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  1. Hi, Fouinto. Feel free to post the translation here, as a post attachment. Graoumf, why you guys are not hosting unfinished French BG2:EE translation externally? Polish one is not done yet either (although it's close too) but players were able to play the game in Polish from the start. English strings only in content that have not been translated yet. Updates to TLK files after each translation milestone is reached. Even an option to update the translation after the game was started (via weidu code). Take a look how we host it: TLK files: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/40588/polska-wersja-oraz-dubbing-download Dubbing: http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/1113-polish-language-localization-for-bg2ee/ I don't think many people from Poland would even consider playing EE games if they were forced to use English language. I'm surprised that other translation teams didn't adopt similar approach.
  2. the compatibility stuff looks fine, thanks for the update. What I would suggest are minor changes to how the code is written to not copy the same file over and over again (it's not related to compatibility with EET of course) For example this code (btw. that "~branwe5.cre~ ~override~" line looks like a mistake): could be changed to this: notice that it does exactly the same thing but copies every modified file just once, which makes the code less confusing and the mod will install faster. Just a suggestion, feel free to ignore it.
  3. For now only for IWD1 content. I've listed every single change to filenames as a separate variable, but if someone is interested in writing cross-platform IWD mods than the only variables needed are these ones: in IWD-in-EET: OUTER_SPRINT "arePrefix" "ID" //replaces "AR" in ARE names (alternatively you can use pre made variables presented below) OUTER_SPRINT "rndPrefix" "ID" //replaces "RN" in dummy random treasure items (alternatively you can use pre made variables presented below) OUTER_SPRINT "splPrefix" "ID" //replaces "SP" for conflicting SPLC, SPWI, SPPR, SPIN spells without symbolic name (alternatively you can use pre made variables presented below) OUTER_SPRINT "resSuffix" "#" //standard renaming convention for other conflicting resources OUTER_SPRINT "var_CHAPTER" "IWDChapter" //IWD-in-EET replaces "Chapter" special variable with normal variable //also keep in mind that "AreaName_visited" variables has changed "AR" to "ID" prefix, you can either use /* Areas */ variables or "arePrefix" to cover them and in IWD:EE / IWD: OUTER_SPRINT "arePrefix" "AR" OUTER_SPRINT "rndPrefix" "RN" OUTER_SPRINT "splPrefix" "SP" OUTER_SPRINT "resSuffix" "" OUTER_SPRINT "var_CHAPTER" "Chapter" Others are more a reference for modders, although they still can be used if someone feels more comfortable with this: ~%Easthaven%~ rather than this: ~%arePrefix%1000~ IWD1 content cpmvars libraries have been attached to this post. iwd_cpmvars.tpa iwd_in_eet_cpmvars.tpa
  4. yes, unless the current solution is limiting you as a writer - in such case we can brainstorm some more linear implementation instead of following TotSC like adventures approach. If you want to keep the doc private than wait a little for EET Workroom access. I've contacted Mike to add you into the group. Of course if you want to post it publicaly than feel free to do so - it's up to you. edit: as for the Targos - if you want to write something for IWD2 than yes, that would be the most safe part of the story (whole first IWD2 worldmap content) since it doesn't really need any changes to the overall plot. Just removing some minor conflicts with IWD1 story (Oswald removed from Targos, changed date in 1 dialogue). Overall IWD2 content should have lower priority than IWD:EE, since the latter is already in playable beta phase. IWD2 is still in development and the details how to tweak the story to make sense when there is IWD1 stuff going on in parallel have not been decided yet. Before making such decisions I would like to have IWD2 fully playable within EE engine, than we can start thinking how to adopt it context wise.
  5. AWizardDidIt, please take a look at this discussion. Your feedback would be very appreciated considering you are writing the dialogues for NPCs. We can design the implementation differently, if what has been proposed makes your task harder or feel more restrictive.
  6. I've extended the tool to eliminate the need of checking d files. You can now read these interjections or find the exact interjection points just by reading the HTML file. You can see the example output file generated on vanilla BG2:EE here. Consider using it on IWD:EE with Quylok's Icewind Dale NPCs mod installed, to check good candidates for insertion states. Here is example usage of that BG2:EE generated file: sort it by clicking on 6th column header (extern dialogue file name). Now you have all vanilla BG2:EE interjections sorted in a way that allows you to conveniently check how each NPC is written in relation to other files, starting with Aerie interjections.
