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  1. thanks! Looks like the mod author isn't active anymore for more than 2 years.
  2. There are no changes to the cutscene but one of the spell animation (exploding Shadow Thief) is slightly longer. Considering EET doesn't overwrite BG2 spells but the animation looks different my assumption is that one of the vanilla BG2:EE spells must have a reference to not existing resource that is now available after importing stuff from BG:EE. Other than this I didn't notice any oddities with the cutscene but will take a look. Thanks. Indeed I forgot about Irenicus Dungeon Imoen. In vanilla BG2:EE her CRE file uses "IMOEN" dv but after it she always use "IMOEN2" dv. In EET "IMOEN2" dv is always used (just like in BGT btw.), so those few dialogues in Irenicus Dungeon have to be patched during installation. run BG2:EE at least once or create "Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition" folder manually in your documents directory. I will send you PM regarding your installation problems so we can speak in Polish. It's a problem with wrong weidu version. That mod requires latest beta to extract BGEE.LUA. yeah, ALIEN mentioned that he will do some work on EET implementation soon edit: discussion regarding setup-EET_end has been moved to separate topic.
  3. can't reproduce it even though I've installed almost exactly the same installation as you. Save would be very useful in this case. you mean the Garric bug happens on vanilla BG:EE or vanilla EET? ----------- you just found SCS bug The same would happen on Tutu and BGT. This part of code from "stratagems\tactical_bg1\c2end.tpa" ~Enemy() SetGlobal("CDMulahey","AR5405",3) SetGlobal("DMWWMulaheyFight","MYAREA",1)SetGlobal("DMWWMulaheyFlunky","MYAREA",1)~ should be changed to: ~Enemy() SetGlobal("CDMulahey","%NashkelMines_MulaheysCave%",3) SetGlobal("DMWWMulaheyFight","MYAREA",1)SetGlobal("DMWWMulaheyFlunky","MYAREA",1)~ Since it's not related to EET I won't add it directly to the patch to not mess up with Big World Fixpack guys (you know, first you install compatibility patch and than Big World Fixpack on top of it, so implementing fixes may be problematic). --------- Please let me know if you encounter this again.
  4. in such case the installation is fine
  5. I suspect the reason for this is the "weidu.conf" file. Open it up and check if it shows en_us instead of pl_pl. If yes than english TLK file was used instead of polish one during installation. If this is the case than the exact same thing would happen with any other mod. In other words you didn't install the polish translation correctly. But fear not, I've just updated the localization mod, so you no longer need to change anything manually to add Polish language to BG2:EE. Newest TLK files are also included: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/62DOH1BOIJIH ----------- The problem with WMP copying when language is different between BG1 and BG2 has been fixed. Thanks for report. ----------- I'm afraid this was a mistake unfortunately. There are biff files with totally different sizes (often SoD files are much smaller) but with the same names among Data and sod-dlc directory. WeiDU is able to get the most reacent file from both of them. I think your installation may miss some resources. I've changed data/SoDAreas.bif check into movies/sodcin05.wbm and it works fine this way with Steam SoD, so hopefully with GoG version too. Once again thanks for report. ------------- There may be problem with your installation due to above mentioned messed up biff exportation. Any chance for installing it again? Of course I will try to check it out. In future I'd like to request saves for each thing that you report. So, in this case that would be: 1. Copy "saves.tra" and "saves.txt" from your saves directory and send it to me (this way I will be able to run your saves in my game with full language support) 2. Send me each save with odditie as it occurs. For example Garrik can't speak after killing Silke - save before killing Silke; Strange loot in kobolds body - save with dead kobold still there (so I can check his ID in NI) and so forth. Thanks in advance. ------------- Anyway new version is up: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/releases/ Version 1.0 Release Candidate 2 - fixed GOG and Steam SoD support - fixed error message during installation (harmless, so no need to reinstall) - fixed dream script conversion names (shouldn't affect anyone who didn't install BG1NPC Project) - updated compatibility patch for BG1 NPC Project to support latest version (Dynaheir romance component) - new question added to F.A.Q. section of the readme file regarding installation order - improved language support
