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  1. installation code looks for the "movies/sodcin05.wbm" file inside the path you specified. Here is whole weidu code responsible for bgee path detection: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/blob/master/EET/lib/bgee_dir.tph Dunno how to help you with this.
  2. latest patch currently means v2.5.16.6 for BG2:EE and 2.5.17 for BG:EE+SoD.
  3. One more error in EE IESDP, this time opcode 12 all damage types works fine and don't crash the game (tested by assigning it to Magic Missle and killing Charname, NPCs and random character) --------- Also this part of opcode #233 is wrong in EE games: parameter2 can be treated as 2 short values: - first 2 bytes: Proficiency Type - last 2 bytes: Behavior (using labels from NI: 0 - Set if higher; 1 - Increment)
  4. 1. I think there was consensus that splprot.2da "Evasion check" didn't work outside IWD:EE engine mode. This is no longer the case in latest BG:EE and BG2:EE patches: https://i.imgur.com/kJa5fpn.jpg Use it the same way as it is used in IWD:EE (opcode 324) edit: see below posts 2. This is wrong. Opcode #183 works perfectly fine in EE (tested on latest BG2:EE patch by applying permanent opcode #183 effect to creature - bonuses showed up only when particular item was equipped and were removed alongside the item type automatically). The only limitation that I'm aware of is that following item types are not detectable: Bows, Slings, Crossbows.
  5. Setting opcode #248 (Melee hit effect) parameter2 to 4 results in restricting this effect to fists only. 0 means all weapons (including fists). Not sure if there are other possible values. edit: EE engine.
  6. if you're looking for fast help regarding RoT + Sandrah Saga combination try asking here: https://baldursextendedworld.com I'm afraid there are not a lot of people on g3 that knows much regarding mega mods (I don't know anything at all)
  7. thanks, I wasn't aware about this trick. doesn't seems to work: - if you equip item before spell state is applied and later apply spell state then the effect won't work (since opcodes #318/#324 are not updated, even with timing mode = 2 and you're still protected from the EFF file) - if the item is equipped after spell state is active then opcodes #318/#324 will prevent the EFF from working (which is good thing, since that's what we're aiming for here) BUT - even if the spell state ends EFF file will still work (since opcodes #318/#324 are not updated) with such limitations this approach can't be used here, although I will probably find other use cases for this trick in future (for conditions that can't change dynamically), thanks. Waiting up to whole round (6 seconds) is not good enough. If the effect is not removed each second player could cheat by switching weapon while the effect is still applied and attack up to whole round with applied bonuses that shouldn't be there. So this implementation doesn't sound like an optimal apporach too. Are you sure the problem is still there in EE engine? Is there a Beamdog redmine entry for this issue? If no, please consider creating one with a test case. Beamdog fixed tons of opcodes already, so there is a good chance they could handle this one too (especially considering opcode 272 is used in many places in original files - even SoD added items with those opcodes). I would do it myself but I'm not able to reproduce it - I've just added 5 more effects with different times, as described in this post, and all of them seems to work correctly.
  8. I think this information is missing something: - what opcode should be used on the EFF file? - how exactly the SPL effects will be removed after the item is no longer eqquipped if your proposed implementation doesn't use opcode #272? - you've mentioned #324 on ITM providing immunity to the EFF - in NI resource field only accepts ITM and SPL files, not EFF Do you have some example item that works exactly like this in one of your mods that I could use as a base to test it? edit: what's the benefit in this implementation over the one I've posted in my previous post? Seems like it's the same thing, but harder to implement, unless I'm missing something. If one of your mods has such item I'd like to take a look how exactly it's implemented (timing modes and cancelling stuff). And yes, the effect should go away as soon as CRE is no longer under spell effect, even if the item is still equipped.
  9. regarding the above question - looks like Instant/While equipped doesn't work like that, no matter what, so as a workaround I've implemented it like this: ITM -> global opcode #272 (Apply Repeating EFF) -> once per 1 second EFF -> opcode #326 (Apply effects list) -> condition: spell state = x SPL -> melee opcode #1 (Modify attacks per round) limited duration = 1 Works as expected, although if someone has better idea how to implement it feel free to post.
