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  1. that doesn't matter, his CRE file is still properly replaced by the engine using NPCLEVEL.2da Since he is in Carnival than you've installed BG1 NPC Project component because normally he should be in Wyrm's Crossing. I had it installed too and it's unrelated to your problem - in my test he gave me an option to refuse taking him into the party. Is this the dialogue you've received? That second option is actually "no" response. If you didn't get it than probably some mod modified his dialogue file. Could you please post a screenshot of that conversation? Changelog of QUAYLE.DLG on BG:EE (if you still have that installation) and QUAYLE_.DLG on EET would also tell us which mods affected this file.
  2. don't worry, this release is not related to BG:EE version that is based on vanilla BG1 DSotSC, so bugs like the linked one are not present. In fact I've made quite a few changes to make the mod less intrusive for vanilla content (things like spells, more spawns etc. are now optional components) v3 is update for BGT version, just with EET support (of course BGT is still supported), items and NPC rebalancing (still not finished), bugfixes and tp2 code improvements.
  3. probably related to the fact that engine interpreted Skeezer as a kicked out PC multiplayer character (normally he shouldn't even approach you, like Keiria) and than everything went crazy when Keiria started to chase you at the same time for her initial dialogue. Github updated. Once again thanks for report. Let me know if you notice any other oddities with DSotSC.
  4. hmm, not sure about Keiria. She greeted me with "Well met travelers, my name is Keiria Silverstring. Would ye be looking for the company of a bard on your travels. (...)" So everything looks fine on the first look. How to trigger it? Can you reproduce it by starting new game and teleporting there? this is normal. DSotSC NPCs are so simplistic that most of them don't have any code in override script. Unique script is still assigned so other mods can add stuff there.
  5. thanks for the report. Indeed I forgot to patch Skeezer after regenerating his character from scratch in the game, so now he behaves exactly like CHR file converted to CRE. Will be fixed soon.
  6. and you end up with description that screams (lazy) mod content. No thanks. acceptable, considering that item descriptions in vanilla games are all over the place with tons of inconsistencies in formatting. In fact EE descriptions are very similar to description style used in vanilla ToB. Although I may be biased with this opinion since I no longer play vanilla games.
  7. here is quote from readme: So, like Jarno mentioned it's still a separate story, played with different party, selectable from main menu. We've been thinking about implementing it right into Bhaalspawn storyline, but the idea has been scrapped for now. Here is what was planned (ok, maybe it's not a right word, I came with it after 5 minutes of thinking ) Black Pits: Add a random rumour during any of Tavern visits during BG1 (you know, the text that shows up when you buy a drink) that would mention strange disappearance of the visitors. Than if you would go to sleep in that tavern (flag set during rumour, reset as soon as you leave the area, so you have control when to start this optional adventure) the party would be kidnapped and the BP1 story continue as you know it from vanilla game. It would end up with your party being teleported to the very same place you normally meet Baeloth during BG:EE. Black Pits 2: Amkethram tavern from ToB would be adopted to trigger the event. When you enter it and take a nap (also after hearing a rumour first to allow players to skip it) than the same cutscene would be triggered as in Black Pits 2. Late in game due to how ridiculously powerful enemies you fight there. Some other things related to this (now scrapped) idea for integrating Black Pits into storyline: - XP reward only for killing actual monsters instead of hundreds of thousands quest XP rewards after each fight. - very small gold rewards. - shops without ridiculous things that shouldn't be there in the first place. Only spells, potions and regular equipment. Also a little more powerful variants once the shops are updated after story progress (that's how it works in vanilla BP), but only with common magicial items, not unique artifacts. You fight mostly with items your party brings there. - no way to fight the same battles again and again like in original BP - maybe add some way to escape from Black Pits 2 without finishing it (it's harder than ToB at later part, so it's possible that some parties would get stack there forever) As you can see it was a very lazy concept that didn't require Black Pits 1 and 2 story rewriting or combat rebalancing. Why it has been abandoned? Well, it didn't make much sense. Like what, first your party is kidnapped by