:Value*PORTAL,I:
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