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  1. Have you read the mod's Readme file for instructions? Quote from it: Locate the core game folder for your install. This is the folder with "chitin.key" in it. On my current install it's the "data/00764" subfolder of the folder in which BG:EE was installed. Do a search for "chitin.key" Yeah i did. Did the Hard link command prompt with folder 00766. Do i need to unpack the mod in Override folder or in 00766 folder? Currently its unpacked in the Override folder. Maybe thats the problem? edit:Yeah, that was it. Was unpacking in override. Patching right now. Thanks for the ''go read again! '' advice!
  2. Hi tried two times to install this great looking mod on BGEE in the ''override'' folder, and also did the cmd prompt as per the read me, but still getting : '' SKIPPING (mod name) : This component requires the core "initialise" component to be nstalled. I searched the forums but didnt find the right answer. Uploaded debug file. Plz help. Thank you. iNew Text Document.txt
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