Baeloth, than by Irenicus, next in the Underdark and than again by some dudes from Thay? Unlikelihood of all of this would break suspension of disbelief for the player (or Charname would experience Stockholm syndrome, as Tuldor84 from another forum noticed when he saw this idea ), even if you can actually fight back and win that last kidnap attempt. Roxanne mentioned different idea for implementation: That would be nice but requires quite a lot of work in rebalancing all combat encounters from Black Pits 1 to fit high level BG2 parties, and adding a lot of new text to the game. Also potential for incompatibilities with mods. It's probably better to leave such project for modders to implement, if someone will be interested in it. edit: newest design for implementation is here: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27786&do=findComment&comment=261176
  8. feel free to do so. All IWD:EE and IWD2 areas will remain open even after finishing the story there. As in vanilla IWD1 Eastheaven is only available at 2 points though: - the main quest starts in Eastheaven and once you cross Kuldahar Pass the link to area is closed. - you get there at the end of IWD1 main quest (destroyed version attacked by monsters) After that the area is no longer visitable, although in IWD1 ending it is stated that people will now work hard to rebuilt it, so you could open access to Eastheaven at some point. Targos (IWD2 content, designed for higher level parties) will be available via ship travelling (just the first time - once you get there you can move back and forth via worldmap). As has been mentioned in IWD2 intro Targos needs help dealing with goblinoids problem and notices have been posted through the cities promising wealth and fame for adventures that would help with this task. So, the only thing added here is additional expeditions from Baldur's Gate (intro mentions Neverwinter and Luskan). Not sure where to open the possibility to travel there yet. Probably at any point during BG2/ToB. don't understand this question (I'm not a native speaker). You mean new dialogues between vanilla NPCs? We are looking for writers regarding this task. If you're asking how much NPC dialogues is planned than I can't answer it. I've mentioned that the project need lead writer that would decide on such things and the whole scope of it. It will be hard to find writers, so I think small scope is probably more realistic, at least at the beginning. all quests including main quest is available for whole IWD1 and HoF part. As for the IWD2 than only side quests and main quest up until you resolve Targos problems, even though other areas will be still visitable just without main-quest related dialogues because that wouldn't make sense story wise (later in the game the story ties very closely to IWD1). IWD1 is indeed pretty linear. Chaninging it would require rewritiing the story, so probably not worth the effort. You can use worldmap of course. And you can go back to vanilla game areas if you wish at any point and continue this journay later on. Up to you how you're going to roleplay it. IWD2 part will be far more open because after leaving Targos you will be able to visit areas in less linear matter. for now Eastheaven will show up on map when you take northern exist from Upper Chiontar area (farms above Baldur's Gate city). This area is visitable even in chapter 1 if you keep travelling north (that is true for vanilla game too btw.). Than when you enter the city you will be greeted with standard IWD Intro. If you enter the tavern original IWD cutscene with Hrothgar is initiated. doesn't matter. I can't think about anything that would conflict with other mods (maybe tweaks but these are optional and could be installed later). Just don't install IWDification, if you're planning to install IWD-in-EET because the latter already contains every single spell from IWD:EE, so no point in duplicating them. IWD doesn't use BALDUR.BCS / BALDUR25.BCS at all. Banter file is the same in the whole game, so no need to change anything. When there will be dialogue content for vanilla game NPCs than it's probably better to trigger dialogues via area scripts and external files with dialogues rather than Override scripts and Join dialogue file. Of course you could always add the same dialogues / Override script code related to IWD in both normal in ToB versions of dialogues and scripts - doesn't really matter. yes. Treat it is any other optional stuff from game like Watcher's Keep and Trademeet questline. No point in blocking access to it. IWD chapter variable has been renamed to IWDChapter, so you no longer increase real game chapter. Journal entries will show up on the journal page you currently at. Again, think of it as just a side story like Trademeet, but larger. ------------- btw. nothing I've mentioned above is set in stone, so feel free to leave feedback and propose different implementation.
