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  1. Equivalent for GAME_IS would be check for any of the IWD-in-EET files presence. For example biff file like this: ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS ~data/eetID10.bif~ BEGIN or area like this: ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~ID1000.are~ BEGIN If the whole component should be installed only if the game has IWD-in-EET mod installed than you can use: REQUIRE_COMPONENT ~IWD-in-EET/IWD-in-EET.tp2~ ~0~ ~IWD-in-EET should be installed BEFORE this component~
  2. AWizardDidIt, I've written a tool that may be helpfull for analyzing interjections in vanilla game and mods. It does 3 things: 1. Generate "log_short.txt" with information about all EXTERN used in dialogue files that refers to JOIN dialogue files as well as states that the EXTERN points to. example: ARAN.DLG contains: - AERIEJ: 183 - ANOMENJ: 292 274 - CERNDJ: 134 - EDWINJ: 158 159 140 - HAERDAJ: 135 - IMOEN2J: 26 - JAHEIRAJ: 514 517 518 506 507 - JANJ: 174 - KELDORJ: 246 237 209 - KORGANJ: 184 186 170 141 145 - MAZZYJ: 197 188 - MINSCJ: 208 200 - NALIAJ: 311 284 - VALYGARJ: 97 89 - VICONIJ: 171 - YOSHJ: 97 100 103 - HEXXATJ: 295 297 296 - NEERAJ: 498 499 2. Generate "log_full.txt" with more detailed information about EXTERN usage. Example: /////////////////////////// AERIEJ.DLG referenced in: /////////////////////////// AEMESS 0 => 194 AEMESS 0 => 193 AEMESS 2 => 195 AEMESS 4 => 196 ANNO1 2 => 42 ANOMENJ 160 => 40 ANOMENJ 185 => 61 ANOMENJ 185 => 60 ANOMENJ 223 => 90 ANOMENJ 276 => 159 ANOMENJ 325 => 227 ARAN 4 => 183 3. all dialogues mentioned in above logs are decompiled to externLister/d directory for easier string analyzing. The tool is attached to this post. It takes the dialogue file names directly from the PDIALOG.2DA file, so it will also work on NPCs added by mods. edit: link removed.
  3. all problems like this are completely solved by this new approach. No need to report them (well, until you install new EET beta at least )
  4. check if your SHOUT.BCS looks like this: IF OR(2) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_STONE_DEATH) StateCheck(Myself,STATE_FROZEN_DEATH) THEN RESPONSE #100 SmallWait(5) END IF AttackedBy([GOODCUTOFF],DEFAULT) !GlobalTimerNotExpired("shouted","LOCALS") THEN RESPONSE #100 Shout(99) SetGlobalTimer("shouted","LOCALS",ONE_ROUND) SmallWait(5) Enemy() END IF HitBy([GOODCUTOFF],CRUSHING) !GlobalTimerNotExpired("shouted","LOCALS") THEN RESPONSE #100 Shout(99) SetGlobalTimer("shouted","LOCALS",ONE_ROUND) Continue() END IF !Class(Myself,INNOCENT) Heard([NOTEVIL],99) !Detect(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) OR(6) Alignment(Myself,LAWFUL_GOOD) Alignment(Myself,CHAOTIC_GOOD) Alignment(Myself,NEUTRAL_GOOD) Alignment(Myself,LAWFUL_NEUTRAL) Alignment(Myself,CHAOTIC_NEUTRAL) Alignment(Myself,NEUTRAL) THEN RESPONSE #100 Enemy() MoveToObject(LastHeardBy(Myself)) END IF !Class(Myself,INNOCENT) Heard([NOTGOOD],99) !Detect(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) OR(3) Alignment(Myself,CHAOTIC_EVIL) Alignment(Myself,NEUTRAL_EVIL) Alignment(Myself,LAWFUL_EVIL) THEN RESPONSE #100 Enemy() MoveToObject(LastHeardBy(Myself)) END IF Class(Myself,INNOCENT) Heard([NOTEVIL],99) OR(6) Alignment(Myself,LAWFUL_GOOD) Alignment(Myself,CHAOTIC_GOOD) Alignment(Myself,NEUTRAL_GOOD) Alignment(Myself,LAWFUL_NEUTRAL) Alignment(Myself,CHAOTIC_NEUTRAL) Alignment(Myself,NEUTRAL) THEN RESPONSE #100 Enemy() END IF Class(Myself,INNOCENT) Heard([NOTGOOD],99) OR(3) Alignment(Myself,CHAOTIC_EVIL) Alignment(Myself,NEUTRAL_EVIL) Alignment(Myself,LAWFUL_EVIL) THEN RESPONSE #100 Enemy() END IF Class(Myself,INNOCENT) Heard([ANYONE],99) THEN RESPONSE #100 RunAwayFromNoLeaveArea(LastHeardBy(Myself),180) END IF Heard(NearestMyGroupOfType,99) Allegiance(Myself,NEUTRAL) THEN RESPONSE #100 Enemy() END If yes than I suspect you attacked one of the neutral innocent characters. I've tried many times to reproduce it (by simply teleporting there with new character) and Innocent good and neutral people (readers and priests of oghma) always run away from me until I hit one of them (for example with AOE spell by mistake). Which is expected. If you made a save before speaking to those evil guys there please try again and see if you will be able to reproduce the problem.
