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  1. please take a look at quest journal entries. From my brief tests there was some issue with one of journal entries staying in quest tabs after quest is finished. It's not really a problem with this update because the same issue must had been true for old BGT version too, but I can fix it if I know in which part this problem occurs. Unfortunately I overwritten my save by mistake and now can't find out where it happened.
  2. Reference image updated with Fishing For Trouble areas.
  3. Roxanne, thank you for testing. agb1, nice. Are you planning to make it compatible with EET too? If yes than I've just prepared a patch for you with all EET related changes to the FFT code (also listed in Changes.txt): https://www.sendspace.com/file/yvpmpq It's cross platform coding, so these changes won't break compatibility with BG2 and BG2:EE (once you add support for it).
  4. that's hilarious And actually can be done in EE engine thanks to the new AddStoreItem action. I think we could add it into EET Tweaks or a separate mod. Any other ideas?
  5. Reference image updated with The Darkest Day areas. BG2:EE version of this mod will be available soon thanks to shadowlich. File uploaded on dropbox to make it more readable (no jpg compression). Click to enlarge.
  6. I've tested it with all BG:EE and IWD:EE resources inside EET override directory, including uncompressed TIS files (you can force the installer to not biff sounds and graphic resources) which means several GB of data and didn't noticed any slowdawns or load times in the game (at least in Candlekeep and Lion's Way). Anyway the first post has been updated with following entries: Alternatives Edwin Romance Generalized Biffing Haer'Dalis Romance v2.1 Imoen Friendship (SoA & ToB) Item Randomiser v7 dev release dated 160110 IWDification vBeta3 Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2 Mazzy Fr
  7. here is quote from readme: So, like Jarno mentioned it's still a separate story, played with different party, selectable from main menu. We've been thinking about implementing it right into Bhaalspawn storyline, but the idea has been scrapped for now. Here is what was planned (ok, maybe it's not a right word, I came with it after 5 minutes of thinking ) Black Pits: Add a random rumour during any of Tavern visits during BG1 (you know, the text that shows up when you buy a drink) that would mention strange disappearance of the visitors. Than if you would go to sleep in that tavern (flag
  8. You can patch both at the same time, that's why we're setting these variables beforehand. This example probably is more readable: ACTION_FOR_EACH file IN ~IMOEN1~ ~IMOEN2~ ~IMOEN4~ ~%IMOEN6_var%~ ~IMOEN6~ ~IMOEN10~ ~IMOEN15~ ~IMOEN211~ ~IMOEN213~ BEGIN ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~%file%.cre~ BEGIN COPY_EXISTING ~%file%.cre~ ~override~ //do your patching BUT_ONLY END END above example will return correct file names for both BGT and EET but only if you assigned that "IMOEN6_var" like I've mentioned in the first post. If you don't know which variables needs to be set than p
  9. good point. WeiDU-BGEE.log in main directory than.
  10. I think you might need to comment out the part from BGEE so that WeiDU doesn't trip out if you ask it to uninstall everything in the log... I've tried to add mods installed on BG:EE as weidu.log comments but weidu automatically deletes all junk from the file whenever you use it, so it's not possible. we could copy all tp2 files mentioned in BG:EE weidu.log and add these entries manually, just without weidu executables, so players wouldn't be able to uninstall mods present in the log before EET. Hell, we could even copy whole backup directories and rename files existing and mentioned
  11. 1. It's not consistent. Using exmples from previous post: QUAYLE => BGQUAYLE - this one is fine IMOEN6 => IMOEN61 - this is odd one 2. Due to 2 characters prefix there are instances where 7 character filenames had to be changed to fit in 8 characters limit (no common convention, dropping 1 or 2 letters, usually at the end but not always). 3. Area renaming have no bearing on the original BG1 area numbers. You are always forced to use external site for reference 4. It changes much more than it should (for example every single EXIT and DOOR name in area files) 5. BGT appends dialogues
  12. always worth reading the readme file compatibility section that late install order suggestion refers mostly to these components (most of them work globally on files in game, including those from mods): - Adjust XP for Traps, Spells and Lockpicking - Adjust XP for killing creatures - Adjust XP for quests - Party XP for quests distributed individually - Adjust FPS and fix audio skipping in cutscenes - Protagonist can die - Disable hostile reaction after charm - Remove junk from global scripts (this one checks if the script block looks exactly the same as in vanilla - otherwise
  13. Roxanne, could you please upload your BG:EE weidu.log? Also please check which weidu was used in BG:EE directory. White Agnus mentioned that he had some problems with installation receiving "Out of memory" message, so we need to find out if this is problem with the newest weidu beta or maybe EET installation can't handle conversion of so many files at once. edit: never mind, I see that you've posted the log in one of previous posts. And you had both BG1NPC and AJANTISBG1 which triggered the error for WN when installed together. Strange thing. I will try to run an installation with all mods
  14. I've been looking forward for this one. One of the best mods out there. Thank you very much for this effort. if this is the case than why not just use PVRZ instead of TBC? They have comparable sizes and PVRZ can be used in EE engine as it is, no unpacking involved. TIS can be compressed to PVRZ with tile2ee tool. Examples using AR1500 from BG:EE (BG1500 in EET): PVRZ - 6,08 MB PVRZ converted to TIS with tile2ee tool (format supported by BGT too btw.) - 33,6 MB above TIS compressed to TBC with tileconv.exe (file dragged and dropped into exe) - 7.94 MB So overall smaller file si
  15. no idea, but we can change the code to accept both back and forward slash. Wasn't aware that weidu could print it differently. As for the previous post: It would be best to install both of them in the order suggested by BWP, but I doubt it will matter if you install those 2 after EET (so after most of those BG:EE mods) like you did the last time. They won't conflict with anything in BG2 (neither will those mods installed on BG:EE). The only thing that may cause a problem here would be a situation in which some other BG:EE mod have conflict with one of them when installed earlier. And si
  16. To not confuse people I will sort BG:EE mods in alphabetical order. Of course installation order does matter. It's even mentioned in the first post. I will check that Valerie mod, wait a sec.