  7. AWizardDidIt, I've written a tool that may be helpfull for analyzing interjections in vanilla game and mods. It does 3 things: 1. Generate "log_short.txt" with information about all EXTERN used in dialogue files that refers to JOIN dialogue files as well as states that the EXTERN points to. example: ARAN.DLG contains: - AERIEJ: 183 - ANOMENJ: 292 274 - CERNDJ: 134 - EDWINJ: 158 159 140 - HAERDAJ: 135 - IMOEN2J: 26 - JAHEIRAJ: 514 517 518 506 507 - JANJ: 174 - KELDORJ: 246 237 209 - KORGANJ: 184 186 170 141 145 - MAZZYJ: 197 188 - MINSCJ: 208 200 - NALIAJ: 311 284 - VALYGARJ: 97 89 - VICONIJ: 171 - YOSHJ: 97 100 103 - HEXXATJ: 295 297 296 - NEERAJ: 498 499 2. Generate "log_full.txt" with more detailed information about EXTERN usage. Example: /////////////////////////// AERIEJ.DLG referenced in: /////////////////////////// AEMESS 0 => 194 AEMESS 0 => 193 AEMESS 2 => 195 AEMESS 4 => 196 ANNO1 2 => 42 ANOMENJ 160 => 40 ANOMENJ 185 => 61 ANOMENJ 185 => 60 ANOMENJ 223 => 90 ANOMENJ 276 => 159 ANOMENJ 325 => 227 ARAN 4 => 183 3. all dialogues mentioned in above logs are decompiled to externLister/d directory for easier string analyzing. The tool is attached to this post. It takes the dialogue file names directly from the PDIALOG.2DA file, so it will also work on NPCs added by mods. edit: link removed.
  8. I've been looking at files with wrong TLK loaded in NI. It works correctly on vanilla BG:EE, so it's indeed conversion problem. This mod attaches whole CRE files into F_6666 and F_6661. I wasn't even aware that it's possible to attach CRE files directly into ARE (btw. anyone knows what's the point in doing so?). This will be fixed in future. Thanks for the report.
  9. nah, it's simply bug in the mod. Not related to EET. Same thing happens when the mod is installed on vanilla BG:EE.
  10. all creatures with F_ prefix have correct names in my game. Please check the problematic CRE filename and than see if the problem shows up in NI.
  11. Hi, AWizardDidIt. Thank you for showing interest in the project. When it comes to coding it's not really necessary skill here as I can write the code myself. Although if you want to learn it yourself I highly recommend downloading Kuylok's Branwen for BG2, which is not only an NPC but a heavily commented and easily explained tutorial on how to code everything related to NPCs. When it comes to this project we would use almost exclusively CHAIN weidu command functionality, which is used for adding interjections into existing dialogues. From time to time maybe a short conversation initiated by the script could be implemented to (you know, something like Aerie few lines of dialogue when she see Underdark for the first time or Imoen after resting in Irenicus Dungeon), so APPEND command. Take a look at O#BBran.d and O#Bra25J.d for comments how exactly it works internally. Glad to hear that you have knowledge about in-game characters and feel confident enough to write some of them. This is much more important than experience in coding. What about your knowledge regarding Icewind Dale storyline? Would you need some direction in order to decide which dialogue lines would be fine for some additional interjections or you think you can handle it? Which NPCs you would like to work on? As I mentioned in the opening post I don't have language skills or experience to coordinate stuff related to dialogues and to be honest I never gave much though when playing BG series about interjections that were present in vanilla BG2. So unless we find someone who would be interested in taking that role you are pretty much on your own when it comes to such decisions. All I can provide is coding up what you write, if you need such help. I've written a message to Kuylok regarding it, so maybe she will provide some hints based on her experience on writing Icewind Dale NPCs mod here. If no than that mod itself may be a good reference which places of the game could take new line of dialogue or two. Of course not in such grand scope as in that mod. Due to amount of NPCs in game I think we should take minimalistic approach on this (which would be quite true to vanilla BG2 too that from what I remember didn't have that much interjections in the first place).
