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  1. I can confirm that sphere system brakes the BG2:EE game without any other mod installed, so the problem lays directly in this component. The crashes happens right after clicking "new game" button in the main menu.
  2. MOD COMPATIBILITY LIST FOR EET -- LINK TO THE LIST -- This compatibility list will be frequently updated. It is highly recommended that you follow what is said in the linked list if you are planning to make EET installation with mods. EET project aims to be a mod friendly platform and tries to get as much support as possible when it comes to compatibility with mods. EET comes with tools and modder resources designed for easier EET support implementation, and I'm offering advices and help with any cross-platform related coding task for already released and upcoming BG:EE and BG2:EE mods.. Hopefully this approach will result in a respectable compatibility list once the mod become officially released, so that it could appeal to both mod makers and mod players. Installation tips and notes on compatibility Tools like Project Infinity (successor of BWS) are the preferable ways to install mods for Windows users. It is highly recommended to check out the installation order and compatibility between mods. Just keep in mind that in EET game some BG1 mods need to be installed on BG:EE before EET installation on BG2:EE. Current compatibility between EET and other modifications are listed below. Note that versions of modifications below those stated are not compatible. The compatibility list does not imply that the other modifications mentioned are compatible with each other. Make sure you understand the specific requirements of each modification by looking at their readmes before you go into hardcore mixing and matching. This topic remains open. We would like to keep this list up to date, so please feel free to post about any mods that received an EET related update. Confirmations from authors about patches internalization and feedback regarding particular patches being obsolete due to mod update are very much welcomed too. The compatibility list is hosted on Github and everyone with Github account has free access to edit it.
  3. lynx, argent77, thanks for clarification. Let's hope that EFF V2 IESDP page will be updated at some point to reflect what has been said in this topic.
  4. Thanks, but I'm not really a programmer, so analyzing C++ is not something I'm good at. What I need to know is if these EFF v2 offsets, that contradicts what is available on IESDP, are correct: - 0x30 (0x28 headerless) - Resource - 0x70 (0x68 headerless) - Resource 2 - 0x78 (0x70 headerless) - Resource 3 And which of them is so called (in IESDP Opcode descriptions) VVC field and which is so called 3rd parameter.
  5. Maybe it's just me but descriptions on IESDP seems confusing. EFF v2 file format shows: 0x0030 8 (resref) Resource 0x0068 8 (resref) Resource 2 0x0070 8 (resref) Parameter 5 (VVC) (aka Resource 3) And than in Opcode description we can read for example: #265 (0x265) Script: Modify Global Variable [265] NB. Since the Resource Key can only be 8 characters long maximum, you can not set a Local Variable with this effect this has a name longer than this amount. NB. You can use the VVC field of external EFF files for an additional 8 characters of variable name. NB. You can use the 3rd resource field of EFF files for an additional 8 characters. or #256 (0x256) Spell: Spell Sequencer Active [256] This effect stores the spell resources for an active spell sequencer. The three spell resources are stored in the resource key, VVC field, and eff 3rd parameter. so if VVC field is 0x70 (called resource 2 in NI, here called Parameter 5 (VVC) (aka Resource 3) ) than what is this magical 3rd parameter? Is it Resource 2 from IESDP description? (which btw. doesn't match what NI shows - it probably should be 0x78, not 0x68 - could anyone please confirm this? The values for Resource 2 and 3 would be true if this would be headerless EFF v2 used in cre files, but it shows 0x30 for Resource 1 field so it can't be it). Thanks in advance for clarification.
  6. For EE games there is a file called "familiar.2da" where you can change the creature associated with alignment. In vanilla engine it probably can be changed directly in BALDUR.GAM file - try to open it with Near Infinity, go to "Familiar Info" and adjust CRE files for each alignment. If this works than you will see the effect of this change after starting new game (unless you write a code to update existing save files which comes with copy of BALDUR.GAN).
  7. You are right, indeed. Silly me, level up icon doesn't show up on portrait because none of icons shows up on portrait after conversion - only on Record Screen. That's really unfortunate considering EE games has only few free cycle slots left - I've already exceeded the maximum amount, so can't even provide pre-made BAM v1 file with my mod. I think I will link to this topic on "Feature request" section of Beamdog forums. Hopefully someone will do something about it. Considering that one of The Divine Remix authors works for Beamdog I think they are aware why this is important thing to be implemented. edit: topic created: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/44361/states-bam-v2-pvrz-support-for-portrait-icons?new=1 Thanks for help, argent77.