  6. thanks for report, found the problem. It will be fixed later today with RC2 release. Although the log shows that the installer was trying to install EET using en_US TLK files. BG2:EE doesn't support Polish language officially yet, but installer checks TLK files presence anyway. Did you have dialog.tlk file in lang/pl_PL/ directory when you started the installation? (It's distributed on Beamdog forums). Btw. later today I will also update this mod to properly show Polish language from the options screen (patch 2.x force us to also patch BG:EE LUA to add new language and the mod was released for patch 1.3). Unfortunately viader is missing in action, so the mirror linked in this topic won't be updated for some time. edit this is not really an error. Just a workaround until this feature is implemented in weidu. In future this code will be used: REQUIRE_PREDICATE FILE_EXISTS ~%USER_DIRECTORY%/save/saves.tra~ @910005 //%USER_DIRECTORY%/save/saves.tra doesn't exist REQUIRE_PREDICATE FILE_EXISTS ~%USER_DIRECTORY%/save/saves.txt~ @910006 //%USER_DIRECTORY%/save/saves.txt doesn't exist but since it can't be implemented yet the check that skips component installation is done directly in code OUTER_PATCH_SAVE USER_DIRECTORY ~%USER_DIRECTORY%~ BEGIN REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition~ ~Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition Trilogy~ END ACTION_FOR_EACH ext IN tra txt BEGIN ACTION_IF NOT FILE_EXISTS ~%USER_DIRECTORY%/save/saves.%ext%~ BEGIN FAIL @910005 //%USER_DIRECTORY%/save/saves.%ext% doesn't exist. Skipping installation. Saves won't be updated. END EN
  7. I'm testing all mods on compatibility list, so if someone wants to be sure to have smooth installation - wait a little bit for results. Just found a bug in latest version of Sirine NPC that messes up installation. Skip this mod in your installation until problem is fixed. Also reported it to author.
  8. Yeah, that dialogue boarder in BG2:EE GUI is a known issue. No idea what MOS, PVRZ, BAM file is that particular one.Maybe one of those weird box1-5.bam files that use PVRZ files differently or something weird like that. Forgot to mention it in release topic since I prefer SoD GUI (you can install it via setup-EET_end) which doesn't have this problem. Are you sure that you didn't remove fpYUV.GLSL file from your override? That's the file responsible for this effect. Please compare content of this file with the one in EET/base/glsl/ directory. not yet RC2 with support for GOG and Steam versions will be released tomorrow (going sleep now) I expected that modmerge extracts files to override rather than unique directory. Thanks for report. The initial area fog works fine for me too. The problematic effect in my game is the one reported on redmine (apparently bug also happens on vanilla SoD although I don't have it there).
  9. Please use my fork for downloading Tweaks Anthology vBeta 4 mod (previously known as BG2 Tweak Pack) instead of official repository for now. https://github.com/K4thos/Tweaks-Anthology There were few changes needed in that mod and they still awaits for CamDawg to push them and release new version. No point in adding separate patch since the commits will be accepted for sure, considering the mod already supports EET natively.
  10. it's at the end of tp2 file: COPY ~%WEIDU_EXECUTABLE%~ ~setup-EET_end%exe%~ ~EET/lib/EET_end.tp2~ ~setup-EET_end.tp2~ copied just to reduce the package size. That exe variable is used because the mod also supports OSX - although someone needs to test if it installs fine on that system.
  11. General installation order: 1. Optionally some BG:EE mods installed on BG:EE available in compatibility list 2. setup-EET on BG2:EE 3. Optionally any other mod with native EET support (including those with patches) installed on BG2:EE (install order using Big World Project list - same as in BGT) 4. Third component of setup-EET_end I will add this information as a separate question in readme file F.A.Q. -------- EET Tweaks ideally should go to step 3 to not make additional exceptions to general rules but considering it doesn't modify dialogs it is safe to be installed at the end if you wish to do so (it doesn't matter). The problem is EET Tweaks mod has't received proper update for new EET features, so some of it's component may not be installable yet or won't work correctly. It will be updated soon to support EET 1.0 RC release.
  12. Thanks El Dunadan for translation. It has been implemented in the package. --------- Call for translations update for EET 1.0 Release Candidate 1: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/tree/master/EET/lang 1. New strings added to 2da.tra. Mostly related to new Campaign Selection feature. Feel free to write them however you wish, no point in keeping it literal, considering these are mostly quotes from marketing materials regarding each game. 2. New file called chapters.tra. This may look scary but 90% of this file are just strings existing in BG:EE and BG2:EE. There is one part where the strings needs to be slighltly modified to presnt them CHARNAME perspective rather than narrator's. 3. 4 new strings in dialog.tra 4. setup.tra now have 21 strings related to WeiDU installation process (so don't use non-English language letters) Thanks in advance! edit: part of post has been removed, it was meant to be posted in different topic Sorry for confusion.
