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  1. Nope, it's still not enough. From what I see BG:EE is missing SPL files with HLA abilities (I didn't find SPCL910+ spells referenced in LUBA0.2DA in game resources). And if you just copy them from BG2 you will end up with messed up text since they are referencing BG2 string numbers (different then BG1). Whole weidu mod is needed in order to implement HLA for BG1 content. edit: of course if you install EET you don't have to worry about this.
  2. I don't think you would be able to choose HLAs in BG:EE, even after removing the XP cap. If I remember correctly BG:EE and SoD UI.MENU files (responsible for GUI) is missing whole HLA section, so HLA window never shows up. This could be bypassed by installing some mod that adds the missing code to UI.MENU, but this is outside scope of EET Tweaks. edit: if you're asking if I want to add UI.MENU patching and missing LU***.2DA and SPL files that should be added when the component is installed on BG:EE, then I'm afraid no (I think it's outside scope of XP cap component and I'm not inte
  3. hmm, I don't remember any changes related to macOS but maybe I forgot about something when writing the changelog. Anyway, since I didn't have any reports regarding this OS please upload your SETUP-EET.DEBUG file, so I can check if lua code worked correctly. Also please check if BG1 movies plays as expected (installed using external ffmpeg tool). -------------- Keep in mind that if you're going to play on mobile you will need to patch the mobile executable, in order to disable some hardcoded stuff, using this file: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/blob/master/EET/lib/binary.lua
  4. I'm afraid I don't understand your request.
  5. Sergio recently reviewed this version of the mod: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/60457-reviews/#entry606638 I don't think he is active here but you can PM him on SHS.
  6. If you add missing stuff to ADD_ITEM_EQEFFECT / ADD_SPELL_CFEFFECT I don't see a reason why not include your variants of all these functions officially in weidu (alongside ADD_SPELL_HEADER, ADD_ITEM_HEADER from this topic). I doubt Wisp will be against it considering your variants are well documented in this topic, works as expected and greatly expands the inital functionality (the functions support for ALTER effects is fantastic addition). btw. yes, I need parameter2a / b distinction for ADD_ITEM_EQEFFECT in my mod, but of course I can modify the code myself to add this one feature. I j
  7. mostly due to laziness. Doing it in EET is a matter of adding 1 line to conversion library which automatically handles every single instance of these spell references in all kind of resources, regardless of what Beamdog decides to change via patches in future. Since those 2 innate spells are BG1 only and specific enough to be extremely unlikely to be referenced via symbolic name in mods installed after EET, I've chosen this approach. Does it conflict with your mod? Ideally it would be great if Beamdog would clean BG1 innate junk from level 9 spell range via patch. edit: of cou
  8. Thanks, @DavidW for this awesome addition. Editing params via functions works great. I've noticed that you didn't include ADD_ITEM_EQEFFECT in your altered macros file. Are you planning to add it in future?
  9. EXECUTE_LUA - Action and patch functions used for executing Lua code and retrieving the outcome back into WeiDU Example usage: LPF EXECUTE_LUA STR_VAR lua = ~3 / 2~ RET return END LPF EXECUTE_LUA INT_VAR seed = 1 STR_VAR lua = ~math.random(1, 100) / 100~ RET return seed END LPF EXECUTE_LUA INT_VAR seed = seed STR_VAR lua = EVAL ~loadfile "%MOD_FOLDER%/someFile.lua"~ RET return seed END https://github.com/K4thos/IE-code-repository/blob/master/execute_lua.tpa Here you can find compiled Lua executable for Windows, Linux and Mac OS: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/tree/master/EET/bi
  10. It's not that I don't want to add this particular tweak. I'd prefer to not maintain tweaks package at all: The fact that I've added new XP related tweak in recent version is a one time exception. More tweaks are not planned.
  11. From what I see in vanilla BG:EE there are quite a few links with probability 20-50%. In BG2:EE there are some links with probability 25-100% (and even >100% for some reason). Also I think the percentage values are cumulative when you travel between areas that are not directly connected (since you're travelling using more than 1 link). If you're using default EET worldmap then nothing is changed compared to vanilla games - links data is taken directly from the BG:EE and BG2:EE worldmaps (on the fly during installation). Not sure if the same is true for BP-BGT Worldmap. I'm not
  12. AFAIK LastSeenBy object is set only by See trigger, so I don't think your idea will work (although I'm not sure if I understand what you're trying to achieve, so who knows).
  13. @Arthas, those items are moved to initial SoD area via CopyGroundPilesTo("BD0120",[949.1686]), so nothing is lost.