  8. As I've discussed with Mike1072, it would be a neat thing to do something about STATES.BAM mod incompatibilities. For those not aware STATES.BAM is a file responsible for showing graphic icons for states in character screen/portraits and it's related to STATDESC.2DA (responsible for showing messages). Currently expanding STATES.BAM is not very popular for several reasons: - there is no easy way to dynamically add new graphic files into existing BAM via weidu, - there can be only one mod in installation that adds new icons via pre-made STATES.BAM - otherwise mod installed later will overwrite older file, - there is limited amount of free icon slots due to BAM v1 limitation (255 cycles) Divine Remix is very popular mod that comes with pre-made STATES.BAM, so rest of the modders are pretty much screwed when it comes to adding new state icons. So, what can be done to bypass this limitation, at least on EE games? 1. Converting STATES.BAM v1 to v2 (pvrz based) format which lifts limit for amount of cycles (which means we can add unlimited amount of new icons) and isn't limited to 256 colors. 2. Creating weidu function that will automatically expand STATES.BAM with provided images. I'm not good enough to write a code for on the fly BAM editing, but Mike1072 mentioned that it's a lot simpler to do with PVRZ format, so maybe someone will be interested in this task. Ok, enough with this long explanation, time to ask proper question I've converted STATES.BAM to v2 format and successfully added several new icons for my mod exceeding the original 255 cycles limitation. But for some reason the "level up" icon doesn't show up after doing so and I don't know why this is a case. I've kept the level up icon at the same cycle as it was originally placed, also tried to add it in the last cycle - in both cases this icon doesn't show up. Anyone know why or how to fix it? (edit: see below post) I've attached pre-made PVRZ based STATES.BAM to this post. Here is code for PVRZ installation: COPY ~test/STATES.bam~ ~override~ LPF ~UPDATE_PVRZ_INDICES~ RET original_base_index new_base_index END ACTION_IF original_base_index >= 0 AND new_base_index >= 0 BEGIN LAF ~INSTALL_PVRZ~ INT_VAR original_base_index new_base_index STR_VAR source_file = ~test/mos9000.pvrz~ END END ELSE BEGIN WARN ~Couldn't install PVRZ files~ END COPY_EXISTING ~STATES.BAM~ ~override/STATES2.BAM~ Please let me know if you can figure out why this file doesn't work as expected for level up icon. test.rar
  9. thanks This command is undocumented in weidu readme but your link has enough information to use it.
  10. Hello, I'd like to patch worldmap.wmp stored within save file with weidu. The problem is that unlike vanilla BG2, Beamdog decided to store WMP files inside Baldur.sav in EE games, instead of keeping them separate in the save directory. Is it possible to access this file via weidu and patch it like a normal wmp? Based on what IESDP says about this file format it's a zlib packed archive, so it will probably need external tool to uncomress all files into separate directory and than to pack them again with additional header. Is there any mod that has code for accessing SAV files or maybe some tools that could be used with AT_NOW command to uncompress and make SAV files? Thanks in advance.
  11. OnCreation() indeed works in NPC local Override scripts. Thanks!
  12. I'm looking for a way to detect via script that the game has been just loaded. Is something like this possible? As far as I know there is no separate trigger for this but maybe someone has discovered reliable workaround? One modder told me that he has indeed seen this implemented in some mod but he doesn't remember which one. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  13. if 0 in Allegiance(Myself,0) means ANYONE than this code in x#zjell.baf and x#zslim.baf (probably) doesn't make sense: IF AttackedBy([GOODCUTOFF],DEFAULT) OR(3) Allegiance(Myself,EVILBUTBLUE) Allegiance(Myself,NEUTRAL) Allegiance(Myself,0) THEN RESPONSE #100 Shout(151) Enemy() END also weidu can't compile baf file if it has Allegiance(Myself,ANYONE) which is the case in above code (see EA.IDS), so BG1 NPC Project for BG:EE is not compatible with any mod that uses: COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.bcs$~ ~override~ DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH BEGIN //some code END BUT_ONLY
  14. Awesome. I was planning to open a new topic in bug section to report it. Good to hear that it's a known bug. Looking forward for next patch I can confirm that zeroing wind speed value (50% transparency) in ARE files indeed makes the water look exactly the same as in BG1 and BG2 engine. --- Thank you very much Blaze for sharing this information on IESDP forums. It will be useful for many modders for sure.
