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  1. When it comes to opcode 267 used in BG:EE resources only Charm and Dire Charm strings are listed in Gemrb strings.2da file. Some of them can be taken from STATDESC.2DA, but there are still few not listed anywhere, so I have no idea what are the BG2:EE and IWD:EE equivalents for them: 25282 //Death 25802 //One Level Drained 25803 //Two Levels Drained 25804 //Three Levels Drained 25805 //Four Levels Drained 25806 //Five Levels Drained 25821 //True Sight 25863 //Petrified 25866 //Held 26019 //Hasted 26050 //Stunned 26206 //Dominated 26453 //Stricken by a foul disease 31772 //Slowed 31791 //Silence
  2. If someone has a list of hardcoded strings used by effects/GUI in EE games, please share it. Here is a list from vanilla BG1 (BG1 Strings.2da from GemBr): new EE games assigned many of these "-1" to proper string numbers because the engine is based on ToB. Obviously with different numbers than in BG2:EE/BG2 due to different TLK structure. IWD:EE also added some new hardcoded strings like this one. Avenger, any chance for sharing this information? I need it to be able to properly move items between games. Opcode 267 (Disable display string) makes this a lot harder without knowing what strings are automatically used by engine. Words used to describe them also often differ between games, so simple SAY weidu command won't do the job reliably (also there are many cases where the same common string is used many times in TLK and the engine uses one of later entries - in this case SAY also is flawed).
  3. Nice to hear it. BG2:EE patch 1.3 indeed has string 99389 with "Unaffected by effects from <RESOURCE>" but the engine directs this opcode to string 26818 - default one used in IWD:EE. thanks, I will try it out.
  4. regarding 324. Any way to change string 26818 to different one? I'd like to use this effect in BG2:EE but it shows up wrong desription.
  5. EE games. Mods with vanilla friendly content. Hate joinable NPC mods and those silly ones with overpowered items and "challenges" (yay! Let's put a level 10 group against level 1 party - that kind of stuff).
  6. that "README" file without extension in the package is a normal text file. You can open it in any text editor. it mentions: Usage: tileconv [options] infile [infile2 [...]] and you can find list of options in the readme file. Here is a weidu code that you can use to extract all files without need to write a code for each of them separatly, as I assume you will need it for your mod: ACTION_BASH_FOR ~inputDirectory~ ~^.+\.tis$~ BEGIN AT_NOW ~directoryWithExe/tileconv.exe -e -o "outputDirectory/%BASH_FOR_FILE%" "inputDirectory/%BASH_FOR_FILE%"~ EXACT END
  7. while updating BG2 Tweaks to make it fully compatible with EET I noticed that the above mentioned cd_tob_style_npcs array is commented out in newest version and all data is taken from interdia.2da (DV that is exported to external file, compared with all CRE files in game, and then CRE with the same DV will be updated - the one with lowest XP will be used for those with higher XP. Clever implementation). So yes ALIENQuake, this tweak covers all games and mods.
  8. from what I see in the code it is compatible with BGEE (has additional cd_tob_style_npcs array to avoid BGT namespace collisions). To make it work with EET this code // avoid BGEE, BGT namespace collisions ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~bgee~ BEGIN ACTION_DEFINE_ASSOCIATIVE_ARRAY cd_tob_style_npcs BEGIN imoen6 => imoen1 quayle4 => quayle quayle6 => quayle viconi6 => viconi xan4 => xan xan6 => xan xzar2 => xzar xzar4 => xzar xzar6 => xzar END END would need to be changed to this: // avoid BGEE, EET, BGT namespace collisions ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~bgee~ BEGIN ACTION_DEFINE_ASSOCIATIVE_ARRAY cd_tob_style_npcs BEGIN imoen6 => imoen1 quayle4 => quayle quayle6 => quayle viconi6 => viconi xan4 => xan xan6 => xan xzar2 => xzar xzar4 => xzar xzar6 => xzar END END ELSE ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~eet~ BEGIN ACTION_DEFINE_ASSOCIATIVE_ARRAY cd_tob_style_npcs BEGIN imoen6_ => imoen1 quayle4 => quayle_ quayle6 => quayle_ viconi6_ => viconi xan4 => xan_ xan6 => xan_ xzar2 => xzar_ xzar4 => xzar_ xzar6 => xzar_ END END or you could install this particular tweak on BGEE before installing EET on BG2EE - than these changes would be converted on the fly, although BG2Tweaks is not on compatibility list (most of BG2Tweaks should be installed at the end and affects whole game globally, so I don't think there should be an exception for just a few tweaks). Either way EET is not released yet, so it’s a bit early to ask mod authors about compatibility when documentation is not available - how would they know it?