  9. You can patch both at the same time, that's why we're setting these variables beforehand. This example probably is more readable: ACTION_FOR_EACH file IN ~IMOEN1~ ~IMOEN2~ ~IMOEN4~ ~%IMOEN6_var%~ ~IMOEN6~ ~IMOEN10~ ~IMOEN15~ ~IMOEN211~ ~IMOEN213~ BEGIN ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~%file%.cre~ BEGIN COPY_EXISTING ~%file%.cre~ ~override~ //do your patching BUT_ONLY END END above example will return correct file names for both BGT and EET but only if you assigned that "IMOEN6_var" like I've mentioned in the first post. If you don't know which variables needs to be set than please consider downloading cpmvars for each platform here (notice that these files contains exactly the same variable names but different words evaluated in them) Now INCLUDE each of these files in the ALWAYS section of your mod depending on GAME_IS command. From now on you no longer need to worry about setting variables, you just need to remember which files are renamed and replace the names with variable names, using BG:EE file as a reference. Let me know if it's still confusing.
  10. Here is update for Thrown Hammers: https://www.sendspace.com/file/qtmopq (it's full mod, not patch) It should now work with BG:EE, BG2:EE, IWD:EE, EET and all previously supported platforms. What still has to be done is updating item descriptions to EE engine format in a new setup-ee.tra file (exported all item strings to this file). Check in vanilla game how descriptions differs compared to old games, if you want to do it. Needed for all languages including English. edit: Jarno
  11. It needs following tweaks for sure because ... And what if you move those to the EET Tweaks.If the IWD-in-EET is detected, the hide options can be included as can the removal options in the EET-Tweaks. If it's not detected, then they can be skipped. With require_predicate or what the function was... (someone is drunk). Worth it, definitely, if you look back a bit, "we" asked CamDawn to make: Unfortunately not much came from it, or more likely it might have gotten a bit too ambitious. I also asked for this already earlier, in another format .. not that you needed to remember.You can see ALIENQuake in that thread, that times only BWS maintainer. if this idea for a common tweak pack ever came to light than of course EET Tweaks and those in IWD-in-EET package can be merged there. Everything related to tweaking a game in one mod sounds awesome indeed.
  12. of course not. Everything from EET Tweaks is optional and not meant to migrate into main package. Protagonist can die was so easy to implement in EE engine (thanks to the IWD:EE codebase added in patch 1.3) that it would be a waste to not create a mod to do so. It's an option for people who like to play this way. And the name is precise enough to not confuse players not interested in it. Let's say you play solo. Do you want temporary state like Maze or Charm kill you? That's one of the reasons why someone may be interested in such tweak and why I'm expanding on it right now with additional option. --------------- I've installed detectable spells but can't find anything in IDS file that would be related to Maze or Imprisonment. I thought this mod makes all spell effects in game detectable. Maybe there is another way to check it with vanilla triggers? CRE has STATE_NORMAL in such situations. edit: btw. we can add FORBID_COMPONENT to "Protagonist can die", if you don't want anyone to play Sandrah and RTF with this tweak installed.
  13. I've decided to expand on EET Tweaks "Protagonist can die" component by adding another, more lore friendly option that would end the game only if player1 is really dead and not just mazed, charmed, imprisoned, turned to stone (in such case Bhaal essence is not lost), unless there are no party members left that could help getting protagonist out of this middle death stance. Temporary effects like maze and charm wouldn't require party at all. In order to implement above option I will need detectable states for: WIZARD_IMPRISONMENT IMPRISONMENT_NO_SAVE LICH_IMPRISON CUTSCENE_IMPRISONMENT And now I'm wondering why not just implement all detectable spells by default during EET installation instead of adding few during component installation? Are there any disadvantages in doing so? Why Beamdog didn't do it already? edit: there are some new entries in states.2da. edit2: yep, Beamdog added standard Detectable Spells already. Just nothing to detect imprisonment (maze spell effect) unless I missed something. Now I'm wondering if we are limited just to 200 states or we can add more like in tobex...
  14. good point. WeiDU-BGEE.log in main directory than.
