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    ToB news

    if I understand correctly you're trying to filter script block to work on Player2 and only if the character is not NPC. If this is the case you can use following code since PC characters don't use DVs: IF Name("None",Player2) THEN RESPONSE #100 //do something END
  2. If you're using Privacy Badger or similar browser plugin - disable it. Some adblockers may also block google captcha, so try disabling it too (notice that G3 doesn't have any adds)
  3. I've just checked the files and it looks like The Beaurin Legacy uses IsGabber(Player1) trigger for Player-Initiated Dialogues, so no additional filtering is needed here. EET has built in PID dialogue detection via IsGabber trigger and adds Chapter checks in such places automatically - unless Chapter trigger already exist, in such case the additional PID filtering is skipped.
  4. nope, I don't think so. Roxanne recently removed all mods that she hosted from compatibility list, including her own (Sandrah Saga, Shine On Caelar, Tamoko). Considering she has access to editing the list without pull requests, her mods will be back once she decides to add them. aleady on the list, but thanks.
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    @Ser Elryk, it's not abandoned. The mod was put on hold for some time, but I've been developing it recently and plan to continue working on it.
  6. I've received information that Roxanne has permission for the Amber ToB content from original authors, so despite 2 different versions with conflicting numbering being available now, both seems to be ok from ethical point of view.
  7. No license = all rights reserved (at least in EU), even in the context of free software, so choosing one of the open licenses doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. It's also less work with explaining how you want your mod to be redistributed in case you go missing. I think licenses became quite popular in TES community due to Bethesda mods monetization circa 2015 and plagiarism that happened at the time.
  8. done, thank you for sending the correct links!
  9. Sorry for the late reply, completely forgot about this. Yes, I've looked into it. Fixed, thanks. As you can see in the commit the code expected that there is one more exit response right at the beginning (that's why all responses were moved by 1). This has been changed in some version (exit response is now the last one) but I forgot to update the function. As for the other stuff all seems to be working as expected.  There are variables that already handle this. Quoting the documentation: INT_VAR: default_ToB = 0 //controls if NPC should be spawnable in ToB when the game has been started in ToB (no by default - 0) clean_ToB = 0 //cleans out existing EET code in FATESP.DLG, AR4000.BCS, AR4500.BCS for DV specified in clean_ToB_DV STR_VAR: cre_ToB = "IMOEN15" //if type = 4 and/or default_ToB = 1 name of the ToB CRE file is needed (used to create new CRE rather than migrating existing one from SoA) clean_ToB_DV = "" //if clean_ToB = 1 existing code for this DV will be removed from FATESP.DLG, AR4000.BCS, AR4500.BCS none of these are set for Skie for some reason. At least clean_ToB and clean_ToB_DV are needed to get rid of vanilla Skie references (Lava's mod doesn't use the same DV as vanilla Skie). default_ToB and cre_ToB shold be added if he wants to make Skie default NPC for ToB (which makes sense considering how important she is to the SoD plot). edit: the correct code that Lava should use for this NPC is: INCLUDE ~EET/other/EET_functions.tph~ LAF ~EET_NPC_TRANSITION~ INT_VAR type = 2 default_ToB = 1 clean_ToB = 1 STR_VAR dv = "l#2sdskie" override_SoA = "L#2SDSKI" override_ToB = "L#2SD25" dialog_ToB = "L#2SD25" cre_ToB = "L#2SD25" traFile = EVAL "SkieCost/translations/%LANGUAGE%/Skie.TRA" string = "@49" stringPosDV = "Sharteel" clean_ToB_DV = "Skie" END
  10. 73956 string is actually already replaced with following line by default: Not sure if the grammar is correct here, so just in case I will swap "this" with "their" in the next release. edit: I've just checked the code and it looks like I forgot to add STRING_SET for this line even though the changed text exists in TRA files for all languages. So yeah, you've found a bug Thanks for reporting.
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    New engine

    I think Coran's Friendship Mod and Garrick's Infatuation forums being part of EET subforums is a mistake.
  12. looks like it's a problem with commit made yesterday: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/commit/4b20f10596ea01ca08f95647a0ee452b03b15b5b I will see what's up but in the meantime please use "releases" page rather then "master" download. Thanks for quick report. edit: commit has been reverted, so main branch can be used too.
  13. Jarno Mikkola, fair points. - kits mods - installing kit after EET_End results in missing default biography text for this kit, also the kit data won't be copied among CAMPAIGN.2DA file variants, so it won't be selectable in some campaigns, - NPC mods - installing them after EET_End results in missing JOIN dlg merging and problems with PDIALOG.2DA (different 2da file is used in different campaigns, EET_End makes all necessary changes to 2da files automatically) - mods that reference particular JOIN DLG file names or JOIN dlg state numbers (other then BG2 SoA ones, since those files are used as a base for merging others) - mods that takes advantage of "K#IMPORT.2DA" items import feature (explained here) - tweaks that expects particular data in 2DA file that is altered by EET_End (can't think about any such mod, but there is a room for conflict here) - (only if you're interested in the "Save patcher" feature) mods that add new TLK entries that are referenced in save files - EET_End updates file that stores mod added strings during installation/re-installation, hence it should be installed after such mods I will make a list of 2da files and post them in this topic at a later date. I don't think SCS is a mod that must be installed before, especially in a modder test setup (in which "Save patcher" feature has 0 value)
  14. Not sure if I understand "explicitly allowed for EET compatibility" sentence correctly. Even mods with full EET compatibility are installed before EET_End since they expect state of the game (campaign related 2da files, NPC JOIN dlg file names and state numbers) present before this component alters it. Of course someone could create a mod that expects post EET_End state of the game but I'm not aware about any such mod. ------------ Of course if mod does not affect the same stuff that EET_End modifies (or it's a test installation where it doesn't matter), installing them after EET_End won't be a problem. Even if other readme files also says to install different mod at the end, EET_end can't really brake such mods, so to avoid confusion and problems that's what EET readme says. edit: It would be silly to re-install the component each time player tests some new EE GUI or UI component, so readme file of mods like EEUITweaks Mod Collection actually mentions that it's ok to install it after EET_end IIRC (it doesn't matter if it's before or after it). When I'm releasing a weidu installer hotfix for some bug I'm also not expecting players to uninstall EET_end in order to install it. In other words it's a general rule (and it's always safe to follow it, regardless of what other mods readme files says), not necessity.