  17. Like I've mentioned on SHS I'm working on updating NTotSC to work with both EET and BGT at the same time, so a version that hopefully will replace the one currently hosted on SHS. Native support, so installed after EET on BG2:EE or after BGT on BG2. Similar treatment as DSotSC, so modernized tp2 coding, EE engine related changes, cross-platform coding, internalization of all known bugfixes and major item and XP balancing overhaul. Although it's uncertain if this particular update will be even released because author of the original mod (Aurelinus) was not very happy with Sir Billy Bob's conver
  18. IWD-in-EET mod needs Writers IWD-in-EET aims to integrate itself smoothly into the world of Baldur's Gate. In order to achieve this several minor changes have been implemented like the BG like voiced greetings, quest entries that shows as titles instead of text in combat log, sharing the same worldmap as the main game, distributing weapons and spell scroll among the vanilla content etc. It's all for nothing if BG characters themselves are silent when they visit these areas and participate in the story, though. You know, things like Jaheira talking to Arundel, Anomen mentioning giants, Viconi
  19. IWD-in-EET Author: K4thos Contributors: WhiteAgnus, CrevsDaak On the web: Home page and discussion forum Version beta 0.1 (not public yet) Languages: English, Polish, German Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X IWD-in-EET is an add-on for EET that brings the entirety of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, along with some Icewind Dale 2 content, into the world of Baldur's Gate. Taking open world inspiration this content will be available for Bhaalspawn party without silly time travel explanations or far-fetched excuses to get there. Treat it as yet another optional destination on your worldmap
  20. Currently EET Tweaks is only available in English, Polish and German. If you wish to translate the mod, check out the note for translators. Most of EET Tweaks strings are already translated elsewhere, mostly in original games. Check out the comments for strings in English translation, as they often show where to look at for translated string. You can view the English translation online on GitHub: https://github.com/K4thos/EET_Tweaks/tree/master/EET_Tweaks/lang/en_US
  21. Currently EET is only available in English, Polish and German. If you wish to translate the mod, check out the note for translators. Pretty much all new text added by this mod is imported directly from BG:EE TLK files and considering that the game is already available in 14 languages, there are just few kb of text that needs to be translated. You can view the English translation online on GitHub: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/tree/master/EET/lang/en_US edit: Call for translations update for EET 1.0: https://github.com/K...master/EET/lang Following langu
  22. Download links and installation instructions Download: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/releases Initialise EET (setup-EET) Core EET component requires "clean" BG2:EE installation with latest patch (currently v2.3.67.3). Translations and voice-overs are of course allowed but installing other (especially larger) mods that changes DLG and BCS files, before EET, may cause problems with later patching, so it's better to keep the installation as clean as possible. The BG:EE + Siege of Dragonspear installation (patch v2.3.67.3 is required) should be either "clean" installation or with a
  23. Download links and installation instructions Windows Download link EET Tweaks is packaged and installed with WeiDU and is distributed as a self-extracting archive. To install, simply double-click the archive and follow the instructions on screen. Alternatively, the files can be extracted from the archive using WinRAR or 7zip and moved to your game folder. Your game folder should then contain a EET_Tweaks folder and setup-EET_Tweaks.exe. To install, double-click setup-EET_Tweaks.exe and follow the instructions on screen. Please run setup-EET_Tweaks.exe in your game folder to
  24. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) Author: K4thos Contributors: WhiteAgnus, CrevsDaak, AstroBryGuy On the web: Home page and discussion forum Languages: English, Polish, German Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X Link to readme file Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) is a modification that offers several optional tweaks for Infinity Engine games. Mostly related to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) mod, but some are more universal and will work with different games and IE engine versions.
  25. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) Author: K4thos Contributors: WhiteAgnus, AWizardDidIt, CrevsDaak On the web: Home page and discussion forum Version: 1.0 Release Candidate (a version that is nearly ready for release but may still have a few bugs; the status between beta version and release version.) Languages: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X Link to readme file Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) is a modification for Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition that merges whole saga into one game and provides continuity between th
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