  15. I think you might need to comment out the part from BGEE so that WeiDU doesn't trip out if you ask it to uninstall everything in the log... I've tried to add mods installed on BG:EE as weidu.log comments but weidu automatically deletes all junk from the file whenever you use it, so it's not possible. we could copy all tp2 files mentioned in BG:EE weidu.log and add these entries manually, just without weidu executables, so players wouldn't be able to uninstall mods present in the log before EET. Hell, we could even copy whole backup directories and rename files existing and mentioned there with EET conventions, so the --log command could report changes. Although not sure if it's worth it considering whole installing on BG:EE might be not needed in future, if more modders decide to add native EET compatibility. With EET_modConverter tool you can print a detailed log of needed changes, automatically implement cpmvars if needed, and if mod already supports cross-platform coding (for example BG1 NPC Project and some of the NPCs), especially if implemented via standard cpmvars, than it's a matter of minutes to implement compatibility. The problematic thing were mods editing different games which needed a lot of time to manually check if a change is needed (mods like BG2 Tweaks, aTweaks, SCS, Rogue Rebalancing, Divine Remix etc.) but those already have patches ready. I hope that more modders will jump on board at some point, so maybe this whole weidu.log workarounds won't be needed in a long run. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking if you mean a copy of BG:EE weidu.log than it already does it - check your override folder, it's there.
  16. sure thing. EET is also on board for this initiative.
  17. I've just tested this component and works fine for me on quite heavily modded game. But your setup was terminated during installation, so maybe it didn't finish installing correctly. Here are all entires from EET Tweaks: ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #0 // Teleport spell: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1 // Consistent NPC appearance: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #2 // Consistent NPC voices: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #3 // Adjust total XP CAP: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #4 // Additional XP CAP for BG1 portion of the game: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #5 // Additional XP CAP for SoA portion of the game: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #6 // Adjust XP for Traps, Spells and Lockpicking: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #7 // Adjust XP for killing creatures: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #8 // Adjust XP for quests: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #9 // Party XP for quests distributed individually: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #10 // 3E Thief Sneak Attack: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #11 // Adjust FPS and fix audio skipping in cutscenes: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #12 // More bandit scalps: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #13 // Put Sword of Chaos +2 in Sarevok's inventory: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #14 // Protagonist can die: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #15 // Disable item shattering for enemies: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #16 // Adjust BG1 weapon shattering: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #17 // Adjust BG1 shield shattering: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #18 // Adjust BG1 armor shattering: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #19 // Adjust BG1 helmet shattering: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #20 // Disable hostile reaction after charm: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #21 // Adjust familiar death consequences: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #23 // IWD:EE soundsets (requires installed IWD:EE): 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #24 // IWD:EE portraits (requires installed IWD:EE): 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #26 // Add Priest of Tempus kit for Priests: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #27 // Add racial enemies from IWD: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #28 // Remove junk from global scripts: 1.2 ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #29 // Restore TotSC textscreens: 1.2 Although keep in mind that "Protagonist can die" tweak adds flag to area, so your current save game will remain with Player treated as any other NPC in areas you have already visited because they are stored in save. As for the component problem please describe exactly what is wrong in game. Also upload your save and BALDUR.BCS for investigation (this way I will be able to see if component installed correctly, and check flags of the area you are currently in).
  18. didn't think about that GitHub makes reacting to modders wishes easy, indeed. Sorry. I've used files from original releases instead of pre-patched with BWF, because we are planning to send some of them via "pull requests" to devel branches. I think it will be easier for reviewing if only EET related changes will show up in commit comparison. I've just made a quick look into BWF and from what I see it already changes area placement in Lava's Innershade and Eilistraees Song mods to fix conflict with vanilla Beamdog content. I've moved them too because EET default worldmap consists of vanilla ones so that placement also didn't work right there. Here is how the new placement looks like in vanilla BG2:EE. Notice that AR2700 (new area from Almateria Restoration Project) has different coordinates in the new release (v8.2.6), so your old coordinates for Lava's areas may no longer fit it. I'd suggest using the ones I've proposed for Innershade and Eilistraees Song, if you don't want to waste time checking old ones in game. Some other notes: Changes.txt files doesn't mention EVALUATE_BUFFER changes. Whenever you see something like: Patching Innershade/EENoMos/ARISH1.baf: GlobalGT("CHAPTER","GLOBAL",4) => GlobalGT("CHAPTER","GLOBAL",%bg2_chapter_4%) than it also means that I've manually added EVALUATE_BUFFER to the particular script/dialogue compilation/extending top/bottom/replace bcs block. The only exception is BG2 Questpack in which I've used converter to add evaluation to all possible places due to amount of files chapter variable was used in that mod. I can prepare new patch with manually added EVALUATE_BUFFER, if the above mentioned patching will be more problematic to BWF. ----------- Thanks you very much for this effort!