  15. Up until now we knew that BG2:EE and vanilla BG2 engine had the same problems with dithered water. With a recent release of tile2ee tool we can now extract PVRZ based files back to TIS format and try to fix water problem when porting dithered water to BG2:EE using additional tis2bg2 tool (for example used by BGT and EasyTutu Degreenifier). But it looks like there are 2 more problems with BG2:EE when it comes to supporting BG1 areas even if converted to use stencil water: 1. Interior areas have strange corner transparency issues (shows up in every interior area when ported from BG:EE, doesn't matter if in TIS format or PVRZ format): It seems to be related to zooming feature, as it can look different when viewed in Window and Fullscreen mode. Here is how it looks in BG:EE. Probably it's some kind of undocumented WED setting that need to be tweaked for interior areas. The only new thing in WED format that we know about is previously unused 'movement type' field in every overlay header. It's not documented on IESDP but according to Avenger we can set this layer flag to: 0 - default 1 - disable rendering 2 - alternate BGEE rendering Changing it to either of these 3 values doesn't fix above or below mentioned problem. In case someone would like to test this new flag you can use DLTCP or following weidu code: COPY_EXISTING ~nameofThe.WED~ ~override~ READ_LONG 0x8 ovr_count READ_LONG 0x10 ovr_offset FOR (index = 0 ; index < ovr_count ; index = index + 1) BEGIN WRITE_SHORT ("%ovr_offset%" + 0xe + (0x18 * "%index%")) "2" //0- default, 1- disable rendering, 2- alternate BGEE END 2. BG2:EE engine has problem with showing up not only dithered water (that is expected) but also stencil water that is fully supported by vanilla BG2 engine This is how water looks like in BG:EE (dithered water), BGT (stencil water), EasyTutu (with degreenifier - stencil water): same area in BG2:EE shows up like this: It doesn't look that bad on screenshot but when you see it in game with animation it looks absolutely awful. If anyone want to test it here are all files from clean BGT installation related to AR9200 Shipwreck's Coast and TIS file used as water there (direct copy from BGT, just with cleaned out junk from ARE to not crash BG2:EE). Use CluaConsole:MoveToArea("AR9200") and see yourself that it looks like in second screenshot in BG2:EE. Now paste these files to clean BG2 installation (or just use BGT if you have it installed) and teleport to the same area. You will see correctly rendered water like in first screenshot. ------- Any information how to resolve both issues would be appreciated. Proper TIS/WED format differences documentation on IESDP for BG2:EE engine will be useful for all modders working with areas.
  16. IESDP doesn't explain how the KIT.IDS value is calculated. And the calculation done by weidu via ADD_KIT is hardcoded. Anyone knows how it is created? Thanks in advance.
  17. Spiegoof, send me save file before that conversation that crashes the game. Also upload your weidu.log. Pack it up and upload here. I will take a look.
  18. here is fix: In bg2_tweaks/setup-bg2_tweaks.tp2 replace component 1160 with this code: and create new file: bg2_tweaks/dlg/stronghold2ee.d it should contain this code:
  19. in baldur.ini add this line: 'Program Options', 'Strref On', '1',
  20. Thanks argent77. Unfortunately this feature is not perfect. Here is how the water looks on a minimap (tis from Secret of Bonehill). Without a way to load WED not all TIS files can be turned to minimaps properly.
  21. I'm trying to contact with CamDawg but it looks like he is missing in action. I'd like to request an official update for this mod using the code changes that I've made to make it compatible with Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET in short). Not necessarily now, but I would be more calm if the future updates to this mod will be done with these changes implemented, so I won't need to add them again. Here is my PM that I've sent him 2 weeks ago: If the mod has other maintainers than CamDawg than please let me know if these changes will be accepted.
  22. I'd like to generate EE size MOS minimaps for a mod with latest v7.7 DLTCEP. For some reason when I load any TIS file it always ends up cropped to the first grid. It happens with all TIS files in game. Please take a look at screenshot: Any idea what I did wrong? Obviously when you try generate minimap from TIS loaded like this it won't work in game. edit: just tested it with v7.6g - same problem. What I did: - Open BG2:EE in DLTCEP - Edit -> Tielsets (TIS) -> Load Tis - situation like in above screenshot - Create minimap - it doesn't show up in game
  23. Jarno Mikkola, I know how to write stuff to files and TLK. What I'm trying to do is create an array that could be used to automatically update opcode 267 effect strrefs in itm/spl/eff/cre files when they are ported from BG:EE to BG2:EE. As explained in the first post if you simply use SAY command for this opcode than most of the time it won't work correctly. In the meantime I figured out that EE games have STATDESC.2DA and EFFTEXT.2DA that lists most of these spell related string numbers which is very helpful. However, strings mentioned in the second post are not there, but if they are related to "show string" opcode than maybe I will be able to read this info from BG:EE. If anyone need something like this here is the array that I'm currently using for this purpose: edit: I see that BG:EE has REF1.ITM file that contains almost all of these "unknown" strings. Too bad that same file doesn't exists in BG2:EE
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