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  1. Greetings. I'm the author of the mod. Greg asked me to improve the compatibility of the mod, unfortunately my free time is quite limited nowadays, so I could not do as asked. I give my consent to tweak the compatibility of this mod, to keep it alive for those who still enjoy the game, as long as the credit to my work is showed Merry Christmas to everyone!
  2. Then please use SHSForums.net or GitHub.com (currently expecting DoS attack) eheh I'm glad there's no problem with the mod then about shs, I will try to submit the mod to them and see if they accept it. If so I will upload there all my other mods and the new one I'm working on, currently
  3. [AMELM01.DLG] is the dialog file associated to Elminster in ToB. I really can't find a reason why the installer wouldn't find it thus failing the appending process you most certainly have another mod that modifies the same dlg. you should try making a clean install of the mod and see if the error persists, or try altering the order of installation
  4. Ericp07, can you link a weidu log file? I just installed the mod without problems so you are probably experiencing some conflicts with another mod.
  5. Hello ALIENQuake, I would love to do so but sadly the G3 admins didn't contact me back after they tested my mod. It was not officially rejected but not even accepted, so I guess we are stuck with the mediafire link. Thanks for the feedback MissBehave, but could you make an example of the conversation you found unfitting for Keldorn? By the way, Saradas Magic 2 for ToB is now at version 1.6 I polished the code and added new content. Now Saradas has many banters with Edwin (given that you recruit them both). The red mage's ego is bigger than ever and will eventually lead him to challenge Elminster himself. How will that end for Edwin? You will find out following the story and the final cutscene I will update the download link in the first post of this thread.
  6. alright, I see your point. Elminster's stats: STR 13 DEX 18 CON 14 INT 18 WIS 18 CHA 17 TOTAL = 98 Saradas's stats: STR 10 DEX 13 CON 14 INT 18 WIS 20 CHA 15 TOTAL = 90 8 points more make a huge difference, imho. I chose his stats exactly because of this. 18 int 20 wis are hardly game breaking stats... I can assure you he is very squishy when you recruit him. A fireball + 1 hit can easily dispatch him. You can try my mod anytime and see that by yourself. by the way thanks for all your feedbacks, I appreciate it. There's always time to make a mod better/more balanced
  7. Sarevok has a total of 95 stat points, Keldorn 89 and Saradas 90. If you consider that Saradas has spent his life adventuring throughout Faerun, his stats value is high but not godly. Keldorn is an old paladin, that justifies his high stats; the same goes with Saradas. I like to think that with age, pysical stats decrease and mental ones increase their value. But ok, if in the future I receive many reporting about his high stats I will rebalance them without problem.
  8. Thanks for your correction, lynx. The mental stats may seem a little bit overpowered, but they actually balance with the physical ones and are in line with his background. His strength is terrible and dexterity is pretty bad too. Constitution is not that terrible but still improvable. Moreover, his starting experience points are 2'500'000, making him a Cleric14/Mage13. So he is a weak, squishy mage for the first part of ToB, improving when he finally regains his cleric class back. At cleric14/Mage>17 he starts showing is great potential. So basically he is very strong in the half part of ToB, yes, but I would hardly call him overpowered.
  9. hi yes it is 100% compatible with enhanced edition and you can install it at any time of your playthrough without problems. Keep in mind that Saradas becomes a joinable NPC only in ToB, in SoA he sells custom spells, enchants special items (waukeen tiara, shadow stone, symbol of Amaunator, mask of king strohm, book of kaza, shaman staff) and at some point of the story he can teach you a special spell depending on your mage school.
  10. Hi all. My testing on Saradas Magic 2 for Throne of Bhaal has just finished. Now my mod features new contents for the last chapter of the Bhaalspawns saga. What's new in Saradas Magic 2 for Throne of Bhaal? In Throne of Bhaal Saradas is finally a recruitable NPC! You can summon him through the Fate Spirit in your pocket plane. He is a human Priest of Lathander dual-classed to Mage. His stats are: http://imageshack.com/a/img546/2530/qd26.png STR 10 DEX 13 CON 14 INT 18 WIS 20 CHA 15 Background: Saradas is an old mage who has spent his entire life traveling throughout Faerun. His homeland is Sembia, where he has a old house in the city of Yhaunn. He was a priest of Lathander with an innate interest for all the forms of magic. So he started getting more and more interested in studying the arcane arts and ancient artifacts and dedicated his life to this purpose. Before he met the Gorion's ward, he thought that his days as an adventurer were finished, but his interest towards the son of Bhaal grew stronger and decided to follow his path. Saradas is a very wise man indeed and he always tries to share his knowledge with the young ones, in his own cryptic way. He doesn't speak much about his past and his trust is hardly earned, but he can be a very good friend to those who prove worthy of his time. In a conversation with Imoen, she will eventually find out that Saradas is more than he shows... Between all the companion of the Bhaalspawn, Saradas will start a good friendship with one in particular, a venerable paladin of Torm. Below is a short conversation between the two of them: Moreover, Saradas will speak often with the son of Bhaal to interrogate him on his future decisions. The wizard doesn't plan to interfere in his destiny, but will try to make him ponder on the power he controls, to guide him to a wise decision. Obviously, Saradas will not take part in evil deeds because of his good nature and will leave the party if that is the case. Saradas features: Banters and dialogues with many of the original BioWare NPCs He expresses his thoughts regaring events and dialogues He has a custom ring 6 different epilogues 1 custom skill Dialogues with the protagonist and... A small but enjoyable easter egg for all the Lord of The Rings lovers like me I wait for your feedbacks DOWNLOAD: Saradas Magic 2 v1.6 Note from Mike1072 added on 2020-11-05:
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