  5. I'm not proposing removing Jules from her role to guide us into Cucho location. What I'm against is tying mace quest with it because it would force the player to travel into Beregost without any good reason. Gillian quest starts in Nashkeel. Jules spawns after we speak with Gillian, so she will be found by player who is looking for clues in Nashkeel. Additional requirements related to mace quest and Beregost seems redundant to me. In the original version of the game Castle Daerthmac (where the baby is) which was actually called a Citidel was not supposed to appear until you had the mace blessed. This was in the original walkthrough. 'You remember that after you returned the religious relic to the priest of Morningwhatever, he said if you ever need anything, you can find him at the temple, located just east of the Friendly Arm Inn. Yo'u go there, have him bless the mace, and now you can find the access to the Citadel (the access will not appear until the mace is blessed). You find the access on the east (or was it north) boundary of the map that you fought the dragon.' The mace was designed for that quest. The same walkthrough says: Fortunately it's no longer the case Even if first version of DSotSC forced the mace quest on us I'm still not convinced if this is a good idea. Maybe if that guy who tells you about Mayor's baby right after you exit the Dragon's Lair wouldn't spawn than going into Beregost could be justified. But once the good party finds out about the Major's family tragedy Nashkeel becomes the only logical location to travel to. After talking to Gillian how exactly player is supposed to know that in order to progress the story he should do other quest in Beregost? Making the quest optional still allows you to do it before going to Citadel, so the only change here is less confusion and linearity. Unless more people will suggest changing it I think it's better to keep it the way it has been implemented in BGT version (just with changed last journal entry when the mace is blessed).
  6. thanks. I'm not proposing removing Jules from her role to guide us into Cucho location. What I'm against is tying mace quest with it because it would force the player to travel into Beregost without any good reason. Gillian quest starts in Nashkeel. Jules spawns after we speak with Gillian, so she will be found by player who is looking for clues in Nashkeel. Additional requirements related to mace quest and Beregost seems redundant to me.
  7. I've been looking at files with wrong TLK loaded in NI. It works correctly on vanilla BG:EE, so it's indeed conversion problem. This mod attaches whole CRE files into F_6666 and F_6661. I wasn't even aware that it's possible to attach CRE files directly into ARE (btw. anyone knows what's the point in doing so?). This will be fixed in future. Thanks for the report.
  8. nah, it's simply bug in the mod. Not related to EET. Same thing happens when the mod is installed on vanilla BG:EE.
  9. all creatures with F_ prefix have correct names in my game. Please check the problematic CRE filename and than see if the problem shows up in NI.