  12. regarding Bioware: I'm not really a fan of modern Bioware, so information that more veterans responsible for Baldur's Gate series ends up in a place not controlled by big publishers is a good news to me. After Dragon Age Inquisition disaster (opinion may be influenced by The Witcher 3 that I've played before latest DA) I think I'm done with Bioware once and for all.
  13. thanks, I will check it out. -------- New patch for Fading Promises v7 is available. This one adds not only EET compatibility but also vanilla BG2:EE. Consider it a beta since this mod hasn't been tested in EE engine yet. Following translation updates are needed: french, german, italian, russian, spanish. It's only 1 string, based on existing BG2 weapon. There is also a chance for The Vault compatibility in future. edit: 6 more patches for: Keldorn Romance vbeta_jastey150114 Solaufein's Rescue: Jastey's Solaufein NPC for BGII vAlpha_160128 Banter Packs v14 de'Arnise Romance v4 Keto NPC v4 NPC Flirt Packs v1.03 And this mod can be installed without any changes: Dungeon-Be-Gone v1.7 Now all PPG mods released for BG2:EE should be compatible with EET.
  14. do you remeber what exactly you told her during first meeting? The UNSOLVED_JOURNAL is only used when you agree to help her brother. Than you should receive following line: and journal update. If you said that you won't help him than no journal is set, which makes sense. Here is untraified D file in case you don't remember the conversation:
  15. must be some external mod. TGCe1 only have 3 portraits.
  16. please take a look at quest journal entries. From my brief tests there was some issue with one of journal entries staying in quest tabs after quest is finished. It's not really a problem with this update because the same issue must had been true for old BGT version too, but I can fix it if I know in which part this problem occurs. Unfortunately I overwritten my save by mistake and now can't find out where it happened.
  17. Reference image updated with Fishing For Trouble areas.
  18. Roxanne, thank you for testing. agb1, nice. Are you planning to make it compatible with EET too? If yes than I've just prepared a patch for you with all EET related changes to the FFT code (also listed in Changes.txt): https://www.sendspace.com/file/yvpmpq It's cross platform coding, so these changes won't break compatibility with BG2 and BG2:EE (once you add support for it).
  19. that's hilarious And actually can be done in EE engine thanks to the new AddStoreItem action. I think we could add it into EET Tweaks or a separate mod. Any other ideas?
  20. Reference image updated with The Darkest Day areas. BG2:EE version of this mod will be available soon thanks to shadowlich. File uploaded on dropbox to make it more readable (no jpg compression). Click to enlarge.
  21. I've tested it with all BG:EE and IWD:EE resources inside EET override directory, including uncompressed TIS files (you can force the installer to not biff sounds and graphic resources) which means several GB of data and didn't noticed any slowdawns or load times in the game (at least in Candlekeep and Lion's Way). Anyway the first post has been updated with following entries: Alternatives Edwin Romance Generalized Biffing Haer'Dalis Romance v2.1 Imoen Friendship (SoA & ToB) Item Randomiser v7 dev release dated 160110 IWDification vBeta3 Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2 Mazzy Friendship (SoA & ToB) Sarevok Romance Song and Silence The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod Tyris Flare Viconia Friendship (SoA & ToB) W_PackMule Wheels of Prophecy Patches for those new mods that need them are now available on GitHub. Unless I missed something every single BG2:EE Gibberlings 3 mod should now work with EET. We will focus on contacting authors now to try to get as many of them internalized as possible.