  10. thanks, I will test it. One more question: I'd like to implement an item that applies global effect (+1 attack per round) but only if character wearing that item is under specified spell state. The problem is that when I'm trying to use opcode 326 (Apply effects list) as a global item effect the same way as normally opcode 177 is used (Use EFF file) the effects of the applied spell are permanent even though I've set both 326 and the applied spell Timing Mode to 2 (Instant/While equipped). Any ideas how to make it work only when item is eqquipped? I've attached STAF01.ITM with opcode 326 (EA -> ANYONE condition) and the spell in case someone would like to test it in game. Thanks in advance. test.zip
  11. I'm looking for a reliable way to apply SPL or EFF effect on Self target only if character attacks (it should be applied even if character missed the attack). I've experimented with following opcodes without success: - Cast spell on condition (232) -> Target = self, parameter1 = 0 (Caster), parameter2 = When attacked (7) - Apply effects list (326) - I didn't find any splprot condition that would work for this - Melee hit effect (248) - this seems to work only when the attack hit the target and I need it to fire also on miss Is it even possible with current EE engine? edit: hmm, even if I scrap the idea to apply effect on miss Melee hit effect opcode (248) seems to be working only on Target that has been hit. Any ideas how to set it up to make it run on the creature from which the spell effect originated? Target = Original caster (9) doesn't seems to be working. edit2: new question: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29694&do=findComment&comment=263300
  12. just noticed it now that you're using 32-bit system. EET comes with 64-bit windows weidu by default. I thought windows would display some kind of error regarding lack of compatibility if you're trying to use 64-bit application on 32-bit system. Can anyone confirm that it's not the case? Try copying EET\bin\win32\weidu.exe (which is 32-bit weidu) to main game directory and rename it to setup-EET.exe, replacing old file. There is a known problem with GoG incremental patch that doesn't have SoD related resources (if I remember correctly CBUTT.BAM is among them). To solve it full GoG release is needed to be installed. But the same should not be the case for Beamdog release (which is a version I'm using). No idea how to help if you're absolutely sure that you're using latest patches (see the readme file for exact patch number version that is required).
  13. the one that has "1" in the first column is Quick Save in all EE games.
  14. http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29560&do=findComment&comment=261916
  15. EET Tweaks are also open for internalization: https://rawgit.com/K4thos/EET_Tweaks/master/EET_Tweaks/readme-EET_Tweaks.html Despite the name many of these components are for different games (see: Compatibility line of each tweak). If most of them (well, ok, at least XP adjustments group) would land in Tweaks Anthology I'd be happy to remove the mod from my Github.
  16. I'm afraid, I have no knowledge how BWS works, so can't help you with this problem. I'm not playing with mega-mods. There are maybe 10 mods that I'm interested in, so I'm installing everything manually.
  17. ? The answer to your question is right there in my reply. At the beginning of the file.
  18. you would need to edit UI.MENU file, CHARGEN_KIT section. For example by additional "enabled" condition like this: enabled "enable_kit(chargen.kit[currentChargenKit].id)" that calls a function like this: function enable_kit(id) if currentCampaign == const.START_CAMPAIGN_BG1 and id == 'id_of_the_kit' then return false end return true end untested, probably would need more effort to make it work as expected, but this is the general direction if you want to spend time on figuring out how to make it work. edit: from what I see something like this exists in Lefreut's GUI, so refer to it for example code: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/61571/mod-lefreuts-enhanced-ui-for-bg1ee-sod-bg2ee-and-eet/p1
  19. you can find some useful links in this post: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27741 As for the mod you're talking about its Sandrah Saga. You can select it in BWS (or install manually)
  20. if you used RC 10 then you should try re-installing using RC10 (or 11 if it works and you're on BG:EE+SoD patch 2.5), not earlier versions. Check if EET/temp folder exists. If yes - delete it before trying re-installation. As for debug file you can post it, although I doubt it will tell us anything considering I have no problems with re-installing the mod. Sounds like some weidu bug to me (unless you have the same error when you do completely new installation with those mods too)
  21. none. Only SoD content is not translated.
  22. BG2:EE polish translation works fine. Dubbing and movies as well (looks like Beamdog used movies converted by us, so Polish version movies are in wide aspect ratio )
  23. can't reproduce it, reinstallation works fine in my game. Try re-installing using the same EET RC version that you used for your installation.
  24. once I finish testing this stuff. I'm a bit busy right now, so it may take few more days. There are 3 hotfixes available for RC11, all related to patch 2.5 changes: Chapter 4: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29560&do=findComment&comment=261916 Marek and Lothander quest: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29585&do=findComment&comment=262083 SoD GUI: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29586 no, just download full GoG release instead of incremental patch. Due to amount of missing files it's pretty obvious that GoG incremental patch is just for BG:EE, not for BG:EE+SoD. Even if I add missing files to the package there would be still differences in scripts. If GoG doesn't provide incremental patch for SoD, it should be reported to GoG technical team - maybe they are not aware about this problem.
  25. no, unless the mod added resources that conflict with BG2 ones. With the prefixes usage - very unlikely. But since Quest Encounters already has native support I doubt anyone would install it on BG:EE either way. bg1 npc already uses cpmvars, so hopefully it will be updated at some point.
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