  10. Thanks, Could you please upload tutu version of DSotSC here? Maybe there are some more changes there? I still need journal entries for 1 more quest with delivering a letter to housband in Beregost (one of the worst fetch quest I've ever seen). Here is temporary text I wrote for it, and I'm not exactly happy with the result: English is not my first language, so feel free to proof read it or write something better. The end list of DSotSC quest titles: - Gillian's Ghastkill baby - Dragon hunt - Otho's mace - Jet'Laya's missing sister - Otho's missing nephew - Jules' lost necklace - The Dark One - Messengers Are you referring to "Somehow now I feel much more confidence in myself and I know we will find the Mayor's son now."? If yes than your solution doesn't fix this problem because you can still ignore going into Gillian to get the information that her son is lost but return to Beregost and fully upgrade the mace receiving that last journal which still won't make any sense. I was thinking about adding additional filtering to script that spawns CuChoinneach to delay the spawn until the mace quest is finished, but it still doesn't fix the above mentioned problem. Additional filtering would be needed for Elminster spawn to do it only after talking to Gillian. Instead of making it even more linear how about just removing "and I know we will find the Mayor's son now" from the journal entry? Instead the journal could look like this:
  11. Hi, AWizardDidIt. Thank you for showing interest in the project. When it comes to coding it's not really necessary skill here as I can write the code myself. Although if you want to learn it yourself I highly recommend downloading Kuylok's Branwen for BG2, which is not only an NPC but a heavily commented and easily explained tutorial on how to code everything related to NPCs. When it comes to this project we would use almost exclusively CHAIN weidu command functionality, which is used for adding interjections into existing dialogues. From time to time maybe a short conversation initiated by the script could be implemented to (you know, something like Aerie few lines of dialogue when she see Underdark for the first time or Imoen after resting in Irenicus Dungeon), so APPEND command. Take a look at O#BBran.d and O#Bra25J.d for comments how exactly it works internally. Glad to hear that you have knowledge about in-game characters and feel confident enough to write some of them. This is much more important than experience in coding. What about your knowledge regarding Icewind Dale storyline? Would you need some direction in order to decide which dialogue lines would be fine for some additional interjections or you think you can handle it? Which NPCs you would like to work on? As I mentioned in the opening post I don't have language skills or experience to coordinate stuff related to dialogues and to be honest I never gave much though when playing BG series about interjections that were present in vanilla BG2. So unless we find someone who would be interested in taking that role you are pretty much on your own when it comes to such decisions. All I can provide is coding up what you write, if you need such help. I've written a message to Kuylok regarding it, so maybe she will provide some hints based on her experience on writing Icewind Dale NPCs mod here. If no than that mod itself may be a good reference which places of the game could take new line of dialogue or two. Of course not in such grand scope as in that mod. Due to amount of NPCs in game I think we should take minimalistic approach on this (which would be quite true to vanilla BG2 too that from what I remember didn't have that much interjections in the first place).
  12. regarding Bioware: I'm not really a fan of modern Bioware, so information that more veterans responsible for Baldur's Gate series ends up in a place not controlled by big publishers is a good news to me. After Dragon Age Inquisition disaster (opinion may be influenced by The Witcher 3 that I've played before latest DA) I think I'm done with Bioware once and for all.
  13. thanks, I will check it out. -------- New patch for Fading Promises v7 is available. This one adds not only EET compatibility but also vanilla BG2:EE. Consider it a beta since this mod hasn't been tested in EE engine yet. Following translation updates are needed: french, german, italian, russian, spanish. It's only 1 string, based on existing BG2 weapon. There is also a chance for The Vault compatibility in future. edit: 6 more patches for: Keldorn Romance vbeta_jastey150114 Solaufein's Rescue: Jastey's Solaufein NPC for BGII vAlpha_160128 Banter Packs v14 de'Arnise Romance v4 Keto NPC v4 NPC Flirt Packs v1.03 And this mod can be installed without any changes: Dungeon-Be-Gone v1.7 Now all PPG mods released for BG2:EE should be compatible with EET.