  9. Information about IWD:EE rndtres.2da implementation that has been recently (patch 1.3) ported to BG2:EE and will be also implemented in the next BG:EE patch. Here is how the random tables work in vanilla BG2: And here is how new rndtres.2da work (notice that the file has different name than old rndtreas.2da): More information in this topic: http://forum.baldursgate.com/discussion/comment/622831
  10. thanks, now it makes sense and we know the exact order
  11. Yeah, I understand that, but we need to know more details to make it reliable. First value is Allegiance (EA), last is SPECIFIC. Which ones are between them. If you mess up order (at least the first value based on my tests) than you get infinite spawns, so IESDP can't have such vague explanation.
  12. thanks for clarification, but I'm afraid this is not precise enough. I read somewhere that you were porting IWD features to EE engine for Beamdog, so it would be great if you could share with us more about this file format, if you have that knowledge that is (not sure if Beamdog received full ini documentation, or if it is obvious from the source code. Hope it's not under NDA). Some truly amazing spawn mods are now possible for BG2:EE (yep, this feature has been backported from IWD:EE to BG2:EE in patch 1.3 and will be probably added to BG:EE in next patch) xxx = spawned creature Allegiance. If you set wrong value here than you will end up with this problem yyy = ? always set to 0 in default IWD/IWD2 ini files) zzz = ? as above vvv = ? as above qqq = probably refers to SPECIFIC.IDS, but from my tests you just need to add the same value to ai_specifics entry and it will work without expanding SPECIFIC.IDS For IESDP maintainers - whole INI documentation is lacking. There are many undocumented options available this can have multiple values assigned, for example: [0765.0305],[0820.0375],[0680.0330],[0765.0430],[0835.0490],[0600.0355]. Not sure if the spawn will be random or if it will be present in all these places (probably the former based on how cre_file works) this one accepts multiple cre files as well. They will be spawned randomly (also see spec_qty) you can set how many cre files will be spawned at once. If you choose multiple cre_file than there will be random spawn, for example: cre_file=wolf01,bearbl,worg and spec_qty=3 will spawn any variation of these 3 creatures (3 wolfs, 2 worgs and 1 black bear, 3 bears etc.). ------ In case someone is interested in helping with testing here is a code that will disable vanilla BG2:EE spawns (useless for IWD:EE as it doesn't have ARE spawn points): COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.+\.ARE~ ~override~ PATCH_IF NOT ("%SOURCE_SIZE%" = 0) BEGIN READ_LONG 0x60 "spawn_off" ELSE 0 READ_LONG 0x64 "spawn_num" ELSE 0 FOR (index = 0 ; index < spawn_num ; index = index + 1) BEGIN WRITE_SHORT (spawn_off + 0x86 + (0xc8 * index)) 0 END END BUT_ONLY and change above mentioned value to 1 in order to make the spawn work without delays. edit: updated list of working BG2:EE arguments is available in this post.
  13. what about these new Actions?: 371 ResetMorale(I:Failure*BOOLEAN, I:Level*) 372 MoveToCampaignX(S:Campaign*) 373 AddWorldmapAreaFlagX(S:Area*,I:Type*WMPFLAG) 374 RemoveWorldmapAreaFlagX(S:Area*,I:Type*WMPFLAG) 376 DisplayStringNoNameDlg(O:Object*,I:StrRef*) 377 SetGlobalTimerRandomX(S:Name*,S:Area*,I:Min*GTimes,I:Max*GTimes) 378 ExportParty(S:Name*) I'm especially interested in more details for 372, 373, 378 (others are self explementary). How to use them? What exactly they can be used for?
  14. polish translation for v10 (with v11 changes mentioned in this topic): setup.rar
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