  19. that would be great, although probably better to wait some time. The mod is still not officially released so right now external patches affects only beta testers, not normal players. Now that the forum is up and we can simply link to topics with explanation what the changes are meant to achieve, we will try to contact all the authors with request to internalize them officially. It would be more work for you Lollorian, if you add EET compatibility patch only to remove the code after some time, when the author decides to internalize it (unless it's really easy, not sure how you generate Big World Fixpack - is it fully automatic?). There also may be situations with modders that are absolutely against such changes, so I think it's worth hearing from them first.
  20. Irenicus Dungeon is sealed after you exit it like in normal BG2 and never opens. Adding a way to get there would be a work for external mod, not EET. Are you planning for something like this in Sandrah mod?
  21. 1. It's not consistent. Using exmples from previous post: QUAYLE => BGQUAYLE - this one is fine IMOEN6 => IMOEN61 - this is odd one 2. Due to 2 characters prefix there are instances where 7 character filenames had to be changed to fit in 8 characters limit (no common convention, dropping 1 or 2 letters, usually at the end but not always). 3. Area renaming have no bearing on the original BG1 area numbers. You are always forced to use external site for reference 4. It changes much more than it should (for example every single EXIT and DOOR name in area files) 5. BGT appends dialogues for continuous NPCs, so common convention with EET wouldn't be reliable either way And so forth. Ascension64 (author of BGT-weidu) actually agrees with the opinion that it's not a good convention. When modding EET you pretty much only need to know about 2 rules regarding BG1 resources: - area resources = changed prefix from AR to BG - other resources = "_" suffix at the end of few conflicting files Thanks. You may also consider using cross-platform coding implementation via community standard cpmvars btw. These files contains all vatiables that you will need in your mods to make it work with all platforms. ------------ Some bug reports: 1. npc_ee/npcs/coran/bard.tpa EXTEND_BOTTOM ~imoen.bcs~ ~npc_ee/npcs/coran/coran_bard.baf~ => EXTEND_BOTTOM ~coran.bcs~ ~npc_ee/npcs/coran/coran_bard.baf~ 2. Pretty much every EXTEND_TOP like the one above for BG2 NPCs is not compatible with a game started in ToB because you only modify non-ToB variants of Override scripts.
  22. indeed it is related, but it's actually me being silly that caused it in the recent update In order to resolve the problem with BG2 Tweaks you've mentioned (the component that uses lowest XP cre file to update other ones) I've copied IMOEN1.CRE into IMOEN.CRE, to give prologue Imoen exactly the same XP, stats, proficiency, thieving skills as level 1 Imoen. Didn't notice different dialogue name. Simply open IMOEN.CRE in Near Infinity, set her dialog to IMOEN.DLG and start new game. I will fix it right away on GitHub. Thanks for report.
  23. It needs following tweaks for sure because not everyone may be interested in this stuff, which is installed by default: Hide IWD:EE Cleric kits Hide IWD:EE Cleric spells Hide IWD:EE Wizard spells Remove IWD:EE scrolls from vanilla stores Remove generic 2h axes from vanilla content Restore BG2:EE version of inventory sounds As for the others (listed in this topic) they could indeed migrate into EET Tweaks although not sure if it's worth it. More strings would need to be added into TRA files, so more work for translators. It would require changing EET Tweaks tp2 code to use components groups to make it clear that some of the tweaks are meant to be installed only if you want your game rules changed into IWD ones (people usually don't read readme files). When you install such stuff with a mod called IWD-in-EET than it's pretty clear what the tweak is meant to change. It would be also a headache for BWS guys who already coded EET Tweaks with current component numbering.
  24. huh, now that's indeed problematic Will fix it, sorry.
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