  14. here is a way that you could code it: COPY_EXISTING ~spell.ids~ ~override~ //just to have it ready for FILE_CONTAINS checks ACTION_IF FILE_CONTAINS ~override/spell.ids~ ~ CLERIC_BLESS$~ BEGIN LAF RES_NUM_OF_SPELL_NAME STR_VAR spell_name = ~CLERIC_BLESS~ RET ~spell_res~ END COPY_EXISTING ~%spell_res%.spl~ ~override~ //do your patching END than your mod will be compatible with vanilla game and with spells added by other mods. You could create an array with spell names to make the code shorter, if you're doing the same patching to multiple spells. Unless IWD spells are crucial for your system I don't see a point in forcing everybody to install them. edit: nevermind, I missed this part:
  15. I've just checked NTotSC and BGT version indeed uses SOLVED_JOURNAL / UNSOLVED_JOURNAL but doesn't delete old journal entries after quest is completed. What the hell, the mod has like 266950 downloads on SHS. Why no one bothered to report this stuff? The way this is coded all quest journal entries stays in unsolved page even after finishing the quest and receiving completed entry. And it's not something EE related but a problem that was always there in BGT version. Looks like people simply don't care about the journal
  16. do you remeber what exactly you told her during first meeting? The UNSOLVED_JOURNAL is only used when you agree to help her brother. Than you should receive following line: and journal update. If you said that you won't help him than no journal is set, which makes sense. Here is untraified D file in case you don't remember the conversation:
  17. thanks. Fixed it and moved whole biffing into separate component. Also requested this weidu feature: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,29494.0.html edit: biffing now done in a sane way.
  18. must be some external mod. TGCe1 only have 3 portraits.
  19. please take a look at quest journal entries. From my brief tests there was some issue with one of journal entries staying in quest tabs after quest is finished. It's not really a problem with this update because the same issue must had been true for old BGT version too, but I can fix it if I know in which part this problem occurs. Unfortunately I overwritten my save by mistake and now can't find out where it happened.
  20. no, you forgot to enclose PRINT like this: PRINT ~%variable%~
  21. Thanks, quest journals have been implemented. There are 2 quests that don't have any journal text available: - The Dark One - Jules' lost necklace If someone would be interested in writing them than I will add them too.
  22. I've just analyzed DSotSC journal entries and most of the time adding additional quest entries seems easy enough. I've menaged to isolate following quests (feel free to propose better titles) based on what I found in D files: Gillian's Ghastkill baby Lathander relic Mace of great importance Dragon Hunt Jet'Laya missing sister Otho's missing nephew Mines investigation Battle against the gibberling hordes Most of them have already obvious starting and finish point, where we could add additional SOLVED_JOURNAL / UNSOLVED_JOURNAL with strings almost exactly the same as they are now. The problematic stuff is "Mines investigation" and "Battle against the gibberling hordes" because it's not obvious where to place finished quest flag without knowing the mod very well. Are those even quests? And what's up with "Mace of great importance" - not sure if this should be really treated as a separate quest since there is something about mayor's son there. Roxanne, can you help with this stuff considering you know this mod very well? Do you think some of the above ones should be merged together? Any DSotSC quests that have not been mentioned above? Any help regarding it would be useful. Here are all journal entries present in DSotSC:
  23. NTotSC and Bonehill use SOLVED_JOURNAL / UNSOLVED_JOURNAL, so no problem there. They just need ADD_JOURNAL weidu command to be used with those strings in EE engine. DSotSC is the only mod I'm aware of that has never been updated to support quest journal entries.
  24. there is update (or at least there should be unless I'm missing something). Just not in quest journal section but "journal" tab: http://i.imgur.com/d76Q6Bc.jpg Please let me know if they don't show up there.
  25. the problem with this is that this mod has been design for BG1 that didn't have proper journal and no one ever updated it to support BG2 journal system. Quest journal entries simply don't exist. D files only contains JOURNAL command and weidu commands like SOLVED_JOURNAL / UNSOLVED_JOURNAL as well as scripted actions like AddJournalEntry(@,QUEST) / SetQuestDone(I:STRREF*) / EraseJournalEntry(I:STRREF*) are not present in code at all. There are some entries added to the "journal" tab and that's all. I don't know this mod enough to know what should be treated as quest and what is just normal journal entry, and even if I did, that would require rewriting and/or adding new TRA strings. Not exactly something I'm interested in doing. In other words the mod has never been really updated to work properly with BG2 engine. Even BG:EE version don't have quest journal support. Unless there is someone who would be interested in doing so DSotSC journal system will stay as it is.
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