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  1. For a full tutorial on how to make a mod compatible with EET please refer to Modder's Notes distributed with the mod package. Instead of repeating what is already written there this topic is only meant to present overall scope of the required changes and general directions. 1. Mods that doesn't support EE engine at all How-to: Converting existing mods to the EE engine 2. BG2:EE only mods If the mod is compatible with BG2:EE and only has BG2 content than adding compatibility is a matter of minutes. Here are usual steps: GAME_IS weidu command returns true if the IE game variant is one of
  2. This topic has been created to provide an up to date worldmap and areas reference for EET and compatible mods. While the EET itself is fully compatible with the BP-BGT Worldmap, it also comes with it's own unique worldmap that covers all supported games, generated on the fly during EET installation, using areas, links and strings exported directly from vanilla BG:EE and BG2:EE maps. Keep in mind that coordinates for BG:EE areas are provided externally. Whole game is using a single worldmap that doesn't change even in ToB (worldm25.wmp is not used at all). Same is true if you are using BP-B
  3. Post related to BGT / EET / Tutu compatibility. Please read previous one first: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27526&do=findComment&comment=240799 I've run a deep scan and here are files that needs updating when it comes to cross-platform BG1 CRE files (the only BGT related files were IMOEN61 and VICONI61, so I think it's relevant not only to EET but BGT too - see the list in the linked topic): Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: IMOEN6 => IMOEN6_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guil
  4. Another post related to BGT / EET / Tutu compatibility. Please read previous ones first: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27526&do=findComment&comment=240799 http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27573&do=findComment&comment=240802 Here is a result of a scan for this mod just in case these resources refers to BG1 (BG2 ones remains unchanged): CRE: Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance-master/scales_of_balance/components/250_proficiency_overhaul.tpa: VICONI6 => VICONI6_ - cre Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Scales_of_Balance
  5. Hey, I've noticed that you added support for EET in this mod. Thanks. Few things are not perfect yet though. In EET following NPC BG1 creatures are renamed due to conflicting names with BG2 resources: IMOEN6 => IMOEN6_ (IMOEN61 in BGT) QUAYLE => QUAYLE_ (BGQUAYLE in BGT) VICONI6 => VICONI6_ (VICONI61 in BGT) XAN => XAN_ (BGXAN in BGT) XZAR => XZAR_ (BGXZAR in BGT) Also your code is not compatible with tutu at all. That platform renames every single resource in BG1 by adding _ at the beginning, not only for conflicting ones. Overall I think it would be better to assign va
  6. MOD COMPATIBILITY LIST FOR EET -- LINK TO THE LIST -- This compatibility list will be frequently updated. It is highly recommended that you follow what is said in the linked list if you are planning to make EET installation with mods. EET project aims to be a mod friendly platform and tries to get as much support as possible when it comes to compatibility with mods. EET comes with tools and modder resources designed for easier EET support implementation, and I'm offering advices and help with any cross-platform related coding task for already released and upcoming
  7. Awesome. I was planning to open a new topic in bug section to report it. Good to hear that it's a known bug. Looking forward for next patch I can confirm that zeroing wind speed value (50% transparency) in ARE files indeed makes the water look exactly the same as in BG1 and BG2 engine. --- Thank you very much Blaze for sharing this information on IESDP forums. It will be useful for many modders for sure.
  8. Up until now we knew that BG2:EE and vanilla BG2 engine had the same problems with dithered water. With a recent release of tile2ee tool we can now extract PVRZ based files back to TIS format and try to fix water problem when porting dithered water to BG2:EE using additional tis2bg2 tool (for example used by BGT and EasyTutu Degreenifier). But it looks like there are 2 more problems with BG2:EE when it comes to supporting BG1 areas even if converted to use stencil water: 1. Interior areas have strange corner transparency issues (shows up in every interior area when ported from BG:EE, d
  9. Nice to hear it. BG2:EE patch 1.3 indeed has string 99389 with "Unaffected by effects from <RESOURCE>" but the engine directs this opcode to string 26818 - default one used in IWD:EE. thanks, I will try it out.
  10. regarding 324. Any way to change string 26818 to different one? I'd like to use this effect in BG2:EE but it shows up wrong desription.
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