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  1. Thanks all, I'll try Kulyok's methods first. BTW, does anyone know good tutorials which cover .d in depth (not just say and chain) Interested in extend_top, extend_bottom stuff. thx
  2. Interesting, I'll try this out! Should take on Weidu modding seriously, seems to me Many thanks! Hope to do some nice mods in future! Have been palyin' BG since the game came out and just can't stop!
  3. Hi everyone! I' am new to this forum, and, as you can possible guess from my noob question, to IE modding too! What I 'am trying to achieve (without apparent success) - is to add an NPC to existing location. I've decided to return Anishai to Maevar's guild, after I've took over his guild (she disappears from the second floor when the player completes the thieves guild quest) I used DLTCEP for the task. Did everything according to DLTCEP tutorial (opened AR0303, added an actor (THIEF7.CRE), set animation, dialogue, position, visibility to -1. I've double checked everything and even ran NearInfinity to edit AR0303 (the editor shows that Anishai is present). But when I run the game she's not in the guild. What I'am doing wrong? p.s. Should I tweak something in the saved game? p.p.s. Sorry if similiar topic has been resolved - searched the forums couldn't find it!
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