  13. well, if there is no interest from author to implement these changes natively than I won't spend time on updating them every time the new version of mod is released. These patches are meant to be temporary solution.
  14. If the BG2:EE mods version numbers haven't been changed compared to what is in first post than they should work - need testing (I will install all of them later today to find out if patches are still working). There shouldn't be problems with BG:EE mods, even if the version number no longer matches. Some changes: - patch for Imoen Romance Mod v3.4 has been removed from the list - there have been several updates of this mod and my request to implement native support for EET have been ignored, so no point in updating the patch over and over. - there is a new patch for BP-BGT Worldmap - just a new BAM file with SoD and IWD-in-EET icons. I will send it to Wisp soon, so probably won't be needed. Is this still planned? Might it even be available for EET V1.0 RC? yes, although IWD-in-EET mod has priority now. I'm not aware about these tracks. Every single music file from BG:EE, BG2:EE and SoD is in game. If some areas should have restored music let me know what areas and which tracks. The music in EET works exactly the same as in vanilla EE games.
  15. Download: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/EET/releases
  16. I'm ok, indeed Sorry for the long absence. More info in this topic.
  17. see that BG1008 place without icon in the upper west corner? That's the maze island from vanilla Tales of the Sword Coast. There you go, the northern part is not useless the map is currently being worked on by Kirara. Among other changes in new version Baldur's Gate will be presented in an external frame like Athkatla.
  18. correct, BG:EE (even without SoD) and BG2:EE received 2.0 patches. It is required. SoD is an official expansion approved by WoTC, so it's now a part of BG storyline. I don't see long term benefits in fragmentation, especially from modders point of view (access to game resources rather than including them in mod package, simpler code etc.) Also it would be silly to jump from chapter 7 to chapter 13 right after killing Sarevok just like that, which would be the case for those without SoD. btw. I've enjoyed this expansion - I'd suggest giving it a chance.
  19. since the IWD:EE content is already playable and IWD2 content is behind the curve, also considering the full focus is now on EET changes related to patch 2.0 and surrounding events, it's better to keep those IWD2 interjections separate for now. Feel free to write something for Targos but the implementation in game needs to wait for now.
  20. Sounds like a lot fo work. I would offer my help but im devoid of any writing talent even in my first language. Thank you for doing this, keep it up! Indeed, sounds like a hell of a work. I would have never imagined so much dialogue content to be produced for this mod. Thank you for awesome job
  21. Isaya, Graoumf, thanks for the translation. Feel free to make a pull request. How we should credit you in the readme? some of these stuff is used only for debugging (debug file is quite large, so it's easier to have some pointers while analysing it). I will edit French file myself to remove unneeded strings once the tp2 file is traified. Nice to have a list Could you please share this tool?
  22. This report still hasn't been resolved in the latest release. Also I forgot to inform you about override scripts renaming in EET (although mentioned it in your other mods). Since you are expanding override scripts also in creatures added by mods I'd suggest doing it like this instead of assigning additional variables: READ_ASCII 0x248 "script" DEFINE_ASSOCIATIVE_ARRAY table_override BEGIN ~%script%~ => ~dummy~ END and than replace every instance of code that expands scripts, for example: ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~coran.bcs~ BEGIN EXTEND_BOTTOM ~coran.bcs~ ~npc_ee/npcs/coran/coran_bard.baf~ END with this: ACTION_PHP_EACH table_override AS script => dummy BEGIN EXTEND_BOTTOM ~%script%.bcs~ ~npc_ee/npcs/coran/coran_bard.baf~ END ACTION_CLEAR_ARRAY table_override Than you will be able to add whatever CRE files you like without worrying about attached override scripts. ------- out of curiosity - what exactly is wrong with Level 1 NPCs that it can't be updated to EE? Nothing really changed in CRE format, so I can't imagine anything that would need EE engine related changes. Although I didn't check that mod, so maybe I'm missing something.
  23. just place fr_FR directory with TLK files inside BG2:EE lang folder and the new language will show up in the options menu. No need to overwrite existing languages.
  24. I really don't think that's the case.
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