  15. Here is all that EET_End does: (hopefully I didn't miss anything important, it's been a while since I've touched this code) 1. Save patcher - optional feature available only during first running EET_End on the current installation. It allows to make saves created on different EET installation (even with completely different mods selection) work on current installation without issues (by updating TLK references using TRA files generated during previous installation, removing non existing resources from saves and re-generating worldmap file from scratch, patching it with info from old map) 2. generate and patch 2da files related to CAMPAIGN.2DA engine feature (e.g. campaign variants of PDIALOG.2DA) 3. NPC's JOIN DLG files merging consisting of 3 steps: - reading whole content of the DLG file and adding proper trigger filtering depending on which part of the story they come from, using "chapter" variable. Dialogue file only receives filtering if the state can be called by script (which means already has some triggers). - combining JOIN DLG files - updating all DLG, BCS and CRE files that exists in game to change references to files and updating old state numbers into new ones 4. generate lua code used for biography based on CLASTEXT.2da and RACETEXT.2da (used in GUI to display correct biography in different campaigns) 5. generate extra code for item importation (other mods can append to K#IMPORT.2DA in order to make item transferable from SoD to SoA) 6. export SAVES.TRA (traified TLK starting from string outside the vanilla game range) and SAVES.TXT - both used by Save patcher, updated each time the mod is installed/re-installed ------------------- All of this stuff is something that has to be done after all other mods are installed (at least after those that modify affected 2DA files and/or stuff related to NPCs JOIN dialogs - including any state references to them). Preferably also after any mod that add strings to TLK file (otherwise Save patcher feature won't be reliable). The main reason why this code is at the end is the JOIN DLG files merging. Without it the open aspect of EET world (returning back to any previously visited area from later portions of the game) would not exist. Well ok, it could, but adding EET compatibility for mods that have not been designed with EET in mind would be a nightmare. More information is available in "Modder's Notes". ------------------- As for the length, running EET_End on vanilla EET installation (without other mods) is pretty fast (about 1 min if I remember correctly). If having large installation extends the installation time so much in future I will change the code for state reference patching from weidu to Lua (like I did in main component). This should speed up the installation time drastically (with Lua code amount of mods installed should not longer affect how long regexp takes).
  16. there was a report like this recently here: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/issues/28 I can't reproduce it on clean EET after loading a save attached in the linked topic, so I assumed it's a problem introduced by some other mod. In the linked save there was Tamoko NPC which may be related to the problem. Do you have her in the party? no idea which mod changes SoD start based on sword pickup, it's not EET though. these mods seems harmless. Unkinhead, if you still have save made before the battle please upload it, so that I can test if I will be able to reproduce it.
  17. Looks like Avast scanning at the same time and some other background programs take enough memory out of your computer that weidu is not able to finish the installation. Don't even try to install SCS. Either disable background running programs or use 64-bit weidu - you can find it in EET/bin/win32/x86_64/ directory. Rename weidu.exe that you will find there to setup-EET.exe replacing old file in your game directory. It's not done by default because there are still people who use 32-bit systems.
  18. is it SoD GUI? If yes the old hotfix for this problem is available in this topic: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29586 (not needed if you have latest EET)
  19. if my assumption is correct and ALIEN will find LIGHTHOUSE_BLACKALARICSCAVE_BCS file in his override directory (for which he should run weidu File Changelog and send this information to that mod maintainer) then exactly the same problem would show up in vanilla game. This variable is the same for all platforms that use cpmvars (BG1, BGEE, Tutu, BGT, EET). Unrelated to EET in this context means it's not related to EET code, but a bug in some other mod.
  20. No need for that - the error doesn't mention ZORDRAL.DLG. Weidu fails on DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH use on filename "LIGHTHOUSE_BLACKALARICSCAVE_BCS". Which means such file likely exists in your override directory (some mod likely didn’t use %% properly in tp2). Unrelated to EET.
  21. added missing release, thanks https://github.com/K4thos/EET/releases
  22. minor update. RC 11.1 Changelog: - internalized hotfixes for remaining patch 2.5 issues (chapter 4, Marek and Lothander quest, SoD GUI HLAs) http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=28161&page=71&do=findComment&comment=262242 - splstate.ids importation and patching - changes to tp2 code and TRA files related to IWD-in-EET (code unification, support for IWD:EE GUI) - cosmetic changes - changed arch_var code that caused crashing on macOS (needs testing) unrelated to EET. Please report it to Thalantyr Item Upgrade mod maintainer. Doubt he is actively monitoring this topic.
  23. aliKater, I've just pushed RC11.1 on Github that hopefully fixes arch_var issue on macOS. No idea about the second problem mentioned by subtledoctor in this post, though. Can't reproduce it locally.
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