  22. here is quote from readme: So, like Jarno mentioned it's still a separate story, played with different party, selectable from main menu. We've been thinking about implementing it right into Bhaalspawn storyline, but the idea has been scrapped for now. Here is what was planned (ok, maybe it's not a right word, I came with it after 5 minutes of thinking ) Black Pits: Add a random rumour during any of Tavern visits during BG1 (you know, the text that shows up when you buy a drink) that would mention strange disappearance of the visitors. Than if you would go to sleep in that tavern (flag set during rumour, reset as soon as you leave the area, so you have control when to start this optional adventure) the party would be kidnapped and the BP1 story continue as you know it from vanilla game. It would end up with your party being teleported to the very same place you normally meet Baeloth during BG:EE. Black Pits 2: Amkethram tavern from ToB would be adopted to trigger the event. When you enter it and take a nap (also after hearing a rumour first to allow players to skip it) than the same cutscene would be triggered as in Black Pits 2. Late in game due to how ridiculously powerful enemies you fight there. Some other things related to this (now scrapped) idea for integrating Black Pits into storyline: - XP reward only for killing actual monsters instead of hundreds of thousands quest XP rewards after each fight. - very small gold rewards. - shops without ridiculous things that shouldn't be there in the first place. Only spells, potions and regular equipment. Also a little more powerful variants once the shops are updated after story progress (that's how it works in vanilla BP), but only with common magicial items, not unique artifacts. You fight mostly with items your party brings there. - no way to fight the same battles again and again like in original BP - maybe add some way to escape from Black Pits 2 without finishing it (it's harder than ToB at later part, so it's possible that some parties would get stack there forever) As you can see it was a very lazy concept that didn't require Black Pits 1 and 2 story rewriting or combat rebalancing. Why it has been abandoned? Well, it didn't make much sense. Like what, first your party is kidnapped by Baeloth, than by Irenicus, next in the Underdark and than again by some dudes from Thay? Unlikelihood of all of this would break suspension of disbelief for the player (or Charname would experience Stockholm syndrome, as Tuldor84 from another forum noticed when he saw this idea ), even if you can actually fight back and win that last kidnap attempt. Roxanne mentioned different idea for implementation: That would be nice but requires quite a lot of work in rebalancing all combat encounters from Black Pits 1 to fit high level BG2 parties, and adding a lot of new text to the game. Also potential for incompatibilities with mods. It's probably better to leave such project for modders to implement, if someone will be interested in it. edit: newest design for implementation is here: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27786&do=findComment&comment=261176
  23. You can patch both at the same time, that's why we're setting these variables beforehand. This example probably is more readable: ACTION_FOR_EACH file IN ~IMOEN1~ ~IMOEN2~ ~IMOEN4~ ~%IMOEN6_var%~ ~IMOEN6~ ~IMOEN10~ ~IMOEN15~ ~IMOEN211~ ~IMOEN213~ BEGIN ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~%file%.cre~ BEGIN COPY_EXISTING ~%file%.cre~ ~override~ //do your patching BUT_ONLY END END above example will return correct file names for both BGT and EET but only if you assigned that "IMOEN6_var" like I've mentioned in the first post. If you don't know which variables needs to be set than please consider downloading cpmvars for each platform here (notice that these files contains exactly the same variable names but different words evaluated in them) Now INCLUDE each of these files in the ALWAYS section of your mod depending on GAME_IS command. From now on you no longer need to worry about setting variables, you just need to remember which files are renamed and replace the names with variable names, using BG:EE file as a reference. Let me know if it's still confusing.
  24. good point. WeiDU-BGEE.log in main directory than.
  25. I think you might need to comment out the part from BGEE so that WeiDU doesn't trip out if you ask it to uninstall everything in the log... I've tried to add mods installed on BG:EE as weidu.log comments but weidu automatically deletes all junk from the file whenever you use it, so it's not possible. we could copy all tp2 files mentioned in BG:EE weidu.log and add these entries manually, just without weidu executables, so players wouldn't be able to uninstall mods present in the log before EET. Hell, we could even copy whole backup directories and rename files existing and mentioned there with EET conventions, so the --log command could report changes. Although not sure if it's worth it considering whole installing on BG:EE might be not needed in future, if more modders decide to add native EET compatibility. With EET_modConverter tool you can print a detailed log of needed changes, automatically implement cpmvars if needed, and if mod already supports cross-platform coding (for example BG1 NPC Project and some of the NPCs), especially if implemented via standard cpmvars, than it's a matter of minutes to implement compatibility. The problematic thing were mods editing different games which needed a lot of time to manually check if a change is needed (mods like BG2 Tweaks, aTweaks, SCS, Rogue Rebalancing, Divine Remix etc.) but those already have patches ready. I hope that more modders will jump on board at some point, so maybe this whole weidu.log workarounds won't be needed in a long run. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking if you mean a copy of BG:EE weidu.log than it already does it - check your override folder, it's there.
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