  14. after checking it in game the initial size was definitely not optimal - BG1 areas were really close to each other, which didn't look right. Here is a second attempt with map size 5632x6144. Showcase with only EET + IWD-in-EET icons: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dj78rz1xdfzcauf/worldmap_big.jpg
  15. no matter what I've tried I didn't manage to make IWD-in-EET areas look good (or fit at all in the available space) on BP-BGT-Worldmap (some mods compatible with EET are dependent upon it, which forces me to make IWD-in-EET compatible with it as well). Recently I've found a new worldmap art published on deviantart that could be used as a base for a BP-BGT Worldmap mod replacement. Here is a quick draft of it (edit: new icons placement by Istfemer) If this map ends up being released as a mod it will be meant to be installed after any mod that add new areas, so that it can detect them
  16. Download: https://github.com/K4thos/EET_Tweaks/releases v1.8 changelog: WeiDU updated to Version 246 64-bit WeiDU binaries added to package (32-bit setup-EET_Tweaks used by default for windows, 64-bit for Mac OS) New component: 'Party XP for killing creatures distributed individually' - dependent upon EEex 'Higher framerates support' (previously known as 'FPS & cutscenes audio adjustment') has been improved - it now takes advantage of new actions introduced in patch 2.5 (INI editing options has been removed - it's recommended to install Argent77's "Frame Rate s
  17. Version 1.0 Release Candidate 12 EET_End no longer uses READLN action (tp2 now has 2 separate components) BG2 portraits assigned during BG2 transition (use EET_Tweaks components if you prefer consistant portraits) fixed duplicated dialog response (issue #36 on github) added statically compiled version of unix Lua binary (issue #37 on github) improved kit remapping code new races appended to RACE.IDS starting from 100 instead of 1 more reliable 2DA_MISSING_COLS function the same macros.tph file is now used among EET, EET_modConverter and IWD-in-EE
  18. ALIEN, your fix is not included in beta 2: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/The_Calling/blob/master/thecalling/thecalling.tp2 yep, I will do it.
  19. nope also no, the library is fine. The error says that there is literally %LIGHTHOUSE_BLACKALARICSCAVE_BCS.BCS% file in override (with ".BCS%" extension, which has been caught by this regexp in EET_end: COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.+\.BCS~ ~override~ this is it, thanks. @CamDawg, this line in The Calling tp2: EXTEND_BOTTOM ~%Lighthouse_BlackAlaricsCave_BCS.bcs%~ ~thecalling/baf/pearl.baf~ EVALUATE_BUFFER should be changed to: EXTEND_BOTTOM ~%Lighthouse_BlackAlaricsCave_BCS%.bcs~ ~thecalling/baf/pearl.baf~ EVALUATE_BUFFER @aliKater, you can make this ch
  20. Jarno, are you sure it's a problem with Sirine mod? I've just downloaded v14 and v15 and they don't use Lighthouse_BlackAlaricsCave variable in tp2 file at all. It's some other mod that is bugged here, I think.
  21. yes, you abolutly need it. The error is: [./override/%LIGHTHOUSE_BLACKALARICSCAVE_BCS.BCS%] loaded, 744 bytes ERROR: [%LIGHTHOUSE_BLACKALARICSCAVE_BCS.BCS%] -> [override/%LIGHTHOUSE_BLACKALARICSCAVE_BCS.BCS%] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("Unknown extension for DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH: bcs%")) Stopping installation because of error. which means some mod didn't install this script correctly (variable name not evaluated). I'm afraid the only way to fix it is finding which one is bugged and uninstalling it (or deleting the problematic file from override, but that would still result in bug
  22. The flag forces engine to use separate night tileset (TIS with "N" suffix).
  23. when it comes to shields BG2:EE comes with both BG1 and BG2 shield variants in vanilla game (BG:EE ones, those with "A" suffix, are just unused). BG:EE has all shields too, just with reversed suffix. In order to keep both BG1 and BG2 shields variants in EET, all BG1 resources during installation are patched to replace normal shields with "A" variants. So unmodded EET installation should have BG1 shields in BG:EE content and BG2 ones in BG2:EE. Here is a full list of swapped resources: "SHLD01" => "SHLD01A" "SHLD02" => "SHLD02A" "SHLD03" => "SHLD03A"
  24. Arthas, for mods maintained by Roxanne, you will have better chance at finding help on this forum: https://baldursextendedworld.com I'm not familiar with this mod, so can't help much.
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